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Homeschooling is disallowed in Denmark

A family in Elsinore wanted to raise their children protected by the often toxic environment in public schools. I regret have to say that the public school system is so focused on ordinary students that it often is too challenging for the either gifted students or studens with various problems. In High Schools it is often worse for those who don’t want to live like most families in Denmark who allow alcohol for their teeangers. In fact many high schools in Denmark have Friday bars where they serve alcohol for the teenagers.

I am also not happy having my 15 year old something drinking alcohol but the alternative is worse. In neighborhoods where the teenagers are not allowed to drink alcohol for religious or culture reasons, the crime rate is higher and the career options are less for the youth. They very often end up in prison.

So I can understand why the social services intervened against the Christian family in Elsinore bringing their home school experiment to an end. In fact the Danish Department of Education has closed a Christian day school near Copenhagen because they used the ACE curriculum which doesn’t measure up to the high standards in Denmark. And we do have high standards. Exchange students learn that credits earned abroad are of a so poor quality that their time abroad is wasted time academically.

In order to save the children of the family in Elsinore the social services intervened despite the fact that every test showed that the children wasn’t in need. But because the social aspect (Friday bar etc.) of an education matter, children shouldn’t be kept away from school.

The family in Elsinore lost 6 children. In secret they gave birth to a 7’th child. It was discovered now some 4 years later.

It is a sad case and tragic for the parents but what does count in the end is that the children will be allowed to drink alcohol and become productive parents.

The World’s Strictest Parents

I saw “The World’s Stricted parents on Youtube. In the episode two Australian teenagers were sent to Port Lavaca, Texas where they were abused, so they could conform to their parents wild ideas.

I have to say:

I am happy to report that the abusive boot camp have been closed due to budget cuts. Now students can be expelled to the streets and use creative and innovative methods to find themselves.

Budget cuts close boot camp (The Port Lavaca Wave)

In fact education or a job doesn’t mean anything when it comes to making a career for yourself. Every fifth member of the Danish parliament as of August 2012 havn’t completed their education or even had a real job outside politics for one single day.

And our economy is way better than most European countries. Our youth are allowed to buy alcohol when they are 16 and the fact is that the prisons are filled with people with none-Danish origins known not to drink alcohol. I accept that our police has caught the most by the use of ethnic profiling by it makes you think.

This community in Texas used too many money on an issue which are not important. That is the only thing you can learn from watching this episode.

Family and education

I am born into social class 5 and if I am losing my job I would properly end up catagorized as an number 3 in the unemployment office.

Social class 1 in Denmark the royal family. Some claim that they are the most expensive family on welfare, but I don’t care because they sell magazines in both Denmark and abroad.

Then there are the noble people and priests and in class 5 the rest of us is listed.

There should be 6 classes because reality is that those who immigrate to Denmark should know that they start there. Even if they have attended universities for years being fully certified in another country their level of education does mostly only qualify them for manual labor.

As stated above people are voted into our parliament despite their lack of effort when it comes to education because it is not what they do which makes them good politicians among us voters. It is who they are related to. Many of them have parents or other relatives in politics and it opens doors for them. That’s why I don’t bother that much about the education my children receive. I know that I have done well and as result of that they will do well. They don’t have to prove themselves for me or any other. Read: Ministers lack real-world experience (The Copenhagen Post)

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