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March 2012 – being a child in Denmark has never been as now

In politics on March 31, 2012 at 21:25

Today it is the last day of March 2012 and I want to take time off to reflect a little about the headlines during this month and my focus will be on the children.

In a previous post I mentioned the Amy-case. A girl who was adopted to Denmark and as I am sad to say hasn’t been treated very well so far by the social services.

Hurtful people have stated that she was part of a sister’s package. When parents want to adopt some countries present the nice little baby and when the parents are hooked the adoption agency suddenly state that they have to take an older brother or sister as well. It is basically a scam because the parents cannot say no in that situation because everyone knows that you have to try to keep siblings together.

It is difficult for an older child to be part of the society in Denmark. We have an education system second to none. Danes who have been exchange students know that you cannot get credit from the foreign schools because they simply are not at the same level as here in Denmark.

So Amy got a difficult time in Denmark. By pure luck she then found that she fitted well into the foster family the social services sent her to once her adoptive parents gave up. But the system wasn’t finished with her and they wanted to put her in a group home after a year at the foster family. A specific group home mostly known in the public as a place where the adult care keepers drink alcohol during work hours and fight the teens.

She is at the group now and the social services are busy taking her supporters out of business. They have filed charges against the foster parents; they have fired her assessor from the organization Children’s welfare. They will go far to secure that Amy is isolated from the world and have her to submit to their agenda.

I believe that children should be spared from being subjected to an adoption process here. I urge adoption agencies to think twice before sending children here to Denmark because they are not treated that well by our social system.

Times are hard for our teenagers. They cannot grow up expecting to receive a pension at a fixed age. It is difficult because every single Dane work to age 40 and then they settle having reached the potential of their career. For the next 20 years it is all about surviving until retirement. Or at least it was so in the past because now no one knows when they can retire.
Because they are unable to plan, they cannot choose what kind of education which would serve them best. In fact they don’t even know if it helps to take an education at all.

But they are forced to spent time in classes or lose welfare. In fact if anyone below 25 is seeking welfare they will be introduced to forced labor. Yes you are reading correct. Forced Labor! It is Denmark year 2012. Who can we blame? The damn lazy people in the southern part of Europe who haven’t seen a day’s work their entire life.

I have spoken with several who have spent several years taking form 10 over and over again. It is the best advice their caseworker can give them in order to avoid to be pushed out into forced labor. Teenagers and young adults are stuck taking the same classes and the same subjects over and over again just as if they were staring in the Bill Murray movie “Groundhog Day”.

I wish I could say anything positive to your youth but I haven’t. I can only ask everyone to pray and take day at the time. It is everyone for themselves.

That’s all for March 2012.

Alert to adoption agencies: Avoid Denmark for your children

In Uncategorized on March 10, 2012 at 16:48

I just got an email from a humanitarian organization called Domestic prisoners of conscience.

Just this week did the authorities remove a girl aged 11 from her foster family only to place her at a residential treatment center run by department of social service in the town of Naestved which are most known in the public for having employees drinking alcohol during work.

Back in 2008 this treatment program was in the media with allegations of the use of corporal punishment and non-caring staff members. The facility is even registered on Fornits Wiki, which is a worldwide database of wilderness programs, boarding schools and residential treatment centers which should be monitored carefully and avoided by the families.

Why did this girl aged only 11 deserve a stint at this residential treatment center? Because she was happy living at the foster family when her adoptive family had abandoned her due to problems which had their origins from the country she came from.

We must recognize that some children who are adopted arrive with baggage. Danes are not like some adoptive parents who return the child back home as a kind of damage good. We have heard of cases from both Sweden and the United States where the children are shipped back home because they couldn’t handle the problem.

Instead they are mostly sensible people who reach out for help to deal the problems. As a taxpayer I have no problem paying for children who are in the need of residential care in the few cases where it is needed. I must point out that the percentage errors in the cases the social services are high. In fact more than 60 percent of the entire caseload is filled with errors. But from time to time we do hear of single cases which turn out happily for the involved child. One such case could be the case of Amy – the 11 year old girl we are talking about.

But the authorities in Naestved would not allow her some happiness. So they sent both the police and musclemen from the treatment to the foster family and dragged the poor girl to their car.

I find this case both wrong and awful.

I believe that it is so shameful that we should not be allowed to take children to Denmark when this is how our authorities want to treat them.

So I would urge adoption agencies to bypass Denmark as goal for their children. It is in the interest of the children.

I am not that good with Google Translate, so if you want to learn what the case is about you can follow the link below: Hårdhændet tvangsflytning meldt til politiet (Sjaellandske Nyheder)

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