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A lot happened this week

In convergence criteria on May 30, 2010 at 08:29

So many things happened this week so I cannot decide where to start.

First our government did start to dismantle our welfare society based on orders from the European Union. People who are unemployed right now can get money from the state for 4 years. If they take a job after the first of July this year and it doesn’t work out, they are thrown out of the system if they have been unemployed for more than 2 years without a full year of employment being counted over a period of 2 years.

People who get twins or more than 2 children will see the money flow from the state being lowered. Like China Denmark has a system to lower the number of children in Denmark. Children are expensive. Parents pay about a million DKK to bring up one child. The Danish schools are second to none but they are not cheap, so the state pays their share of bringing up a Dane too. The only answer would be to reduce the number of children and that is what they are doing. Then some say that immigrants get more children than native Danes and this method is a way to state that they should leave Denmark for good if they want children. It is not fair to support this assumption because the number of Danes who have come forward and state their situation is massive. We are talking 160,000 families who will be hit hard due to these cuts.

Lesbians who want to have children with some medical aid in our hospital system will have to pay for themselves opposite heterosexual couples. It is basically Denmark’s version of the proposition 8 from California but improved. If you cannot prevent them from marrying then you can prevent them from taking their ideas to the next generation.

Hospitals – they are closed and if you are ill then prepare yourself for days of traveling before you reach one. Why not cut the number down to 4 located near the four largest cities? Already today some illnesses in Denmark cannot be treated if you have to live at the countryside. It is deadly to have a heart disease if you live 30-50 kilometers from the hospitals in Denmark. The statistics show it.

Now when we are talking about hospitals our doctors no longer have to wait until their treatment have been translated into the language of the patient. The patients have to learn to talk Danish while they are hospitalized because there is no longer money for translators unless the patients want to pay for them. That is one area where the cuts will increase productivity.

The population is angry because they believe that the treason committed by the previous government about the early retirement was the last time where any government dared to attack the welfare society. But perhaps seen in a perspective the population should have lured a renewed attack was underway. The early retirement was the core in our welfare society. Worn down workers was given a small prize for their effort as thank for giving up their health for the good of our society. It did allow people to work hard and taking chances during their careers because they knew that a safety net would catch them if something went wrong.

Now what is the message? I have to say to my children: Please, spare yourself! Do not become exchange students! Do not make voluntary work unless the insurance matters are fully investigated! Do not study for long time because it will not pay up and you have to take loans where the interest rates are so high that you have to live until you are 120 years old to pay them back.

So they do just the amount of school work they are assigned. They have no motivation to go the extra mile because they know that the society will punish them. In fact even we who work cannot go the extra mile because the fines for speeding are so high. In Danish firms speeding in company cars are celebrated because it shows that you have a co-worker who wants to fight for the firm and preserve your job as well. But with those huge fines it is difficult to forecast who the Danish firms will emerge from the economically crisis with a positive result.

The orders from the European Union to dismantle our welfare society did hit us hard. We are broken by the bureaucrats as I saw one website named.

The voters will punish the politicians behind carrying out the orders from the bureaucrats known in Denmark as a coffee club for the super elite without any touch with the general population and the consequences of all their rules.

Here is becomes funny. Of course the Danish people party will be punished. It is the first time they have taken responsibility for anything that did not protect Denmark. They are known as the master behind the Berlin wall separating Denmark from crimes, gangs and moochers from abroad. Every time a crime happens where the criminal has a foreign background 1-5 generations back their spoke person is in the news asking for higher punishment. The funny thing is that they have managed to increase sentences in a lot of areas but they have not given our prison system the money to hold the number of persons the increase of punishment has resulted in. Denmark has no supreme courts asking for release of prisoners in an overbooked prison system like they do in California, so none complains. If you want to see how a prison is run in Denmark today then watch the prison movie “R”.

They are supporters of sending 14 years olds into the prison system and Denmark do mix children and adults in their prison system against all conventions. But the voters don’t care unless it is their own children.

Now they for once did attack the general population. It will cost them.

