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Are Greece killing their tourists off?

In business culture on July 29, 2015 at 15:28

News have reached us from Gozo which is an island in Greece that a Danish woman have been found dead. The police suspect murder.

It was a shocking surprise and then not.

The Greek people has for long time neglected the concept of paying taxes and do hard work. Unlike us Danes who have learned the full hardship of being a member of the European Union with the loss of early retirement, introduction of trial based drivers licenses, mandatory repair of cars every 2 year, loss of taxfree trade as compensation from enduring foreign language spoken to you when you are abroad, cuts in all social benefits etc. Greece has been having it too easy for too long a time.

When the banks said stop last month reports came from tourists that many of them have been robbed. Now the local population seems to have gone a step further.

I would never travel to Greece.

I would advice everyone to stay away.

We need proof that Greece will do their part of the work. Not only by paying their bills but also by guarding their borders more severe and for young people to stress the refugees so they seek away from Europe and back where they came for.

Otherwise as result of the Greek neglect every border in Europe would have to be guarded severely just as we saw today near the Channel tunnel. England is guarding their borders. France is guarding their border against Italy. Hungary is building a wall not unlike the one they had in the old days between west and east Europe.

I hope that the police find some random people and arrest them for the murder. Otherwise it would be a full stop for tourism of any kind.

If Ryanair will leave Denmark they really should

In Uncategorized on July 10, 2015 at 22:07

If Ryanair will not make an agreement with our trade unions then they should leave Denmark. We have no room for a firm without agreements with the trade unions. Danish workers have a right to a decent salery and clubs in the firm run by the trade unions so the employees can enjoy beers and other social activities.

I have learned that it would mean that some lowcost jobs resembling Mcjobs will be lost in Billund. I only say. Lose them! For many years they didn’t do any good for Denmark because the employees paid their taxes in Ireland. Even people who never lived one minute in Ryanair but worked the entire time in Billund paid their taxes in Ireland. So they took from our society without contributing to our society.

It is no loss for Denmark.

In fact Denmark will then be the second country to say no to Ryanair. France has already kicked them out setting an example for Europe. Maybe Sweden will join us, so Ryanair in the end will be forced to redraw their entire business to Ireland only.

Kastrup was the place where a no to Ryanair became a no in the entire country of Denmark. I am so proud of these people. It is modern heros just like the generations before us who kicked the Germans out during World War 2. It is freedom fighters for our welfare state.


Danes wants to create a refugee camp in Greenland

In Uncategorized on July 9, 2015 at 05:06

The number of refugees coming from Africa is alarming high. There is no room for them in our cities and not in the countryside anymore as Danish authorities use a lot of money to tear down deserted houses outside the 5 cities where the entire Danish population will live in around year 2050.

So where can we put them? Some with university degrees, doctors or engineers might find jobs as waiters and cap drivers. In the past such higher education has shown them to qualify them for these kinds of jobs.

But the rest?

We have to place them in a camp where they will comfort among themselves so they don’t become frustrated due to the differences in our culture.

People have looked at Greenland – especially the eastern part of Europe seems to have lost the interest of the government in Nuuk as they call Godthab these days.

Here we Danes would be able to rent a large area and create a landing strip which also could benefit the local population and start building an entire city. Goods and food would then be transported in by ship or planes.

We need to find such a humanitarian solution so the refugees from the Middle East and Africa can be housed in peace.


Strange hostage situation in Denmark right now

In business culture on July 1, 2015 at 05:34

A hostage has been taken inside the headquater of the National Board of Industrial Injuries in Denmark.

The police has surrounded the facility and has started to talk with the hostage takers.

The problem is that the hostage takers are not inside the building together with the hostage. Alle the employees has been asked to take days off and don’t answer the phones. The hostage is their mainframe and it has been taken hostage by hackers located somewhere outside Denmark when they managed to install ransomware on the system.

The negotiations are slow. Rumors speak of that the police managed to get the hostage takers print several reports to show good will.

Maybe the negotiations will take a year or two. A huge part of our policeforce will be tied up surrounding the building. But in the long run the system will be given back. What impact does it have on our society?

Not much. If you get an injury in Denmark they will on average use 10 to 15 years to deal with your case. What are you going to live of while they deal with your case? Help from your family!

The system was not designed to help people. It was designed for combat unemployment among case workers.

I fear for the security of our public IT-systems.

Not very far ago CSC was hacked without anyone noticing it. As result everyone could access our databases for drivers licenses making identity theft of every Dane possible. IT-experts outside Denmark discovered it and alarmed our police after several months.

Months before CSC fired expensive IT-experts from Denmark and imported cheap labor from India. The security level were lowered to adjust it to the qualifications of the new employees creating the possibility of a massive security breach.

And now this hostage situation.

Life is hard for us Danes.

Arbejdsskadestyrelsen lammet: Hackere har låst it-systemerne og kræver løsepenge (Computerworld)

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