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A really serious threat against Danish culture and the future of our industry

In business culture on December 23, 2019 at 06:11

One of the Danish universities – Copenhagen Business School – has expelled students due to a private party, the students invited other students to – outside the activities of the school.

This is a really serious threat against the Danish industry. We who have worked in firms for many years and for some of us who just happen to be responsible for hiring new employees know what we want.

What we want are responsible employees who can socialize with their co-workers and in Denmark that means enjoying alcohol as alcohol consumption is very tightly connect with meeting other people and most important start talking about other things like the daily orders and purchases.

Everybody who have worked in Denmark know that it can be a very lonely experience if you decide not to consume alcohol.

Loneliness often leads to depression and more serious mental illnesses.

In this case it was the school who asked the students to introduce the new students into the life of students in general. At other universities the students will go to Friday bars after the lessons where they will meet other students can talk about the challenges of attending universities. It is needed because today there is a huge gap between attending high school and universities. It is a totally changed way to learn where they seldom see teachers because the government have cut back on the universities over a number of years. Instead they sit home alone reading through a lot of books unless they go the Friday bars and built networks where they can get some coaching from more experienced students.

But for this to happen they will need to drink alcohol because the Friday bars are not a place where all the students sit timid looking down into the table like it was their first dance. It is not a place where they drink so they cannot walk home either. It is a place where they drink just enough so they can open up and talk which is a bit part against Danish nature where people in the small villages all over Denmark isolate themselves. People who leaves Copenhagen going to Jutland know there exist nothing like a Danish identity. People can end up being viewed as strangers if the relocate as little as just 20 kilometers.

In this case the students solved the difficult task of introducing the students to Copenhagen Business School in an artificial way but if we look like the graduates of Copenhagen Business School works once they have graduated it was conducted in a way which in no way prepared them for the future they will meet once they leave the university.

That is why the students after they were relieved of their task took the initiative to invite selected students to a private party.

But the school suddenly extended the responsibility of the student to reach outside the contract between the school and the students.

That is wrong. Their job was over. If you look at Linkedin former jobs are listed and once a job is former, no employee should be bound by rules listed by their former employee. Denmark is a small country. People often meet former employees and they drink together. Should it be outlawed?

Copenhagen Business School is wrong. They hurt students for no reasons. Worst of all, they battle the nature of the very industry, their graduates will go to once they leave Copenhagen Business School.

If the school in the future should have the wish to introduce new students to their school, no students should volunteer to be involved in such activities. It has turned out to be counterproductive against their future.

Some line of businesses you must never choose

In business culture on February 10, 2019 at 19:34

Imagine you are a teenager again or you stand in front of your children and they ask when line of business, they should aim at.

One good advice is not to go into the IT-business.

Few lines of businesses fail their employees like the IT-business do.

In many firms, people are trained to perform certain task in various software product and when new generations replace the old ones, they are failed because younger people without the burden of having to feed children and partner. There are so many people who believed that they should be allowed to serve the rest of their lives changing backup-tapes or put up hardware for office-employees only to discover that the task has been outsourced to some kind of firm based in the Eastern part of Europe or India where they get low-paid employees in without security clearance who settle sleeping in unheated houses.

Tons of +50 years with experience in hardware or in software products who had their peak in the 1990’s or 2000’s like Microsoft Dynamics C5 and XAL are either out of the business or employed in low-paid jobs where they only have the choice to wait for retirement. In Denmark it is maybe 10-20 years they have to wait while they fight falling victims to the job-training system where some employers together with some social social workers run their shady business hiring people in for their unemployment benefits which enable the employers to crash the market because they do not have to pay full salary like their competitors.

A career in the IT-business often resembles a McJob career where you earn good money fast but then you are stuck and going nowhere until you are failed by the business.

I got a comment to an old post which you can read below. A firm called CSC at the time tried to kick out normal paid employers to replace them with people on lower pay combined with people collected in India.

People who faithfully served their firm only doing what they were asked to do were kicked out on the street because other people believed they were paid too much. What can be learned by all this? That there is no loyalty! That going to work every day does not count!

Life is not fair!

But you are the result of your own choosing. You could have aimed lower. You could have spoken out against immigration, outsourcing and missing taxes on web-based services sooner.

Look out on the world. Find some random people abroad who seems to enjoy themselves. Find their weaknesses. Hit on it. See to that the social stability in their society is destroyed. Time has come to hit back and hit back hard.

