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When no other options, hard decisions had to be made

In politics on December 4, 2018 at 11:44

I have no doubt that being force to stay at an island with no towns in a part of Denmark who citizens recognize as “The Rotten Banana” is not fun. However Denmark has been cornered. The European Union has for quite a while been putting pressure on the countries in the nothern part of Africa to get them to stop the immigrants from Africa in the desert where there are no cameras covering them dying from thirst instead of in the middle of the ocean where every Newschannel can see them down. Too many have survived and they are living in Denmark. They are not really immigrants. They are people not wanting to work or paying tax in their home countries and of course like many Danes they are hunted by the tax department and other authorities just as the authorities in Denmark will do when Danes will not pay their taxes or serve in the job the case workers assign them to.

The government of Denmark have ordered them to stay at a remote Danish island. This little cartoon explains it very good. Unfornately it has not been translated to Arabic and several other languages so people wanting to go to Denmark knows what they will expect.

Once again our government has failed. A lot of newspapers have reported the system as it is but it is not good enough. This news needs to be translated into as many languages as possible. Otherwise the human trafickers will fool the immigrants and they will come here expecting something not even Danes can expect.

There have never been so many homeless people in Denmark. People who have parents who have paid their taxes here for their entire life!

Still they cannot even get a roof over their heads!

On the island they will have roof over their heads. It is more than young Danes get. They will not freeze to death which is a destiny many young Danes suffer in the winter.

People needs to know that if they survive passing the desert – if they survive passing the ocean – this is where they will end up.

On Denmarks new Devils Island. On the Island of tears.

This is a solution none wanted but a solution which sadly is the only answer to this problem.


EU membership causes Denmark to close down major parts of its education system

In politics on November 18, 2018 at 08:46

For a number of years it has become a problem that foreign students come to Denmark to study. Their presence have caused problems. When you start at the universities in Denmark they arrange an intro trip to a cottage where the goal is kind of team-building. Because Danes never open up to other people unless they drink alcohol, foreign students have been schoked by this experience when the talk include sexual behaviors or other private matter which is normal to debate in Denmark.

But also the economy was an issue. The Danish businesses do not welcome a person back who have worked abroad. In fact if you work abroad for 7 years you lose all welfare benefits in Denmark and are considered an immigrant in the eyes of the system. The reason for this approach is that the state pays for your education and then it is expected that you work your debt off in Danish firms.

Foreign students go back to the country they came from once they graduate and this is a waste of money.

So all the universities in Denmark will now remove classes which has a high number of foreign students attending. Unfortunately this damage our own youth more than the foreign students because the European Union do not allow the Danish education system to just send the foreign students home. They have to close down the entire class so not only the 5-20 percent foreign students are affected but also the 80-95 percent danish students.

For those Danish students they future is not good. A lot have to give up their academic future and simply skip a professional career and become SOSU assistant instead (working with nursing of elderly and disabled persons), which is a choice of career often selected by those who come from lower social classes.

While the closure of classes at the universities is a direct result of our membership status of the European Union, the authorities are now working hard to prevent that the bitterness caused by the many students losing a shot at a bright future will result in act of violence and possible attacks of foreigners in Denmark.

In that regard Denmark is challenged as never before. In a lot of cities in Denmark success cannot be shown. New students graduating from high schools can no longer wear the cab they buy when they graduate in public. If they do they risk being egged or even hit by worse things. People unable to achieve success of any kind due to their social status are becoming more aggressive and the anger towards success at others are becoming more widespread as Denmark become more devided compared to previous times.

A Dexit (Denmark leaving the European Union) could save the situation but when looking at the European Union it can prove impossible because the dictator of Europe – the seemingly drunken Jean-Claude Juncker who represent the elite in Europe – has put an implacable line down in order to prevent United Kingdom trying to regain its former status as a world power now where United Kingdom has broken the chains of the European Union which held the country down.

Denmark as a nation is challenged as ever before.


Kindergarten of death now housing so-called refugees

In culture on November 12, 2018 at 17:04

Kindergarten of death in the townshiip of Egedal

Near a township on Sealand in Denmark they now house refugees in a former kindergarten where a child died back around 2004. The sewer system is about 50 years old and run down in the area. That allowed pests like rats to leave the system and play in the sandboxes which the children also used. Sometime children taste odd things and it is likely that the death was caused by that. The employees in the kindergarten was of course in contact with their trade union as it is custom in Denmark and demanded overtime if they had to place nets or other cover over the sandboxes after work. The local medical authorities were kept in the dark by the management of the kindergarten so the exact cause of death was never fully public.

