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Currupt judges – why are they not removed

In family on May 26, 2013 at 18:20

I just saw a facebook group called Prosecute Judge Dawn Amacker. Families are destroyed by the biased actions of this judge. If you are a citizen of St. Tammany Parish, I can give you only one advice.


Years ago the very same happened in Lucerne County in Pennsylvania. Strict judges, harming children.

In Pennsylvania the motive was money. It was payment to the judges in order to detain as many children as possible.

I don’t know the motive of Judge Dawn Amacker. Maybe it was something the media should investigate. Until they do, families are better advised to leave this area.

CPS scandals – not a isolated US problem

In family, politics on May 17, 2013 at 18:07

A lot of people depend on the foster care system. The depend on agents and social workers branding normal families unfit to take care of their own children.

And it is all about the money. It is not about the children.

The result is children being thrown around in the system.

It is not a problem for the U.S. citizens alone.

Also here in Denmark children are removed wrongly from their families. We had a real neglect case in a Danish town called Broenderslev. Because it caught the attention of the media and because some of the social services departments had declined to take the case due to the high costs of placing 10 children in their care, the parliament provided both the money and the motivation to start a witchhunt on ordinary families.

Today it can be dangerous for a parent to seek treatment for ordinary illnesses like depression because the very minute a record of such a treatment reaches the social services they can invoice the parents thousands of DKK for possible preventive treatment of the children so they don’t catch a depression in the future because depressions are considered contagious in Denmark.

In the so-called happiest country in the world, families are losing their houses; children are ripped from their families in an endless battle on mental illnesses like depression.

All because social workers lives of the system. All because lazy foster parents can get an easy child they can get a lot of money for. Most foster parents in Denmark are so lazy that they don’t want to attend two days of mandatory education per year where they can learn all kind of knowledge of children and despite the fact that the courses are mandatory, they can continue to cash in while they stay away from the courses.

Group home owners hire the most uneducated people with the size of their muscles as the only credential. They use the money they are given for the children to their own profit. It is cheating the system and harming innocent kids. Both in Denmark and the United States.

25 years since the worst school bus disaster in the United States

In culture on May 14, 2013 at 23:48

May 14, 1988 a truck collided with an old school bus which had been purchased from a church organization.

27 people died – a lot of the children. Of course the collision was to blame but also the lack of emergency exits caught a lot of persons in the burning bus. The driver of the truck had too much to drink and it led not only the United States but also countries like Denmark rethink their drinking laws.

I would like to say that safety has been the main concern in the Danish strategy against drunk driving, but the present limit of only 0.5 is simply too low compared with the international recognized limit of 0.8. The Danish laws was changed to the building of a single bridge constructed to ease the import of cheap labor from the southern part of Sweden where they genetically are unable to handle even the slightest amount of alcohol in their system. Their level is only 0.2

Today we know that it is important to introduce the youth to alcohol before they can drive so they can learn the effects of alcohol on their body before they take the wheel of some vehicle which has the potential to kill people. As long as teenagers only walk or use a bicycle they can only damage their own health and alcohol is so important as a socializing tool in the high schools where Friday bars brings the students together that this rite of passage is mandatory.

That is the main reason for the Danish 16.5 limit on alcohol. Alcohol with a percentage below 16.5 minors can buy on their own.

I hope that we never will see a disaster like the one in Kentucky. Of course we have people who never learn and the police can take the car they drive in and sell it on auctions if they catch a person with numerous offences regardless of who is the owner if they owner has allowed the convicted offender to drive the car.

It is import when the society deals with an offender that the focus is on preventing the person from driving. The punishment should not include mandatory rehab, but rather the offer to enter rehab, because rehab doesn’t work if the offender lacks the motivation for a change.

We have very few cases of DUI in Denmark. I hope that we can continue our strategy when it is so efficient.

Carrollton, Kentucky bus collision

100 years birthdayparty with a dark shadow resting over it

In Uncategorized on May 14, 2013 at 18:51

So Haldor Topsøe has reached 100 years and they are celebrating his birthday.

He might have established a firm recognized internationally. He might have support something or someone abroad, but this industry legacy had its cost.

His attack on the danish form for humor and jokes has created an environment of fear. Many times people in the town where his firm is located has been forced to shut their windows and hide inside their houses because various forms of chemicals had slipped out into the local environment.

Some years ago a employee who had been working almost two decades in his firm found a work paper online from the Danish immigration offices and he mailed to some co-workers. He was fired and the courts uphealt this awful decision despite the fact that the employee wasn’t responsible for the document to leave the firm.

So the employee lost his job for something most Danes support. I cannot stand to hear Haldor Topsøe’s name due to the shame he has inflicted on the core of our culture.

About the Cleveland case

In Uncategorized on May 12, 2013 at 08:04

I was amazed when I learned about the discovery of the three women in a house in Cleveland, Ohio.

Especially the case of this Knight woman makes me wonder if we as a society are about to criminalize the youth. None came looking for her because she had been branded as a loser. Maybe she became a mother too soon. Maybe she had been drinking alcohol or had taken drugs. In some cultures drinking alcohol is deemed as something dangerous despite the fact that many Danes like me grew up without any restrictions on alcohol purchase.

Today Denmark has a 16 year limit on non-dangerous alcohol product (Percentage below 16.5). I believe that there should not be any limit at all. I believe that a true democracy should allow people to make their own choices. My father worked in a large shipyard in Copenhagen. They drank beers for lunch – every day. None seemed to be damaged by this and my father lived a long life enjoying every day to the fullest.

When I saw an article on people, I also noticed a comment from another Dane. He wrote

I find it awful that the disappearance of at least of them wasn’t taken serious.

Of course a lot of teenagers run away due to strict discipline, parental abuse or because they know that they are about to shipped out of their own bed by transporters in shackles and handcuffs only to end up at some religious boot camp, a wilderness death program or a boarding school from hell but regardless of that none should give up when a child disappear.

Maybe the society should stop considering a runaway a crime. Maybe there should be established safe haven for teens where the families can be counseled back as a family or if that seems unlikely that the teen gets tools and real education in a public boarding school like the Seed boarding schools up in some cities.

It seems that these women were morally punished by the society even before these awful people took them hostage.

Let the youth party and enjoy their lives. Who are we to decide what their potential are and whether they should outlive this potential?

It is a terrible story on all accounts.

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