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War on drugs necessary but do not hurt the victims

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Substance abuse has never been more widespread and every community has to deal with it. In Denmark we have now been able to create safe rooms where substance abusers can take their drugs monitored by trained nurses and doctors. Overdosing has been lowered and deaths are reduced greatly.

The Danish government has even started to provide heroin for the most hardcore users and it allows them to think about their lives when they do not have to suffer the constant stress of getting money for drugs. As result many of them decide to become clean. Far from everyone succeed but their chances are higher because it is their voluntary decision.

Still, we need to get control of the market, the gangs control. It is difficult because the Danish police needs to use almost all hands at the border in order prevent the entire society from a collapse due to immigration.

There are other countries in the world which is suffering from a having to control substance abuse. In the United States the high schools do not have Friday bars, so the youth cannot sit down together and drink beer or wine integrating almost every student so the high school avoids getting students feeling left outside which can trigger some of them to plan shooting fellow students or what we know can happen in Denmark, leave our country so they can fight for ISIS or bomb their school.

Without Friday bars the American students choose to smoke weed. Because the dealer have other drugs in their assortment, some students move on to more serious drugs.

In 1980’s the Reagan Administration started the war on drugs. A number of so-called rehab establiments was launced. Many of them with little or no knowledge about the complicated illness, substance abuse is. As result many teenagers ended up being overtreated leading to life suffering from Posttramatic Stress Disorder.Some reverted to drug use, others committed suicide.

Now Trump wants to start a new war on drugs. Perhaps his war should start looking at how easy doctors prescribe legal drugs. Life is not always funny. Life is filled with disappointment and betrayal.

We lost our early retirement (Efterløn) which was a massive betrayal. But we do not use drugs, because we realized that life also can be painful.

People need to know that if they drop ambition and learn to settle, there are no use for drugs.

It is that easy.


What will be the next move for Lars Henrik Wollebekk?

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Lars Henrik Wollebekk was the sole owner of Speak Holding, which again controlled a number of firms which arranged exchange student trips for young Danes who naive and without knowledge of the world wish to experience culture and countries outside Denmark.

The Department of Education in Denmark is very clear on that point. You cannot receive credits from a year taken on any high school outside Denmark because the superior high school system in Denmark has a social element. They have friday bars where students can enjoy a beer or a glass of wine after school bringing students together and minimize the risk of students dropping out.

This social factor is an important component in our education in Danish culture and cuisine. Without it, it is very much the same as not going to school at all.

So exchange students always come back and will start school a year behind their old classmates.

If the loss of an important year during the rite of passage towards adulthood wasn’t enough, scandals has surrounded the exchange student industry. Young Danes have been sent back because they did trivial things like watching porn on their own Ipads or Laptops. One thing is that they cannot drink alcohol outside Denmark because youthhood in some countries are considered a crime. Another thing is that they cannot date and have sex because the other countries do not start sex education at age 10 like we do in Denmark, so we can avoid teenage pregnancies. But not being able to even enjoy the sight of others at that age is terrible.

Lars Henrik Wollebekk’s firm has been in the media where young Danes had negative experiences outside. I will go as far as calling firms as his a menace against preserving our small and vulnerable culture. Our children do not need to learn about the outside world as the outside world has not done us any good. Our children need to remain inside their comfort zone.

As a volunteer for Domestic Prisoners of Conscience I know how damaging foreign schools can be against students. We are talking suicide, post traumatic stress disorder and even deaths. No young Danes need to be exposed to that.

That is why the news of his firms being likvidated are good news. However I fear that the likvidation process is only a strategy to avoid paying for lawsuits.

That is why I will give the message that we will monitor any move, he might consider going back into the business.

In Denmark we do not need exchange student agencies who facilitate sending our children from our superiour culture to the second-rated world outside.

Lars Henrik Wollebekk – we will be watching you and any other person who want to abuse young Danes with naive beliefs. This line of business is not needed in Denmark !!!

Various articles about his network of companies

Massive exodus of somali refugees from Denmark planned

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Denmark has notified a large number of refugees that the entire area of eastern Africa including Somalia is now considered so safe that the people who sought refugee status in Denmark now need to go home again.

Recent analyses of people traveling from and to Denmark from the Somali area shows that parents who consider their old homeland so safe again that they send their children to boarding schools down there because they do not want their children to be acustomed to the Danish culture. They have decided that the future of their children lies in a culture which they do find more comforting towards their nature and customs.

In the mind of the Danish people, we think that they can contribute building the country up again using the skills they learned while they were in Denmark. We cannot sit safely in Denmark and allow a country like Somalia suffering from brain-drain. We need to give them the people back, they lost. People who have learned a lot while they were in Denmark. People who got new skills during their time in Denmark. It is a powerfull aid to Somalia allowing them to really built new industries and businesses.

We are thankful to each and every parent who sent their child to family or boarding school in Somalia. If they had not done that we would not have discovered how far they have come after decades of civil war.

We are aware that some service men inside the United Nations disagree with the Danish view on the situation in the eastern part of Africa but we need to look at the behavior of refugees and immigrants. If they feel that their old nation is so safe that they can send their children back to Somalia, then Somalia is safe.

People are simply not grateful anymore

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To my surprise I saw that foreign experts will sue the Danish state because the states made new laws which changed their present situation.

Do they know what the entire concept of democracy is?

The politicians make new laws every day impacting ordinary citizens lives. Sometime good, sometime bad.

As a Danish citizen I am very uncertain about when I can retire. When I entered the workforce 20 years ago the plan was to retire early at age 60 so I planned my career based on that as good as you can plan a career. Suddenly the politicians changed that and now my life is in chaos regarding that area.

When I started at work the BAC limit was 0.8 which is considered the proper adult limit if you look at countries like Ireland and England. Now it is 0.5 and that has impacted the team spirit in the company in a negative way. You don’t learn as much about what is going on in the firm when you don’t sit down and drink a beer or a glass wine once per week in the firm.

It is normal that politicians change laws for the worse or the better.

These foreign professionals have chosen to work in Denmark and a lot of firms have allowed them to serve in their firms. Why are they not grateful?

I am grateful for having been allowed to serve at my job and that is really the attitude I miss with these people.

It is an honor to have a job. All too many people in Denmark dont have real jobs. They are rented out calling it job-training where they help keeping the Danish prices low. IT benefits export. Firms who have personal contacts with employees at Jobnet can get cheap labor and the people in job-training cannot even hold holidays.

These people have real jobs with real pay and I guess that they even earn vacation days.

I have feeling about these moochers I really dont want to put in this blog, so I dont. Please show some gratitude at least!

Foreign professionals suing the Danish state (The Copenhagen Post)

Denmark wants other countries to take responsibility

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Denmark is among the countries in Europe which take most migrants in if you compare to the size of the population.

At the same time Denmark is among the countries which have suffered most as result of being a part of the European Union. A lot of people from Eastern Europe work in low-paid jobs or are simply using Denmark as some place to travel on holidays financing the vacation by stealing and robbing the ordinary Danes.

A lot of firms in Denmark have also moved jobs to countries in the eastern part of Europe. Lego has a plant in Hungary, Nordea the bank has invoices being handled in Poland and we could go on. Maybe it is time to go on. A group of Danes will list the Danish firms who outsource jobs to countries where they take fewer migrants in compared to the size of their population as Denmark. It doesn’t matter if the country the jobs go to is part of the European Union or not. If they take Danish jobs and they are not living up to their part of the responsibility of housing the migrant, they will be listed.

Below is a poster. Print it and put it outside the firm you know are using the foreign employees or has outsourced departments to countries abroad.


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