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Denmark says no to the climate question. Bigger petrol cars get support. Electrical cars are out

In business culture on September 22, 2017 at 18:05

The Danish government has made new laws, which makes large cars cheaper. Small cars like VW up!, Peugeot 108 etc. will be more expensive.

Electrical cars like Tesla will not be seen on Danish roads. While other countries plan to phase poluting cars out, Denmark has seen the opertunity to import all those cars the other countries will not have on their roads.

For some time Danes have purchased all the small cars due to the heavy taxation of cars in general. A typical small car like the VW up! did cost about 16,100 dollars. This price will go up. A car to about half a million DKK will go 50,000 DKK down.

On longer term Denmark plans to introduce taxation of foreign cars so tourists will be forced to pay about 10 percent of the price of their car in order to be allowed to drive in Denmark. This will perserve the Danish language and our culture when we do not have to speak foreign languages inside our country to serve visitors.

While some cars do get cheaper, it would take some before the tourists will have to pay before they enter Denmark. A lot of work will now be put in to secure that this time will as short as possible because it is not without costs to lower car taxation.


Speak Education loses every credibility

In business culture on September 19, 2017 at 20:24

I have mentioned a case where a Danish exchange student was sent home because he watched porn while he was in Utah as exchange student.

They lost very clearly when the lawsuit was handled by the High Court of Eastern Denmark.

Because they had a confidential agreement in their contract they were able to limit their loss in court but the ruling is very clear: Watching porn as a Danish teenager is a so integrated part of growing up that the contract needs to point out that it is not allowed while the teenager is out of the country. If you are a host parent and wish that this type of activity should not happen in your house, I recommend that you approach your organization and tell them that you do not want to house a teenager from Denmark.

The teenagers who are thinking of wasting a year academically should be informed very clearly what they miss out on. The Danish department of education does not recognize foreign high schools. The academic standard in Denmark is way higher compared with the host countries. Exchange students start a year behind the teenagers they went to school with before they left for their stay abroad.

Speak Education or Language Education Danmark, Go Speak, Aspect High School, Speak High School as they sometime operate as should have realized that they robbed this young teenager of normal behaviors he was acustomed to when they published him for watching porn.

I do not know what kind of business they pretend to run but working with young vulnerable teenagers are certainly not a job they are qualified to be in.

I hope that they realize that they are in the wrong business and shot down.

Anti-American movement in Denmark

In business culture on August 28, 2017 at 15:43

Many Danes feel anger about big foreign firms like Microsoft etc. who have purchased good Danish firms like Navision moving invoicing out of Denmark in tax-hiding in Ireland which cost a lot of money for the Danish society as a whole.

But sometime this Anti-american movement make ordinary Danes become victims.

Today the court ruled against ordinary Danish workers who have entered into a car-sharing agreement run by Uber. They received huge fines based on papers from the Netherlands. When they started to work for Uber a court case was hastely put into motion but the court ruled a lot later. So how could the drivers protect themselves? The answer is: They couldn’t. Only when court ruled against Uber as an illegal organization (which is a paradox in Denmark where pedophiles, Hells Angeles and Hizb-ut-Tahrir can create legal organizations), they should have realized that the normal work they do was illegal.

The Danish obstruction of Uber is all about preventing that America can be great again. It is half-communist trade unions who target American interests having the Danish parliament backing them. So where is the president on this? Shouldn’t he make sure that firms from United States can establish new business abroad?

One of the drivers got a fine of 77,960 dollars! 77,960 as a punishment for taking a job for an American employer!!

It is not fair. For the ordinary Danes the result of this Anti-American movement is poor service and long waiting periods if you want to take a taxa. Now there is no competition. Service has has become very poor.

Now where the US embassy even warns against visiting Denmark due to the gang war, poor service from the fast cars which could have placed the tourists in less danger by driving fast and crazy just mean that there is absolutely no reason at all for visiting Denmark. No reason at all.

If you are an American and thinking about visiting Denmark for holiday, business or studying, please re-consider. Be worried for your safety!!

Former Uber drivers handed uber-fines for illegal taxi driving (The Copenhagen Post)

What became of Crome & Goldschmidt ?

In business culture on March 25, 2017 at 15:19

In the time of my great-grandfather Horsens was dominated by the clothing industry. A well-known clothing store named Crome & Goldschmidt in Copenhagen had it plants here in Horsens. But increased global trade and the risk of Denmark joining what later became the European Union meant that Crome & Goldschmidt became a part of Illum. Not many years later the Crome & Goldschmidt name was phased out and today you can see Illum as the only name when you pass their shop in Copenhagen.

I havn’t been there for many years as the shop really is a tourist trap with prices far out of reach for us ordinary Danes.

The plants in Horsens along the railway

For the citizens of Horsens it meant that unskilled workers from early age could get a job instead of hanging out in the streets. It is really what glocal economy has done for us. Created a new class of people not really needed in our society who can vote for the first guy who promises a change and a goodbye to the established politicians.

It is only a question of time before such a guy comes to Denmark.

A number of articles about Crome & Goldschmidt can be found of the website for the organization of March 5th, 1896 (Link)

There existed good times for unskilled workers here in Horsens back then.

Should we remain at home during Black Friday?

In business culture on November 20, 2016 at 09:18

When we shop every day we never think about how the products end up in our shops. We never think about the conditions people endure in order for us to stop.

In Denmark a growing number of people working in shops and supermarkets are not real employees getting a normal pay earning right to holidays. They are part of a poor house like scheme called job training where employers can approach cases workers at the city halls asking to get employees into their shop without paying normal salary for them. The employees get their welfare check or unemployment benefit but not right to holidays. The days they work doing the exact same work as people used to do in their job position don’t count to earn them another period of unemployment benefits.

So all over Denmark employees earning normal pay are kicked out and replaced with people in so-called job-training. Denmark has become a country where the job doesn’t go to the most qualified or motivated but the person who are ordered there by their case worker.

Is that a system you want to support as a consumer? No. Course you don’t.

But the problem is that it is almost impossible to avoid shopping in a supermarket where people are not slave workers who has replaced the original workers. The system is simply too wide-spread. The immigration crisis boosted the system. From the very first day it was clear that the immigrants never would be qualified to work as fully paid workers in a modern society like Denmark. The supermarkets used the opportunity to market themselves as humanitarians getting immigrants into job very fast but the reality was that these poor souls never were told that their presence kicked normal paid employees out and prevented many young Danes from taking the job which could finance their education in a time where the student grants are cut and in some cases even being replaced with student loan where the interest scare the students from even starting educating themselves.

If your option is to shop in Danish businesses, you should stay home on Black Friday.

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