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Atlantas new anti-abortion law as predecessor for Gilead ?

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It is certainly worrying that Atlanta new anti-abortion laws seems like it is a free-pass to rape a women masked and then observe from the distance while the victim has to bring the result into the world so it can be adopted perhaps back to the family where the perpetrator is the husband.

Is it fantasy?

Fact is that many cases of rape are conducted between people who knows each other in advance. A bit too much alcohol, an innocent victim lured by a more experienced and manipulative perpetrator.

And now the victim has to endure 9 months of punishment caring the very result of the inside her and then a life of punishment and shame because the society has condemned her instead of the person who raped her.

That is what the new anti-abortion law in Alabama is all about. That is what down the road leads to a new Gilead.

That is the reason the law must be reverted.

More states are lining up with similar sinister laws.

Alabama’s anti-abortion law isn’t alone. Here are all the states pushing to restrict access

Freedom of Speech causes one city after another in Denmark to turn into ruins

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I am a true believer in the freedom of speech. That is the reason that I and my other Danes are ready to accept one city after another to be destroyed due to riots.

Rasmus Paludan tours Denmark with his political messsages. Messages I happen to disagree with him about. But also messages which lies within the limits defining Freedom of Speech.

That is the reason I was down at the local construction market where I bought wood panels to cover my windows, so I am ready once he turn up in my town. Because where he goes, people from criminal gangs, supporters of ISIS, radical communists and socialists tries to confront him and then they clash with the police who are bound to protect freedom of speech.

It has caused massive destruction inside the cities he visited until now.

Large parts of Copenhagen were hit by violence. As result the police has issued a “double punishment zone” covering the central of Copenhagen. That means that if you are caught doing a crime (speeding, tax evasion, shoplifting, street fighting, assault) inside this zone, you will get the double punishment when the court sentence you. The signal from the police is clear. Leave this zone and stop to interfere with the freedom of speech!

It is rather strange that we now have to see fight for freedom of speech inside the same country who saw its proudest moment back when the cartoon crisis occured. Back then it was a clear victory for Denmark. Did the world change so much that we now have to fight this war once more?

I remember how proud we as Danes were when people far away from Denmark died just because of some random drawings. I think the lesson is that important things in life like democracy and Freedom of Speech is not something you get for life just because you won one battle. You have to maintain your fight all life.

So I am preparing so my house will not be sacrified and we left homeless, when the Freedom of Speech has to be defended.

Domino’s Pizza bankruptcy – expected

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Many years ago I tasted my first pizza from Domino’s. It was back when a small Danish firm located on Borups Alle in Copenhagen built up the brand in Denmark. The logo was black and yellow but the pizza’s were wonderful.

Then the US headquarter wanted to align logo’s and their so-called quality. The logo became blue, red and white, but the pizza’s did not become better. In fact a Danish television station investigated the declining quality and found that the employees were instructed to back-date the food ingredients used in the Pizza’s so they could cut costs.

Needless to say that the Danish population in general was disgusted with what they saw. One after another departments shout down and now all the employees who struggled to keep the remaining departments alive has been cheated for a full months salary while the owners are on a plane back to the country they came from.

So everybody lost. No longer the customers could get the old old pizza’s and the employees now faces disaster not being able to pay the bills and put their children into school.

Thanks – top management of Domino’s Pizza – thanks a lot.

Source: Stor pizzakæde er gået konkurs (Ekstra-Bladet)

Political situation in Spain – why I stay in Denmark during my holiday

In Uncategorized on July 19, 2018 at 06:03

The local government at the Balearic Islands are trying to re-brand their islands which for more than 30 years have been known as party islands. What is means is that they are asking for unemployment. For decades it has been islands you go to in order to drink and get wasted. Properly because the islands do not contain anything else which can inspire people to visit them.

Why do an area ask for more unemployment?

Is it the immigration crisis? Do they want massive unemployment which they know from their historical past will provoke people voting for parties offering right-wing politics?

It could be the case and Franco did offer peace and improved business to a run-down country.

But maybe they should also look at supporting the Catalonia case for independence.

I as a tourist will stay at home and I will recommend that others do the same while they figure out what future they want at the islands which will no longer attract tourists.

Alcohol may be banned in all-inclusive resorts in Majorca and Ibiza in a bid to crackdown on anti-social behaviour (The Daily Mail)

War on drugs necessary but do not hurt the victims

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Substance abuse has never been more widespread and every community has to deal with it. In Denmark we have now been able to create safe rooms where substance abusers can take their drugs monitored by trained nurses and doctors. Overdosing has been lowered and deaths are reduced greatly.

The Danish government has even started to provide heroin for the most hardcore users and it allows them to think about their lives when they do not have to suffer the constant stress of getting money for drugs. As result many of them decide to become clean. Far from everyone succeed but their chances are higher because it is their voluntary decision.

Still, we need to get control of the market, the gangs control. It is difficult because the Danish police needs to use almost all hands at the border in order prevent the entire society from a collapse due to immigration.

There are other countries in the world which is suffering from a having to control substance abuse. In the United States the high schools do not have Friday bars, so the youth cannot sit down together and drink beer or wine integrating almost every student so the high school avoids getting students feeling left outside which can trigger some of them to plan shooting fellow students or what we know can happen in Denmark, leave our country so they can fight for ISIS or bomb their school.

Without Friday bars the American students choose to smoke weed. Because the dealer have other drugs in their assortment, some students move on to more serious drugs.

In 1980’s the Reagan Administration started the war on drugs. A number of so-called rehab establiments was launced. Many of them with little or no knowledge about the complicated illness, substance abuse is. As result many teenagers ended up being overtreated leading to life suffering from Posttramatic Stress Disorder.Some reverted to drug use, others committed suicide.

Now Trump wants to start a new war on drugs. Perhaps his war should start looking at how easy doctors prescribe legal drugs. Life is not always funny. Life is filled with disappointment and betrayal.

We lost our early retirement (Efterløn) which was a massive betrayal. But we do not use drugs, because we realized that life also can be painful.

People need to know that if they drop ambition and learn to settle, there are no use for drugs.

It is that easy.

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