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Week 26 – The final chapter – so far

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Camilla Broe was released in Florida. Because she was risking arrest because she entered the United States without the proper travel papers when she was extradited from Denmark to the United States, the Danish department of Justice had to arrange a solution rather quickly. However she was stuck for an unknown period in the airport until she could find a flight home.

This post marks the end of this blog following her case. I am aware that an appeal is pending in an appeal court, but we have to wait to find out if they will rule otherwise than the two U.S. judges who have ruled in this case so far. So for now she is exonerated.

It was a victory for us Danes as a whole. That’s why I display our flag in my blog.

However, it is important that her entire ordeal should have some impact so similar situations can be avoided in the future. We have to remember that there are other victims than just her in person.

Her family has suffered a great deal. Her daughter had to live without her mother for larger periods during the 3 years it has taken to react this verdict.

Her workplace and her colleagues lost valuable labor.

We must learn from this case so the lesson learned is that no Dane should immigrate to a foreign country and expect to be met with better conditions than they have in Denmark. They should always be suspicious against a employer who are offering them a good, wellpaid and legal job. They could be aiding crime.

Just the American organisations organizing study abroad programs learned the hard way in the show trial against Amanda Knox, which has shocked the entire nation over there, we as Danes must realize that we need to secure Danes who has chosen to bear the burden of working or studying abroad.

We need a fast track evacuation plan so they can be taken home if they become involved in criminal activities by just being an innocent witness. There are no reason for them to aid an alien nation.

We have to realize that some countries extend perjury so it can be a crime just to give an incomplete statement to the police at the crime scene where you in Denmark risk prison only if you lie in court. It allows charges like conspiracy where we in Denmark focus on the person who actually does the crime.

Young Danes could be caught up in criminal cases just because they want to aid the police forgetting that they are no longer in Denmark and their social status are reset so they are considered a lowlife existense.

Better advice must be given to Danes going abroad and an exit-plan should be planned in every case. Fortunately people realize this. Exchange Student Info here in Denmark and Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students (CSFES) have webpages concerning Exchange Students, Center-validering in Denmark has a page about the benefits and costs of shorter language trips. Northwest Education Law Blog in the United States has articles about legal problems.

But until further precausions have been made, I have to say:

Stay safe – stay home!

Week 25 – The Farce goes on

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This week’s edition is a rather disappointing newsletter. It was expected that Camilla Broe should have been released after a second judge confirmed a previous ruling which exonerated her. However the prosecution appealed the ruling because they properly got the news that Camilla Broe is running out of money which leaves her to a public defender well known to be of such a quality that it according to various blogs would mean she could roast in the chair regardless of the fact that Florida doesn’t use it anymore or not even the prosecution demands the death penalty.

Short to say: The farce goes on.

Back in Denmark a rescue mission is conducted to save the ministers who have been in charge for the department of justice during the entire course of this case:

Lene Espersen, who beside the Camilla Broe case is best known for:

  • not knowing where she lived when she entered the Danish parliament years back
  • the incompetent handling of the Chesnut case where another Danish single mother lost her chance to see her son growing up and the son the chance for schooling in our education system which is known to be second to none
  • finally for starting a reform of both the police and our court system which have resulted in a condition close to collapse.

Brian Mikkelsen who got the chance to fix the problems his predecessor created but failed to fulfill his job. His testimony in the Camilla Broe case has caused members of the parliament to suspect a hidden agenda. It is as inaccurate as when he testified in an ordinary traffic case.

Our Prime ministers has done everything he could to transfer them into positions where they cannot hurt our country anymore. Lene Espersen became head of our Foreign Office. Luckily we don’t use time on other nations anymore. As many as 80 countries can send their representatives at the same time but they will only be allowed to talk to a minister for the department they were going to blackmail anyhow.

I am more concerned about the fact Brian Mikkelsen is controlling the department responsible or our economy and our business sector. Most know how the economy of our police force took its course under his leadership.

But it was clear that both ministers were carrying a burden due to their actions. They needed to be removed to positions where the public can forget their past and in politics memories are short-lived. Two years equals the term “within living memory”.

It is very important to understand what this case means for the youth in our country. Never before did a case influence the choices our youth makes regarding working or studying abroad in such a huge degree. And it is not only the Danes who is starting to care about whether it is more damaging than it benefits youth to learn of foreign cultures and at the same time risking being victimized by either local politics or politics back in your native country.

Oprah has turned her focus on the dangers U.S. Students risk when traveling abroad. The reason is the Amanda Knox case – a case which shocked the entire nation. Her we have a criminal prosecutor convicted to serve 1 year and 4 months for abusing his office. This very person decided to scare foreign exchange students off. Hopefully Oprah’s contribution to this case would damage the Italian tourist industry as heavily as Dr Phil destroyed the tourist industry on Aruba.

