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The people I want to read this entry, cannot do it

In politics on June 11, 2017 at 05:13

The people in France face a tough question when they will vote at the election this week.

Should they support Macron for not?

Because while the sound of reforms might sound fine, the decision to actually go through with them will leave 40 percent of the population behind. Those left behind are those who only speaks french. Those who do not have the highest education. Those whos mission in life have been to serve in their jobs faithfully knowing that the thanks they got were security in their jobs.

The experience Danish workers who suffer under the Danish flexibility system knows this too well. In Denmark there is actually no difference between a temporary contract and a permanent work contract. You can always be fired and the employer doesn’t need a very good reason for it. The Danish worker get very little compensation:

  • The first 3 months, the employee gets 1 months notion/salary
  • Until 3 years of employment, the employee gets 3 months notion/salary
  • Until 6 years of employment, the employee gets 4 months notion/salary
  • Until 9 years of employment, the employee gets 5 months notion/salary
  • Until 12 years of employment, the employee gets 6 months notion/salary, 1 months bonus
  • Until 15 years of employment, the employee gets 6 months notion/salary, 2 months bonus
  • Until 18 years of employment, the employee gets 6 months notion/salary, 3 months bonus

When an employee is hired the employee has to work faithfully until the last day of employeement unless otherwise ordered by the employer to avoid suspension where the worker is sent home losing all payment. When it happen the trade unions who is more interested in dinners and internal holidays often are able to provide very little compensation.

The bonus also include the problem that you have to pay tax of it and because Denmark has a tax system where you pay extra for higher income, most people cannot enjoy their bonus very much.

This is the system French people can face if they vote for Macron. Their positions in the firms they work in, are no longer secure. If they complain about coffee or tea, it is called cooperation problems and it an accepted reason for firing people.

That is why most Danes switch jobs every 3 year. There are no loyalty bonus. It is everyone for themselves.

Secondly most people don’t know that every 3 person on the Danish job market in reality is working under slave-like working conditions where they do not earn the right to unemployment benefits. Caseworkers are befriended by employers and given various services by employers. In exchange the caseworkers see to that unemployed people are ordered to work for their unemployment benefits or social security at those friendly employers.

They don’t earn right to vacation. They don’t earn right to additional unemployment benefits. It is called job-training or job-testing. In reality it is a system which allows employers to get access to a cheap workforce. People who used to earn a normal salary, are now replaced with people being “trained” or “tested”.

Is that fair? That you shall lose your job, just because your employer do not want to pay full salary filling your job-position?

Of course not, but it is the Danish system.

There are even cases where workers have been fired and suddenly they find themselves being “tested” or “trained” at their old work to a very much lower salary.

Do not follow in the path of us Danes!!

That is the message I will send to the French people.

The only problem: I do not speak French!!

Will you kick yourself out of your job?

In politics on May 6, 2017 at 05:26

That is really the questio the French voters have to ask themselves when they vote at the French presidential election tomorrow on May 7th.

We have a candidate – Macron – who wants to create a Danish working environment in France.

That means:

  • That some workers might have to struggle until they are 70 something before they are allowed to retire
  • That every employee will be hired on trial basis forever. Even with more than 18 years of employment the employee can be fired with only 6 months notice
  • That there is no fixed period when your employment starts. The first 3 months you can be terminated with only days notice.
  • That some lines of business are allowed to exchange workers on normal salary conditions with people who are in “job-trainingsrotation” working 3 months at the time for their unemployment benefits, social services or even food stamps. A system which should make the Danish businesses more competitive on the Global market.
  • That employers are allowed to kick French workers out and “hire” immigrants without paying them salary if they provide language schooling for a few hours per week. It is very used in Danish supermarkets and in the service sector (cleaning, dish washing etc).

That is the conditions French workers face if Macron comes in power.

Will you live like that? Ask us Danes who didn’t have rich parents who could finance our university education. We live like this every day not being to tell you if we will be alive to experience retirement. We were cheated of our early retirement. We live in constant fear from being kicked out and see our job being taken by someone who needs to learn how to talk Danish or people in so-called job-training.

I know how I would vote if I were given the choice. Do you?

Denmark has said no to US businesses

In business culture on November 19, 2016 at 08:38

Let me be very clear.

Among many Danes the idea grows that American businesses are greedy and too big for Denmark. The latest example was yesterday’s ruling in the eastern high court in Denmark against Uber which is a concept where owners of cars share their personal resource – their car – with people who don’t have one.

Then of course everybody know how the European Union motived by their Danish boss has targeted Google and their dealings with the government of Ireland.

It is an area where the new president of the United States properly needs to take action because if Danes blog business idea after business idea, the United States never might be great again.

The people who took the case to court were people from the socialist Trade Unions. Trade Unions marked by decades of corruption where managers got construction work done without ever getting an invoice. Trade Unions where a lot of money simply disappeared during meetings distributed among the participants. The government of Denmark has never been able to clean that mess up.

Uber became a competitor to a line of business who was used to have the market alone. A line of business where people cannot start for themselves even when they have the money because local politicians decide in a closed secret system how many who can run a business in their area. These people are dangerous and their employees are known to use violence against people who are a threat to their business.

Should a US base business accept to meet that kind of illegal competition abroad or should they turn to their government for help to target such competitors operating on the thin line between business and crime?

The future will tell.

Mubashrah Saddiqa is a threat for the Danish society but is she a criminal

In politics on November 6, 2016 at 07:54

Mubashrah Saddiqa analyses big data but at the same time, she is a threat to the Danish society. The reason is that she is paid 2.000 euros per month for her work.

