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When Horsens was the center of the Universe

In culture on April 18, 2017 at 18:25

In the time of my grandfather you had a lot of options when you were standing at the central railway station in Horsens. Of course today it does not make sense talking about a central railway station when it is the only railway station.

Back in the days (until the 1960’s) you could chose between:

  • The Horsens-Tørring railway (closed 1962)
  • The Horsens-Thyregod railway (closed 1962)
  • The Horsens-Rask Mølle-Ejstrupholm railway (closed 1962)
  • The Horsens-Odder railway (closed 1967)
  • The Horsens-Juelsminde railway (closed 1957)
  • The Horsens-Bryrup-Silkeborg railway (closed 1968)
  • The State railways (still open but hardly functioning due to the IC4 trains from Italy)

So back then the world was open. Of course now it is only possible to travel to Copenhagen and who wants that. It is there all the evil comes from. The politicians with all their upper class thinking and lack of knowledge about how we ordiary Danes live.

A funny thing btw. I can mention about one of railways. The railway towards Bryrup was originally built with a meter track. Around 1930 they decided to convert to standard track and instead of building a new bridge over the Gudenaa they covered the old bridge and made a dam instead.

Some year ago they interviewed people and found out that the bridge was still inside the dam. So they decided to digg it out and renovate it. So now the old railway bridge is there (but with no tracks on the top).

The old days were better days.

What happened in Sweden yesterday – a sad necessary update

In politics on April 8, 2017 at 06:01

The capital of Sweden – Stockholm – was hit by a tragedy yesterday. So far 4 people lost their lives – my thoughts goes to their relatives who now miss a loved one. A dog was also reported to have lost its life.

When I wrote about Sweden the last time it was more about ordinary daily life in Sweden. The killings in Malmoe continued. It is a situation which cannot be solved because it is the tale about modern life where people with ordinary income and ordinary skills are no longer needed in a modern digitized world with global competition and open borders inside the European Union.

It will lead to more crime. It will lead to more radicalized politics.

But this is on another level. This is terror. This is about trying to tell people that they cannot walk safely in our streets and shops.

Of course leaving your home is always a gamble. Several hundred people die in traffic every year. People medicate themselves to death trying to stay employed in a modern stressful work-environment. So the message the criminals are trying to make us believe is wrong. They cannot bully us into isolation in our homes because we have already made the decision to be part of life. Everytime we speed our bikes and cars to the fully creating dangerous situations we say no to terror. Everytime we continue to work until the level where we see the bright light and hear the voices of deceased relatives, we say no to terror.

Today it is Saturday but Monday morning I will leave my home and go to work as usual. I will defy their threats and make the roads about Horsens unsafe. I will find tasks to do at work so I will work overtime. The terrorists shall not win this battle.

I don’t know who is behind this attack and I believe that the full extent of the truth will be hidden as they always try in Sweden.

When Oluf Palme was shot the police was stopped, when they discovered that the murder might have been the result of anger towards the export of weapons to countries in the Middle East and Asia. A fall guy was selected and convicted only to be aquitted by an appeal court.

When Anna Lindh was murdered they tried it again and arrested a fall guy because the real killers motive didn’t fit the offical agenda. But too many security cameras prevented that they could go through with that and the killer was sentenced to prison.

I hope that they are not afraid to go after the real killer this time.

But most important, we owe all those who have paid the highest price that we allow ourselves not to be afraid and go out and work and live to our fullest.

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