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People are simply not grateful anymore

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To my surprise I saw that foreign experts will sue the Danish state because the states made new laws which changed their present situation.

Do they know what the entire concept of democracy is?

The politicians make new laws every day impacting ordinary citizens lives. Sometime good, sometime bad.

As a Danish citizen I am very uncertain about when I can retire. When I entered the workforce 20 years ago the plan was to retire early at age 60 so I planned my career based on that as good as you can plan a career. Suddenly the politicians changed that and now my life is in chaos regarding that area.

When I started at work the BAC limit was 0.8 which is considered the proper adult limit if you look at countries like Ireland and England. Now it is 0.5 and that has impacted the team spirit in the company in a negative way. You don’t learn as much about what is going on in the firm when you don’t sit down and drink a beer or a glass wine once per week in the firm.

It is normal that politicians change laws for the worse or the better.

These foreign professionals have chosen to work in Denmark and a lot of firms have allowed them to serve in their firms. Why are they not grateful?

I am grateful for having been allowed to serve at my job and that is really the attitude I miss with these people.

It is an honor to have a job. All too many people in Denmark dont have real jobs. They are rented out calling it job-training where they help keeping the Danish prices low. IT benefits export. Firms who have personal contacts with employees at Jobnet can get cheap labor and the people in job-training cannot even hold holidays.

These people have real jobs with real pay and I guess that they even earn vacation days.

I have feeling about these moochers I really dont want to put in this blog, so I dont. Please show some gratitude at least!

Foreign professionals suing the Danish state (The Copenhagen Post)


Denmark wants other countries to take responsibility

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Denmark is among the countries in Europe which take most migrants in if you compare to the size of the population.

At the same time Denmark is among the countries which have suffered most as result of being a part of the European Union. A lot of people from Eastern Europe work in low-paid jobs or are simply using Denmark as some place to travel on holidays financing the vacation by stealing and robbing the ordinary Danes.

A lot of firms in Denmark have also moved jobs to countries in the eastern part of Europe. Lego has a plant in Hungary, Nordea the bank has invoices being handled in Poland and we could go on. Maybe it is time to go on. A group of Danes will list the Danish firms who outsource jobs to countries where they take fewer migrants in compared to the size of their population as Denmark. It doesn’t matter if the country the jobs go to is part of the European Union or not. If they take Danish jobs and they are not living up to their part of the responsibility of housing the migrant, they will be listed.

Below is a poster. Print it and put it outside the firm you know are using the foreign employees or has outsourced departments to countries abroad.


Parking in Copenhagen can put you $ 2,500 back per year

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Parts of Copenhagen charge the people who live there and the workers who commute into the town this amount per year.

One such part is Oerestad. They have a metro line going through the area and they state that people can take this mean of transportation. They do however forget that the Metro line has a limited range and the price of public transportation can be just as high if you want to go to another part of the greater Copenhagen like Elsinore. They you have to pay 200 dollars per month to take the metro and train.

These insane prices are of course protested by the people who happens to be so unlucky that it was the only place they could get an apartment. People question whether it is legal because they have made competition illegal in that part of town. The prices are dictated by the City Hall.

People working ordinary jobs will never be able to work there or live there unless they can live without transportation entirely. There are no locked cages for bikes. They constructed a giant parking facility for bicycles under an artificial lake but it was a failure. The bikes got wet and it became a dark room where people were afraid to go in the evening. Especially in a time with a growing number of asylum seekers and open borders allowing people from Eastern Europe to enter Danish with their “theft-turismn”.

A petition has been started to fight for fair cheap parking so ordinary people can afford to like or work there. You can sign it using the link below.

Sæt prisen ned på parkering i Ørestad (

Due to the high number of asylum seekers parts of Denmark have to be shut down

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Denmark consists of a number of small islands. Many have so few habitants that maintaining the infrastructure in a time when a growing number of asylum seeker target Denmark as their place to become parasites on a welfare society is no longer possible.

It is a political discussion how many who have to be relocated. Some speak of Laesoe, Samsoe and even Lolland.

But fact is that such forced relocation would result in hardship for the habitants of those islands. Maybe around 100 islands will be affected in order to get money enough to cover the housing costs. I feel for those who will lose their home. The state is not very generous when it comes to paying citizens to give up property.

Forsker: Drop de små danske øer og sælg dem til rigmænd (TV2)

If Ryanair will leave Denmark they really should

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If Ryanair will not make an agreement with our trade unions then they should leave Denmark. We have no room for a firm without agreements with the trade unions. Danish workers have a right to a decent salery and clubs in the firm run by the trade unions so the employees can enjoy beers and other social activities.

I have learned that it would mean that some lowcost jobs resembling Mcjobs will be lost in Billund. I only say. Lose them! For many years they didn’t do any good for Denmark because the employees paid their taxes in Ireland. Even people who never lived one minute in Ryanair but worked the entire time in Billund paid their taxes in Ireland. So they took from our society without contributing to our society.

It is no loss for Denmark.

In fact Denmark will then be the second country to say no to Ryanair. France has already kicked them out setting an example for Europe. Maybe Sweden will join us, so Ryanair in the end will be forced to redraw their entire business to Ireland only.

Kastrup was the place where a no to Ryanair became a no in the entire country of Denmark. I am so proud of these people. It is modern heros just like the generations before us who kicked the Germans out during World War 2. It is freedom fighters for our welfare state.


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