Then there is Lene Espersen. The problem with her is not that she is responsible for the cuts. The voters did expect her to do something like this. No, the problem is that she did take a holiday instead of drinking coffee with some people representing countries abroad as Denmark should care. I am just saying: Despite the cuts Denmark is the number one country in the world. We have outgrown the need to meet other countries. I find the treatment of her unfair, but I think that she should have been kicked out long ago, but on her other actions like when she did fail Camilla Broe, Chesnut, destroyed our policeforce and court system.

Finally our prime minister is caught in the crossfire. I guess that it is only a matter of time before he will be forced to leave his office. His legacy will be that he was the last prime minister in the period of Danish history where Denmark was found among those countries known as welfare societies.

This was important week. I will be back next week if I have not died of hunger.

We could have needed Heimdall

In convergence criteria on May 22, 2010 at 17:23

When I walked through the streets of Horsens with my wife so we could enjoy a quiet dinner in Town I met some former colleagues and we started to talk.

Naturally the conversation turned to the cut-back and upcoming cancellation of Denmark as a welfare nation. By chance the restaurant we were going to dinner at is called The little Heimdall. Most of you know Heimdall if you live around here. It is one of the old Gods. He had an important job. He was a kind of watchman and whenever danger came into sight.

Most Danes think that we could have needed the services of Mr. Heimdall. Not only once but several time. Starting in 1972 we could have used a warning telling us that this trade organization we joined, in due time would have turned into a kind of political coffee club with international ambitions matching the worlds superpowers. Second when some told us that a no to Maastricht was equal bankruptcy. Third when someone forgot to tell us to vote on people who want another currency that the Danish Krone.

All the cutbacks are not necessary unless we want Denmark to convert the Euro. Who wants this now where this currency has showed the world that it is a failure?

I have seen my shares of cutbacks in my time. I am old enough to remember the potato cure which sent an entire generation into bankruptcy. I remember the Whitsun cure which caused a lot of young families to sell out the education and move away from the larger cities because they could no longer afford houses near the civilization. I saw a program about people in the countryside buying up houses just so they could tear them down because they didn’t want people from the cities to move out near them. They don’t know the parents of the newcomers and without knowledge of their reputation they cannot hire them for the local businesses. The newcomers and their children are labeled as a burden for the local communities.

I survived both cures and hopefully I also survive the present cutbacks if they are done smart. Everyone I have spoken with this week wants Denmark to cancel all development aid to third world countries. So to say the third world countries have put themselves on the agenda of the Danes facing an ordeal unparalleled to what is to be expected in a so-called welfare society. Faced with demand the coffee club down in Brussels put upon us, I have to say that I cannot find any other way if the welfare cuts should take Denmark to a level where you find most of the undeveloped countries.
Of course such a choice would cause an outcry not only from the third world countries busy with their efforts of conducting an emotional blackmail of Denmark but also among those people living of sending the 10 percent human aid down there which is left when the administration and bribing of officials in the countries which is receiving our aid is paid.

Those protests we just have to ignore. If I have to chose in the dilemma we have no way around due the European Union where we have to let our own countrymen die or some citizen in a third world, I would choose to scarify the people aboard. The Danes who is in need now has parents who have paid taxes. In some cases people have paid a lot of taxes themselves before they ended up on welfare due to accidents or illnesses.

As I stated last week, Greece is a goner. Now we are talking Denmark as a welfare society. May God be with us because everybody else is going after our necks – even our own politicians.

Denmark’s situation: (Based on the happenings in Greece)

In convergence criteria on May 15, 2010 at 16:53

Last I wrote about Greece. I think that they as a country are a goner. The demands made to them by the European union are too harsh to they can remain ranked among the developed countries. There are no question about that they will try, but none feel that the chance of success will be big.

But the real concern is how we as Danes will be affected by the EU crisis. Opposite Greece Denmark has a tight tax-system. It is almost impossible for ordinary people to cheat and we deliver an income where most people don’t want to start a firm. To some extend you have to be sick. I believe that I feel like most Danes. The first thing I would prioritize would be to secure my family from my adventure as a businessman. In order to secure them from my creditors, I would have to install them in a rented apartment. The downside is that it demands that you bribe someone or wait some 20 years from your 18 birthday before you can get access to a rented apartment.

