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FIFA was the first step. Now a bright new future could await Europe

In International justice on June 3, 2015 at 04:53

Sepp Blatter – while being an European he was a spokesman for the third world living after the basis principles politicians in the third world arbeit by.

He was a threat for the sport which could make the lives for us fans unspeakable hard. No boat refugee passing the Mediterranean could claim that they had it hard or was suffering when you compare their holiday experiences in the ocean with being forced to stay up all night because the FIFA management or IOC management have decided to place major events in time zones where the activities are done during the night.

So a new management for FIFA could bring better conditions for us fans. But why stop there. IOC has been investigated in the past and FBI did only scratch the surface. There are still many aspects by IOC which could be investigated and changed.

Then of course we can speak of the life outside sport. Why outsource? Why invite workers without qualifications and security clearance to do work they have no idea of like CSC did in Denmark which resulted in a major security breech so vital data could be used or abused by criminals all over the world? Why allow people in other countries to rule their country themselves if we have proven in the past that we could do better.

Take a country like Congo. The Belgians did a good job running the country for almost 100 years before they left the country in charge of local people preparing them for long time to do their job. It went terrible wrong and now we are speaking of a kind of non-country ruled by whoever has the most weapons. In the years between the two great wars the world outside Europe was a better place where people could travel peacefully almost all over the world.

We could bring peace to the world if people in other parts of the world accepted that they had their limits and left the control to us. I have a small hope for the future of the world now where FBI have shown what a political motivated investigation can bring of good things for an entire sport.

Soccer will once again be an European sport

In International justice on May 28, 2015 at 05:08

For the last 30 years we have been more non-European countries in the World Cop. Secondly we counties where the world cup were started including countries on parts of the planet where we had to stay up very late to be able to watch the games. That often meant days off from work because if you stayed up to 5 in the morning having been drinking beers all night, you would not do well at work.

So it had to stop and thanks to a political motivated FBI-investigation it now seems like it could happen.

The arrests made yesterday could turn the tide so UEFA – not FIFA – is equal soccer.

Of course future world cups have already been planned and we have to recognize them even given the fact that they were selected based on corruption. Too many workers have already been killed trying to build stadiums under difficult circumstances in countries like Qatar. It would be an insult to the families of the killed workers to simply cancel the event.

But after 2022 we can place the world cups in Europe and avoid destructions of entire cities like they did in Brazil with Favela do Metrô.

The future of soccer looks bright.

US Justice Department arrests seven FIFA officials ahead of election as executive committee members face corruption charges for more than $100million in bribes (The Daily Mail)

The day Denmark had no more secrets to guard

In International justice on November 28, 2013 at 19:42

A couple of years ago the firm CSC which had purchased the right to store vital information for the nation of Denmark decided that they wanted to save some money by cutting salaries among the specialists they had hired to run their business.

So they fired a lot of expensive experts which they had purchased together with the firm from our government. Instead they imported poorly trained people from India to run the business.

The result was that our data was not secure. Any ordinary hacker could strike against us. A man from Sweden did that and vital data was open for everyone in the world to read for nearly 5 months before CSC got an email from abroad telling them that the security was breached.

Now the man from Sweden has been extradited to Denmark. They call him a “super-hacker”.

I find that wrong because our data was put in danger by poorly trained employees. CSC took the access cards from specialists and gave it to temporary employees who had not even been investigated and cleared for such work by the police.

He is not a super-hacker. He is still a criminal if he did commit the crime (He has not been convicted yet and in Denmark you are innocent unless you are proven guilty unless you are poor and those you charge you are the social services. I guess that there would be plenty of defense lawyers who are willing to step in and defend him so they can market their firm).

Less us tell the truth to the world. We left the door open and by chance he took the opportunity. Convict him if he is guilty but please do not make him some kind of genius. We allowed the crime to happen. The government should quit and take responsibility for putting our identities at risk.


I have been quoted

In International justice on March 14, 2013 at 18:17

I have been quoted. I wrote a piece about how trade unions in Denmark are on the breaking point due to strikebreakers from India.

In Denmark work inside the Information technologies area is no longer something which can put food on the table thanks to imported workers from India and all this outsourcing.

I can see that the text in the blog which quotes me is about the author and humanitarian Niels Holck. I have to say: I support the text 100 percent.

Here is a link to the blog entry: The Niels Holck case: Here we go again (The Danish xenophobia victims blog)

A huge bill for Danish Tax-payers thanks to the United States

In International justice on February 9, 2013 at 08:43

Today hunger and suffering among the Danish tax-payers got even worse when the actions of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) made the Danish courts award Camilla Broe a compensation for a full year spent detained in Denmark for bogus charges. 122,440 dollars she was given. It covers only the year she spent in Danish prisons while her extradition case was handled by Danish courts. If she wants to get paid for the time she was wrongfully detained in the United States she has to take her case to court over there which she cannot afford.

For those who are unfamiliar with her case, she is a Danish woman who went to live in the United States working as business consultant. One of her clients turned out to be a drug smuggler and she was charged with conspiracy which is not a crime in Denmark and lying to the police which is not a crime in Denmark either. In Denmark which is a small country the authorities know so much about you that they often convict people based on their electronic tracks alone rather than their testimonies.

If you work in Denmark, your face are caught on cameras all over the city, your cell phone can be tracked based on the signal it sends to the nearest towers every time the phone get a text message, email or you conduct a conversation on it. So why bother convicting people for lying when you know the truth in advance? It is one of the reasons we have a small prison population and a low crime rate because prisons only make people better criminals. People can be convicted on lying if they end up in court but only then.

Fact is that she never should have been extradited because the crimes she was charged with by the authorities in the United States were not crimes in Denmark. The Danish authorities should have seen that, but they didn’t for odd reasons. Most Danes suspect that it was a political order and the responsible politicians have already paid the price because the Danish voters forced the minister of justice to step back as chairman for her party. She was voted out of her job as minister of justice in the last election.

122,400 dollars is a large sum and someone has to pay to secure that Danish children and poor people would not have to pick up the tab. A political movement has been started to ensure that cuts in our aid to the third world would be cut. It was a foreign country who was responsible for the bill. Other foreign countries must pay for that mistake.


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