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July – a shocking month – part II

In politics on July 30, 2011 at 23:02

July held other news for us that the tragedy in Norway which I wrote about yesterday.

The so-called scandals in our foster care system continued to emerge. It is hard to call them scandals when they were known by professionals for at least a decade. It has been some 10 years since the first complaint about the foster care parents in Mern came to the knowledge of the authorities. Despite this fact children in the foster care system were sent to this particular family and they suffered hardship, according to the district attorneys even abuse.

I think that they should start to take a look at the entire system – if they dare.

Do we have our own kids-for-cash scandal in Denmark? Are certain group homes, residential treatment families or foster care families chosen despite knowledge of circumstances close to abuse because there is money between the people?
We cannot know because it is a closed system.

Children may be exposed to abuse and we cannot do anything about it. There are simply not enough trained personnel in Denmark to handle the children who need protection and care. We have a system which motivates the foster care parents to enter the industry due to the money.

We know from the authorities themselves that there are errors in 64 percent of the cases which are appealed.
We do know that one kid in the foster care system is abused every 14 day.

We do know that there have been on benefit proven by placing a kid in the foster care system compared to leave the kid alone despite how badly the child is treated at home.

Foster care parents are not tested thorough as biological parents are when the social services think that the children are in danger.

Foster care parents are often personal Facebook friends with the managers in the social services or simply people who are laid off and compensated with a job housing some children from the foster care system as compensation. It is about the money. No love lost there.

Of course some politicians from the Danish people party jumped into the media trying to make them look as they cared about children being forced to live outside their homes but we do know that it is a face because they did not support their own party member – Tina Petersen – against the legal attack from a residential treatment program called Solhaven. She was left hanging to dry when she tried to protect children.

I know that I am cynical but I believe that these scandals will be forgotten soon. I will pray for the children who live in the foster care system.

July – a shocking month – part I

In politics on July 29, 2011 at 21:25

Rarely I have experienced such shock like when I learned of the tragedy in Norway. When a terrorist target any society it leaves innocent victims but this was not just some random attack. It was an analyzed attack planed for years and intended not only to bring the present democracy in Norway down, but also change the future of this country.
I have to live in a Nordic country like Denmark and Norway to understand how politics function. It is all about families and dynasties.

The young people at the youth camp were sent there by their parents for only thing only: To become member of the political elite!

It means socializing, sleeping with each other, drinking and other kind of youth related activities. The young wannabes do that in Denmark too. The young girls know what it is expected from them. I particularly remember an episode where a 15 year old girl slept with one of the senior politicians in our parliament during such a youth camp. Jealous girls who didn’t get the opportunity complained and her parents which were kind of naïve in relationship with the nature of the activities they had allowed their daughter to participate in made a huge scandal out of nothing and Jeppe Kofod as the politician was named had to make a public apology.

I fear for the democracy in Norway. If the concept of political families discontinue the whole basis of a society like ours in the Nordic countries will fail. Here you are born into certain circles, you are free to make some adjustments down and up but you cannot have people choose freely between all kind of jobs in the society because a lot of the quality in our society is about trust and protection from strangers.

While I in no way condone or find the actions of the aggressor in Norway acceptable we as normal Danes experience how outsiders enter Denmark in massive numbers for conduct home invasions, flash robs, and simple assault on bikers which they for some unknown reasons find legitimate targets.

I do trust my neighbors and my colleagues because I know their families. I would never hire a person I don’t know whether he or she may come from a good decent family. Any Dane will have to earn his or her reputation over generations or decades. That’s why it is seldom a success if a Dane chooses to move more than 50 kilometers away because in the new community people will not know his parents. The new neighbors would not know how to greet the new neighbor because they don’t know what his family stands for.

I hope that the survivors in Norway find comfort in their survival so they can go the youth camp next year and mate so they can form the basis for a new generation of politicians. If they don’t the democracy as we know it in Norway might have met its end and the terrorist would have won.

I will pray for those who was left behind.

June – victory for democracy and the civilisation but at a terrible prize.

In International justice on July 1, 2011 at 05:06

Today the Eastern High Court ruled that Niels Holck can remain in Denmark instead of being extradited to India where he most likely would be sacrificed to Kali before he would have a chance of defending himself at a trial.

As a Dane I am happy. Our superior way of living could not be upheld being jailed in India.

But this fair ruling came with a price. A price many Danish workers and not least their children will have to pay.

For some months Danish workers at an American Computer firm fought for decent wages. Here workers from India suddenly entered Denmark where they were ready to work on a cup of rice every day. Normally this would have been protested by an United front of trade unions but many of the trade unions are like the American Teamsters in the 1960’s. Corrupt and totally out of touch with the ordinary workers on the floor so the trade union organizing the workers at CSC got no support for their strike.

Our government who approved that the case against Niels Holck could start saw to that the courts would not acknowledge the previous deal between the trade union PROSA and CSC destroying a system which have been functioning on Danish workplaces since 1960. In 1960 the workers and the employers agree upon the principal that as general there should be no strikes during a period of 2-4 years after they have made a deal of wages and work hours. This is now gone.

In the end the trade union was broken and they were offered to remain in their jobs but at wages which will not enable them to keep a family because most of the workers had long and expensive educations which they have financed with student loans. Student loan which often have interests of +20 percent because the risk is high for those who gives the loan. When people buy houses or cars, the bank can reprocess what is bought and they can get some money back. But how do you reprocess a future?

I believe that it is time for payback. We must demand that our government stop the import of these moochers who dare to come here and take our jobs. We are talking of citizens of an evil country who invaded the peaceful provinces of Goa, are repeatly known to bother their peaceful neighbor Pakistan where they unjust continue to hold Kasmir. A country which caused to much suffering on Ceylon.

Beside the ruling of our High court what is there to say in general?

Well, the European Union are trying to block our border control and it has never been needed so much. The so-called tourists continue to rob us. Nothing is too small for them. Now they have started to flash rob our cemetaries by night. You might ask what could be of value on a cemetary and the answer is: Toys put upon graves by parents who have lost their children too young. Angles and pigeons made of cobber. Letters written by gold paint which are carefully scraped off.

We cannot guard every cemetary in Denmark. We need to isolate ourselves as a country and demand Visa of visitors – even from our neighboring countries and not least – search every visitor when they leave Denmark.

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