But regardless of the impact Oprah’s attack will have the fact remain that our youth must learn that once you cross the border to a foreign nation you leave all behind. The entire reputation your family has in your community is gone. Generations of a family work to improve the social status for the good of their children means nothing once the border is crossed. In well-educated societies where social status is everything when it comes to possible future of a newborn child, the choice to enter a foreign country means have far more consequences than just taking a new address for a period. You start at the bottom in that society.

It was what happened to Camilla Broe. A immigrant she was supposed to get the most lousy jobs and failed to realize that the person offering her a job, taking her to dinners and offering her kindness was a criminal.

She was as naïve as the many employees, the board members, the banks, the stockholders and the accountants in the IT Factory case. But where it was allowed for the +100 people around the manager who managed to cheat people for billions, being naïve was not allowed for Camilla Broe – properly because she was a foreigner.

Based on the comments I got on this blog I now know that a huge percentage of the people caught up in our justice system are foreigners. If they are there because they are criminals or they come here from Eastern Europe as the media tells it carrying all what the Russian army left behind to engage in Home invasions I don’t know. But like youths who choose to live or study abroad they are subject to eternal condemnation.

This is the message needed to get out. Stay at home in your own country where your life is secured – not only by your actions but also on your ancestors.

As for Camilla Broe, pray for a miracle. Pray that her financial situation doesn’t become the deciding factor in this case.

Week 24 – no response so I continue

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Last week I wrote why I am interested in this case. However none dared to reply to this post, so here is week 24’s edition. However the only news is that you can read the truth about the case in the book, which are going to be on sales May or June this year. It is written by one of the journalists who has followed the case. The Danish title is: Den sande historie om Camilla Broe.

What about Denmark in general. The hottest issue is that we pay less in taxes as of January 2010. However with less tax there is a bill to be paid. Fact is that the government canceled the status for Denmark as a welfare nation. With no early retirement – called “Efterloen” in Danish we are now as much a development country as most countries in the third world. We can no longer go to work knowing that regardless how hard we are working it doesn’t matter if we hurt our selves at the job or the work in general is so hard that we will be ready to be put six feet under  at age 65. Most people I have met were ready to retire at age 60. At that age there is nothing left which could benefit their employer so why continue and block the job which could go to a young person getting ready to support his or her future family?

Now every day is uncertain. There is nothing to enjoy and too much to worry about.

But we are not the only one to suffer. I have googled the web for community service and the Danish word for High School. Because of all the cutbacks a growing part of our health care and social services will become depended on voluntary work or community service.

In fact this year our minister of education has introduced a kind of diploma high school students can get if they devote some of free their time to community service rather on their studies. I have been reading a number of blogs where some high school students announce that they will drop out because they feel that they have no time left for their studies and some rightfully feel that there community work will put others out of their jobs so they wont be a part of it.

The problem with giving a diploma for voluntary work is that it could be translated as community service when the graduates seek a job by a foreign employer. Community service is a punishment for a crime, so such a diploma could hurt possible future job opportunities. The only advice I could give high school students is to stay away from this offer.

We have to hold on to our way to organize our society. We had something that did work. We had the best possible health care system in the world like we still have the best education system in the world – so far. But our politicians have tried to alter what was perfect before they started. It could only go down hill and it did.

But we can turn it around. We as taxpayers must ask for professional health care so our system is not depended on this Danish version of Obama’s “Enslavement Act”. We must tell our politicians that we are ready to pay for it too.

Week 23 – attacks for my interest in this case

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A lot of persons have made comments on the post I wrote when the judge in Miami gave his recommendation about the trial against Camilla Broe.

It seems that prosecution shifted their strategy based on the paper so they now wait out for her bankruptcy. Justice is as always a question about money.

Some seems to think that this blog is a kind of attack blog against the U.S. I can assure you that it is not the case. In fact money means a lot in Denmark too when it comes to getting justice.

You can get all the justice you want if you manage to turn the media with your cause. I am deeply concerned with the work of professionals who are sent out on a mission. One of the persons I have in mind is a journalist named Karen Thisted.

The first question she must have asked herself before she started to write her opinion of the case against Camilla Broe must have been whether Camilla Broe is a celebrity or not. Of course she isn’t. She is an immigrant who have chosen to enter the United States. She worked for the wrong people, she enjoyed their company, she ate their food and it turned out that she in fact had enjoyed the profit from crimes. In Denmark money doesn’t smell. It is a fact stated many times in our courts. If someone choose to buy you food or to enjoy their company or even engage in a relationship you don’t have to ask yourself if they are able to treat you good because they commit crimes to do it.

Fact is that the police asked Camilla Broe 10 questions which she did truthfully without admitting any guilt. She gave the police dates and names where she had done her work as consultant in a job where she had to make sure that the employees of the firm she worked for had to look like professional businessmen or women.