Later some kids played with matches and part of the kindergarten burned down. It was abandoned for some years and is now turned into temporary housing for the so-called refugees coming to Europe. Rather strange that they choose Denmark where you pay 50 percent of your taxes and can be charged 164,000 DKK if the social services determine that the parents social heritage has part of the children getting depressed because one of the parents had depression in the past, but that is another story.

The refugees live in the buildings formerly known as the kindergarten of death by the locals. They do not what kind of danger they are placed in. Otherwise they would properly choose to go back because as a person who have lived my entire life in Denmark and watched tons of television from around the world, I can really not imagine that any other people in any other country of the entire world are worse off that us Danes.

Trump was right when he warned the people of United States looking to Denmark for solutions.

Migrants come to Denmark too and it has become a problem (Danes studying abroad)

South Africa was cheated today

In justice, politics on November 8, 2018 at 17:47

So this Britta Nielsen who is set to be fall guy for an poor IT-system in the department of social services in Denmark was granted extradition from South Africa to Denmark, so she can go back and be convicted for not being in the upper part of the sociale hierarchy. South Africa was fooled to help Denmark cover this case up. Normally people who commit white collar crimes in Denmark escape punishment if their social states is high enough.

Bank managers who ran their business into bankruptcy escapes punishment while ordinary people in the number of thousands have lost their job.

The IT-company Atea was a criminal organization according to the courts but they are still able to partipate in tenders about delivery of IT-equipment to the public offices in Denmark and the secret money men who owns not only Atea but a number of IT-firms managed to remain hidden in the dark outside the spotlight of the authorities.

Both the banks Nordea and Danske Bank laundered money from Russia and aided people to hide their money in Panama instead of paying taxes. They are free to operate by sacrificing some low-level employees and when the bank managers in the top quit to take responsability they get a huge salary for their stage performance.

Who did Britta cover for? That is the question. They money she stole was the politicians play-money. If you have a social project of some kind and you befriend the politicians in power, you can get granted some of the money. Where the money is supposed to end up is not public information. Why a certain project was favored over another is not public information. A small group of politicians hand out millions of DKK and the public get no insight in why and how they decide.

She wanted to get home to get protection. There are people in Denmark who knew and did not care because the money was dirty and result of what you will call corruption in other countries.

Most Danes do not care if she gets convicted. She worked as a public servant on a lower level. There was no judge position in a local court waiting for her – a position public servicemen are rewarded with when they have done good (and know some politicians).

What the Danes want is the system to change. When whatever project gets money paid by the ordinary citizens, the public should know why? It should be public matter whether one project gets the money over another. It should be about who we as tax-payers like most – not who knows a certain politician best.

Will this case change anything – not in a million years.

Main suspect in Danish fraud case to leave South Africa

Denmark isolates Europe

In justice on September 29, 2018 at 04:48

The Danish police has blocked the access to both the bridge over the Great Belt and the Oresund Bridge to Sweden. Later they demanded that the ferries to both Germany and Sweden should stop their activities. An alleged crime the police will not inform the public about seems to be the reason.

Later the police raided an apartment on Vesterbro in Copenhagen. It seems that the neighborhood is not as transformed as the investors of new apartment buildings in the Carlberg area wants us to believe that it has been. It used to be for ordinary people and for tourists coming to see and buy women for social activities. There have been cases where ordinary people and businesses have been forced out, so rich people could move in.

A farm on the island of Fyen was also raided.

Maybe it is a real crime the police investigate, maybe it is the start of political reforms where the influence the ordinary citizens have on politics will be reduced. We do not know and do no longer care now where the Danish parliament has outsourced a large number of decisions they should make to the European Union.

For whatever reason Europe is now isolated.

Perhaps it is a necessary step. For the ordinary Dane it does not pose a problem. A growing number of Danes choose not to leave their hometown for education and career making the choice of working with the few available options you find outside the 5 Danish cities out in the wasteland called “The Rotten Banana“. We are seeing a reduced number of commuters, The few tourists who were bothered by the police just have to live with the actions of the police.

Also construction of the Danish border fence will continue despite protests from the European Union with the illness as excuse. Perhaps all these activities will bring an end to the massive numbers of shooting incidents which have forced several schools in Copenhagen not to have activities like meetings in the evening. The public life in parts of Copenhagen is now reduced like Sarajevo in the 1990’s. None want to be on the streets risking being a victim for a random shooting. Many Danes wanted a wall instead of the fence but Danevirke is now located down in Germany so we had to start over and it was costly, so a fence it became.


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