Every year thousands of Danish candidates leave Danish universities with the clock ticking. Once they graduate, they have to start paying off student loans. They have exactly 12 months to get the job they will serve in for their rest of their lives until retirement before the next batch of candidates enter the job market with a more updated education. Do they not get a job before those 12 months their entire time in the education sector has been wasted. Then they would have been better off not having taken more than the basic 9 years of education in the first place.

Therefore, Mubashrah Saddiqa is blocking this job position and she is doing it for a salary far less than a new candidate who has the lifelong burden of paying off student loans must earn not to fall in disgrace not being able to handle the debt. There have been cases where Danes in debt killed not only themselves but also their children and partner to spare them from the public disgrace, which it is to be put on the streets.

So what Mubashrah Saddiqa is doing is damaging for the future of young Danes. She is not alone. All over Denmark, even those students who have time left to work alongside their studies find jobs blocked by immigrants who the employers can get for free from the authorities. The state of Denmark calls it job-training and for sectors in the public system like waste handling, gardening and childcare the use of people in so-called job-training is often necessary to keep those parts of the public sector running. The burden of immigration has meant that the public sector has been forced to cut down on fully paid employees to replace them with people in so-called job-training.

Basically, the system resembles the poor houses or working houses from the last century. Only difference is that people live in their own home where they wander the streets looking in dumpsters for food. Some supermarkets cut their prices on old meat and other groceries, which has passed the date-mark, so the poor people do not have to break into the dumpsters. However, people in job-training are not earning right to vacation. They know that they will be moved to another job-training position without getting the chance of normal employment ever.

But even when Mubashrah Saddiqa actions are damaging, they are not criminal. She has been told to do so by the system. The people who are benefitting from her damaging actions are the case-worker who assigned her to the other badguy in this story. Dashsoft in Aarhus in Denmark gets an unfair advantage by making use of this working house system. The owner Mikkel Damsgaard are able to dump his prices on two fronts. First he can say to candidates trying to job a job in his firm that they will have to go for nothing! Second but not least his competitors have two choices: Kicking faithful old employees out and replacing them with new people based on the working house model or close their business!

That is Denmark in the year of 2016.

  • A country where education doesn’t pay!
  • A country where working faithfully ever day doesn’t pay!

People in so-called job-training will take your place.


Times are tough. Everyone is suffering, so why should this dude be spared?

In politics on October 12, 2016 at 06:10

Tony Thomas is going to be ask to leave Denmark.

I find it OK.

I do because Denmark is suffering facing a situation so tough that we cannot not even find a period in the history of Denmark where we Danes faced so much suffering. Forget the war in 1864, forget the occupation during WWII. Denmark is suffering today!

Early retirement has been cut. People who worked for 20 years suddenly cannot retire when their bodies say no to long hours of work. They have been planning it like it is custom in Denmark when you reach 30 which is regarded as the age where people peak during their career. At 30 Danes stop up and start planning retirement. They save an amount every month. Now many can only retire when they are 68 or older. People in France are smarter. They have a retirement age fitting the workload they have endured during their life unlike us where many will not even survive to retirement. Look at a part of Copenhagen called Sydhavnen where ordinary people live right up to the former headquater for Nokia which used to be the largest manufactorer of cell phones. In Sydhaven people have an average living expectation of 59 years.

59! The retirement age is 68 or higher for many of them.

They are cheated by the central government of Copenhagen located less than 10 kilometers from their part of town.

The gap between the ordinary Danes and our politicians have never been larger.

Sometime I wish that we had a Danish version of Donald Trump. A person – well kind of rude person – but a person who could address ordinary people and talk like ordinary people in the locker room after soccer training. We had such a guy named Glistrup but he fell victim by the elite in Denmark who abused a large part of our police force to prosecute only one man. Now he is dead.

But we Danes are not only cheated when it comes to our retirement.

Also our children have to pay. Our system with student grants are transformed into a system where all parents have to start saving for a college fund when their children are born. It has been a slow transition going on for years. The students have to buy and bring their own laptop. If your parents cannot afford it you have to drop out and perhaps train to become an aid in retirement homes by taking one of the SOSU-educations. You also have to pay for paper copies the teachers take of teaching books because many schools cannot afford the full books. Many education are relaying on books from few authors who have been involving in the structure of the education resulting in some authors having monopoly where they can put high price tags on their books.

Student grants are facing cuts and students have to borrow the money for their education instead which would result in a life long debt they have to repay which against puts them in a situation where they earn nothing by taking an education.

This is the Denmark where Tony Thomas broke the law by not fulfilling the salary requirements. I don’t know which diploma mill in which country who gave him his exam papers but if you have a bright looking paper you can enter Denmark only to learn that you have to take basic jobs because most Danish employers know that they cannot ensure that exam papers are for real. BBC has shown us that the majority of exams taken in a country like India are based on how much the students are paying their teachers. The entire population in India feels entitled to cheat.

So Dear Tony Thomas. Please leave.

Not because you have killed anyone or you have sold drugs. But there are Danish taxpayers out there who could take your job. People hit by the new 225 hours limit where they cannot even get welfare benefits. People who are rented out to Danish businesses like they lived in old days workhouses serving in jobs labeled as “Job Training” where they don’t get paid or aquire the right to a single day of vacation.

Danes who have been honest people all their lives are suffering like you will not find on any spot on the earth. So please be a crybaby outside Denmark if you believe that your so-called exam papers are for real.

Thank you in advance


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