In the old days there was an option of buying a part in a co-operative flat, but 5 years ago the law was changed so creditors could demand that such an apartment could be sold. It would be the same as owning a house. The welfare of your family could be a stake.

It is too dangerous. Because of Denmark’s size you cannot hide if bankruptcy becomes a reality. So the families decide to commit suicide. Just last week a father killed his entire family off due to misadventures in his firm.

I care for my family so without access to a rented flat I would not start a firm regardless of how good an idea I have for a business venture.

Then there is of course the option to work as an employee which I have done my entire life. I have experienced a total of 1 weeks unemployment since my high school graduation and it is decades ago.

However I like many employees feel trapped in the job cartels. One thing we could do better in Denmark would be to have better anti-trust laws. Working with information technologies I have to be in a firm where 5 people have a certain exam from the biggest IT-firm in the world. You know the name. They come from Seattle U.S.

Even if I secured my family in a flat and started on my own, I cannot sell the product to my customers. I have to find 4 other disgruntled employees before we can sell the program. It is difficult – not to say impossible. So

I am stuck. Unfortunately I also know that I will be out of job just 5 year before I could have retired due to the old rules. In year 2018 the most advanced ERP program is being redrawn from the market because it sells too well compared with more expensive programs. Due to the cartel on the market I cannot do some in-service training which could enable me to work with other program.

Once you are over 40 you are consider too expensive to “repair” on. Employees are like machines and cars. You can only do that much before you have to change it with a newer model. Your colleagues will pity you if you tried. I don’t consider myself a welfare recipient so I would face my destiny with my head up and be sent to the street in about 8 years.

But what am I going to do the last 5-6 years before I can retire?

What if the central regime in Copenhagen suddenly rises the retirement age to 70? I cannot even be sure to have a driver’s license because like always our politicians don’t realize that they have to raise the age limit for driver’s license to 70 also without any medical check if people should remain to work for that long.

The future is of great concern for us Danes.

We may have avoid the so-called Greek cure aimed at getting most of the to commit suicide so they rest can live, but still we have to acknowledge that we have huge problems in Denmark.

I don’t know what to do.

Greece – new member of the Group of 77

In convergence criteria on May 8, 2010 at 20:01

I just saw on the news that Greece agreed to cancel their status as a developed country.

It seems hard for the ordinary Greek to understand where all their welfare went.

They react with violence which I condemn. Not matter how awful the situation is it should not be necessary to hurt other people. However I understand their frustation.

Where do all the welfare go?

Denmark is also working hard to create an application for the Group of 77. I doubt that they want us because we exposed their blackmail at the COP15. But it doesn’t hurt to apply and we would fulfill all the requirements once we cancel our early retirement called “Efterloen”.

I believe that the root of the problem is the European Union. The socalled coffeeclub for the rich and powerful as we know it in Denmark did decide that all countries should have the same level of welfare, so a lot of work were started to make all countries equal. Money as always was a problem from the start, so the solution became to align all countries in Europe so they fitted the lowest standards found in any of the membership countries.

Because Denmark in a lot of areas is the country with standards second to none, we faced hard times from the first day. I don’t think that you on the planet can find people in worse need than here and I have been abroad to both Malmoe and Hamburg.

How Greece ended up being forced to cut down is a riddle. Maybe they forgot to have a person the entire nation could unite around like we Danes have our Queen. They kicked their king out and left were the corrupt politicians. It didn’t matter that we gave up producing an improved version of their cheese.

Somehow they were not able to produce as they consumed and then the coffeeclub had to say stop.

But the problem is that once the hardliners in the coffeeclub has forced the population in Greece into starvation, the Greek society would represent the lowest level in the EU and they we would have to align our standards to theirs.

Life is not fair. Especially for us Danes who have suffered alot so far already.

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