Because she provided the police with those names, the police knew when the criminals traveled and who that was the drug mules. It was a clearcut case and she did everything she could to help the police. Now she on trial and Eva Smith which are one of our most prestigious experts sees no reasons why The Department of Justice in Denmark was in such a hurry to have her extradited before there was 100 percent certainty that the statutes of limitations were not met. Other legal exports do also have very serious doubts about this case.

Karen Thisted did choose to be a judge. She attacked Camilla Broe claiming that she was naive. Of course we have to take the rather old saying into consideration that the only Italians which live in the United States is member of the Mafia, but it would be the same as claiming that the media in Denmark has been told by our government to remain silent of the ethnic origins of criminals because they almost every time turn out to be immigrants or have origins which have been immigrants. It would not be fair to assume such a general assumption.

But is Karen Thisted against drugs in general. Rather surprising no! She is only against drugs when the offender is from the low income part of our population. She wrote another article where she defended a woman which most will think as a kind of celebrity. This yet unnamed woman who most people have guessed the identity of, but whose name I cannot reveal without risking jail, was heavily defended by Karen Thisted. I just wanted to say: Dear Thisted. This woman was convicted in a court of law! The U.N has warned that celebrity treatment of drug users or drug dealers will prevent drug use from ever being stopped.

But it doesn’t stop people like Thisted from defending people with money and condemning people from low income groups who choose to leave their country for a better life in other countries.

Of course some people claim that the so-called Jetset Queen had spoken with people from another social class, which makes her target of a police investigation based on her choice alone. If you have achieved a certain position in our society you have a responsibility to nurse your position, if not for your own sake then for your children’s sake. In Denmark the social heritage matters. Regardless of what the mother might have done or not have done, I feel sorry for her children.

But her case is far from the first. A student from a boarding school for children from high income groups was on trial for rape after some local farmer girl tried to blackmail him into marriage. He was cleared in court but it did cost a lot for his family to achieve that and he could have avoided the ordeal if he had been more careful about whom he did choose to be with.

Short to say. The so-called Jetset Queen could have avoided ordeal also and if Karen Thisted had chosen to write something about that, I would not have written this blog entry at all.

I am tired of people showing double-standards. As for the Camilla Broe case we have to wait for a book about the case being published sometime in May 2010, where we will learn the truth. First when having read the book it would be fair to give our judgment. Not a second before.

Week 22 – what to use your time on

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With absolutely no news about the case against Camilla Broe I will use the entry this week on another mysterious business.

This week Denmark was attack by – Venezuela. Why?

Some ambassadors – only about 80 – had made a meeting with our prime minister. The funny thing was that they were only coming by for a cup of coffee. There is no important business to discuss with the world right now. We were blackmailed by countries at the COP15 we believed had some real interest in the environment. Instead they just came for our wallet.

But life as a prime minister is often about making choices and sometime you have to realize that you cannot be in two places at the same time. So our prime minister did choose to go to the hospital where according to several sources his daughter was rushed in due to an accident.

Instead we sent a minister for foreign aid to the meeting with the ambassadors. They were properly coming for the money and this is the minister who writes the checks our aid programs abroad pay to bribe officials so people can be helped.

It is a rather simple message we are trying to send these days. We had the solution for the COP15 in place before the summit started. It was called the Danish text. It was the future for the world. We cannot entrust nations everywhere with a lot of money without some control. It must be obvious for all. It is obvious for the United States as they have decided to sell all kind of weapons to the government in China which stood by our side in WWII. It did of course anger the self-proclaimed government on the China mainland. I only have to say that they must have seen the price for destroying the possibility for a success at COP15 coming.

COP15 is history. The subject of environment and global heating is dead for us. In fact the most important subject in Danish politics is the dress code for women. We have about 50-100 women here in Denmark which dress rather provoking. It is a question about how much skin we want to see.

I know that certain movements like the people who are behind the blog Western Hijab disagree with me. I can understand their point. Once you start making rules about how much skin people have to show, if they should be allowed to hide their faces behind scarves or how many earrings students are allowed our how low your trousers should be, then we would not be better than Iran.

But it is important for Denmark to preserve our unique culture – the properly most advanced and superior in the world.

We should be able to secure schooling for all and right now only 80 percent makes it past the first 9 years of school. Some are afraid of our culture. They tend to detain their kids as a kind of pre-emptive arrest on strict religious boarding schools or simply lure them abroad so they can forced into marriage at once. We need to force them into a support for our culture instead. We need to make our high schools safe and the most important tool to prevent school shooting is to prevent them from isolating themselves and it is only done by having a good Friday bar. Everybody agree upon that a good Friday bar improves team work and the overall performance.

That’s why we have to demand a minimum rule set about the dress code. This issue is so important that our parliament set up a special commission to deal with this matter.

With so important issue and the second strike on the morale among supporters of terrorists in making it is very clear that our prime minister has to prioritize his work.

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