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Now it is important to remain calm

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A tragedy struck in a town where I used to work. Two cars with teenagers and young adult were on their way to eat a burger at the local restraurant “The Golden Seagull” which is a nickname for McDonald.

They were going at normal speed like I used to due some 10 years ago before our government increased punishments for speeding. We are talking of only 70 miles per hour.

But the fact was that the driver only had his license for four months. He was inexperienced!

They struck a pot hole and rammed into a van standing on a private property.

The result were that 2 teenage girls aged 16 and 17 lost their lives. The driver remains as we speak in critical condition. Only the future can tell if he survives.

Not many week ago another driver was heavily fined for killing a person. So we already have tough laws and severe sentences.

Of course such an accident leaves us to think if something like that could be prevented. My heart goes out to the families, who have suffered such a loss.

But it is too easy to speak of increased punishment. Even in such a situation we have to remember that we also have a responsibility for the society. In Danish firms speeding is celebrated, because we are normally talking about employees who are willing to to the extra mile in order to faithfully serve the firm and secure jobs for his or her colleagues. It is a proud thing to do.

That why our politicians also have to think about if they take the very small edge away which means jobs and export from the Danish industry if they increase punishments. Alone since they began to mount cameras along the roads several places in Denmark last autumn the number of people who have lost their jobs have increased. We are talking of families who have to accept a foreclosure on their homes. Personal tragedies, suicides etc.

So it is a balance. I do personally believe that we have reach a turning point. We have to choose between road safety or an economical collapse of our society.

I hope that our policians choose not to go after a small group of inexperienced drivers on the cost of the rest of the society.

Of course choosing to keep the welfare society we are proud of does not make the suffering of these three families less, but we have to remember that everytime we choose to leave our home, we do it well knowing that we could loose our lives.

Life is dangerous and it ends with death with an almost 100 percent certainly.

RIP Louise Kraft and Kamilla Hvolbæk, who departed this world to soon.

Local headlines in Danish:
– Tag kortet fra dem, Nordjyske
Det er dybt uretfærdigt, BT

Tour de France honors the man they cheated

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Some who still are watching cycling after Michael Rasmussen was cheated in 2007 may have noticed that they played the Danish national anthem during the Ceremony for Contador.

While it by no means can ever replace the loss they have inflicted on Mr. Rasmussen by forcing a manager close to a nervous breakdown to redraw him from the race, it was a nice way to state that they were sorry and did a terrible mistake back then.

As Danes we are happy to receive this confession.

Maybe next year we may actucally watch Tour de France again.

As for Contador he was the real champion in this race, which became his first real win. Of course he is now listed for two victories, but the first one did not count in our hearts.

It will interesting to watch who will be at the top of the race next year. This year a almost impossible route and only two teams competing for the victory made is a boring race. That does not make Contador’s victory less impressive. He wanted to win and he beat not only Saxo Bank who was the only competitor outside his own team, but also teammembers like Armstrong and Kloden, who could have won on their own if he had not been in the race.

Congratulation Mr. Contador.

Thank you Tour de France organization for the apology

EU allows other countries to spy on Danish firms.

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EU moves to allow speed fines to be collected from Danish cars who have been speeding abroad. The method is that the so-called authorities in a foreign country in EU would be given access to the Danish central register so they can send the ticket to the address which is registered as owner of the car. A Danish newspaper published an article about this subject today.

But there is some concern. The other countries are generally recognized to be corrupt. Police and court can be bought and private firms can use this access to collect information about what kind of traffic our industry have in a certain country. It will cost jobs in our country.

Similar concern is raised in other EU countries.

From Mail-online it is stated: Sheila Rainger, campaigns manager for the RAC foundation, warned: “Once the DVLA starts sharing its databases with other EU countries, there is an issue over who will have access to it. There needs to be strict controls in place.

But the demands she makes is not possible. We know that there is no order south of the Danish border, so the right of an appeal which would delay paying the fine for 10-20 years will most certain not be granted. That is not acceptable because we know that the standard of signs and ethics in general are nowhere near to the standard we have in Denmark.

It is not a new experience for Danish driver to be asked to pay for tickets abroad. Private parking companies have done it for years. Often the letters don’t contain a photo of the right car but that don’t stop private parking companies in general. Unfortunately there are no laws protecting consumers from such firms in the EU, so they can cheat all they want.

Also in the Nordic countries tickets for speeding can be collected and especially Norway should be avoided. The fines up there are so huge that the approach is so cruel that it can be compared to the police in Irans actions against their citizens.

The Danish firm will have to hire foreign partners as we do when we need fast transportation inside our country. The rules for Danish drivers is so severe that it have closed the Danish businesses who once were responsible for logistik and transport.

But also some business will need to shut down in general and the latest numbers are not promising. Our introduction of fixed speed cameras and the new laws about tickets being collected from abroad have already resulted in a huge increased of unemployment the last year.

We need to protest this exchange of information. Danish drivers do speed and we are proud of it. That is something which increase the productivity in our industry and even the GDP when accidents occur.

That why we need to urge the Danish public not to visit countries abroad during their holiday. There is absolutely no need to support currupt regimes in the rest of the EU.

Please spend your holiday in Denmark where we have law and order.

Lets redraw Danish troops from Afghanistan

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I have always been a supporter of the Danish crusade in Afghanistan. Spreading the Christian word and fighting  terrorists is always a noble case.

But recent developments have caused me to be in doubt.

Yesterday it became clear that a Danish woman is going to be sent to Florida to face some bogus charges made by criminals, who are afraid to testify against her former boyfriend, who she was in an abusive relationship with. The other criminals had to give the prosecutors some names, so they could take a plea deal with almost none prison time and because they were afraid to be killed by the boyfriends powerful connections inside the prisons, they singled the Danish woman, who at that time was a young girl. We are talking of a case which is more than 10 years old.

She managed to flee to Denmark when she realized that the police would point her out as the drug lord responsible for the entire operation and that she properly would be killed in jail, so none would learn the truth.

It is not that I doubt that the justice system over there is poor. High profile cases like the one of George Stinney testifies that they have a system with thorough investigations. It is almost impossible for them to convict someone innocent of the crimes they are accused of.

But there must be some concern about her safety. First they have to get her to confess to her crimes and she will properly end up in a tough prison where she within a week will confess to any crime they will ask her to including the murder of several presidents in the past. The problem is that someone is not interesting in her ever to be able to testify in court and she will be risking being a target of a hit inside the prison system.

I have to say that based on what I have learned in connection with this case, I do no longer believe that we should participate in the war against terrorism. I believe that it is time to recall our boys serving so hard overthere while soldiers from several other states in Europe is drinking beer back in the safer parts of this country.

So dear Mr. Rasmussen:

Please take our boys home. The war is no longer being conducted on terms we can agree on.

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