When a firm disowns its own image – Part I

Well. It could and properly do happens in your child’s residential treatment center

In business culture on January 27, 2019 at 09:40

Elan school is now closed. The management at the time of closure complained that evil Internet rumors closed them down. Years later it was discovered that the death of a teenager Phil Williams Jr. might have died due to the nature of a widespread treatment approach, Elan School used.

The police looked into it, but too many years had gone. Many former students from Elan School has died, employees have died and evidence was hard to gather, so they had to close the investigation down and the family did not get justice for their loss of a family member.

Here is a small graphic description of the exercise which could have claimed the life of the teenager.

The unbelievable true story of "The Ring". Illustrated.

The unbelievable true story of “The Ring”. Illustrated.

It is not an out of the ordinar exercise and parents would properly have learned about it if they were not accepting both limitation of communication by amount of time spent on the phone and allowing that employees were listening in on phone conversations so they could censor what the child were telling the parents. If you as a parent accept that homevisits or phonecalls are limited due to the behavior of the child, then you open the vindue to the kind of danger many of such exercises expose your child to.

Today some people question why such a place could be run by a manager who did not have the degrees but the sad facts is that local state officials do grant licenses to individuals regardless of their background because they just need warehouses for unwanted children.

It is not about the children, it is about getting cases of your table. That is the real reason Elan School was allowed to exist for so long. As I stated above. This is not extraordinary methods. So are you looking out for your child if you decide for a residential treatment center?

3,000 people lost their job during Christmas

In business culture on December 30, 2018 at 07:33

Once again the digitalized world has created human sacrifice and suffering. Top-toy who franchised Toy”R”Us and owns smaller shops announced that they are closing down.

Danish children are stopped being children at an earlier age than before. The society demands that they plan their future during their years in the primarily education schools.

Also the double income society leaves many of them to get education through computers where they soon also learn of the dark side of the Internet. The videos of the recent killings of two women in Morocco from Denmark and Norway made its way back to Denmark within 24 hours because the terrorists hacked the social media accounts of friends, family and universities so all who had the slightest connection to the two victims got the videos showing the terrible murders.

How can you stay a child in such a society?

You cannot!

The children soon move to Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto and Counter Strike so they are prepared to adult life how it is once they grow up. A new kind of The Spanish flu is just around the corner, tourists are warned against gang wars in Copenhagen by the US embassy in Denmark and life as professional soldier is actually the only career choice if you come from a low-income family thanks to the recent cuts in student grants.

The children need to prepare. They are asked aged 14-16 to decide which kind of secondary education they want to attend. A wrong choice there cannot be undone as the government has banned student grants for a second try in the system. You have one shot and such an important decision cannot be made overnight so the thinking process about the future starts years before.

3,000 employees lose their work. 3,000 families now join the hunt for a new job if they are aged below 40 or the hunt for cheap housing outside the cities if they are older and basically unwanted in the labor market.

If you are a young person who has to make a decision about what to work with once you leave school, none recommend working in a shop anymore. The shops have live up to a lot of rules about paying taxes and protect the environment. The webshops which often are located in Asia can pay their employees a bowl of rice and dumb whatever leftover from the production outside the plant. They even can get their packets delivered from Asia to Denmark cheaper compared to a Dane wanting to send a packet across Denmark to another Dane. How it can be so, is not to understand, but that is how it is. Foreign webshops are given discount in the postal system, so they can kick people out of their jobs in Danish shops.

2018 has been a year where the ordinary Dane learned how to be afraid of life itself. Traveling abroad is dangerous. Tourist buses are blown up in Egypt, people get their throat cut in Morocco and elsewhere, walking the Danish streets in parts of Copenhagen can get you shot by accident and if look after your job and provide the finest service cannot ensure you against unemployment.

Once you get unemployed you are at the mercy of the people in the unemployment office where you are sent to work for your unemployment benefits you have paid for as a kind of insurance while you were working. You are sent to work in firms who befriend the cases workers so they can use you while you are “job-tested” to put other firms out of business. In a perfect world firms in other countries, but in reality the result is random.

It happened to more than 10,000 people in the graphic and printing industry. It happened to people working in electronic resellers like Fona. Now it happens for 3,000 people in the toy shops.

2018 has not been a fine year for anyone in Denmark.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

What a joke!


Customer service in Denmark is non existing and it is OK

In business culture on November 2, 2018 at 17:23

A cab-driver in Denmark was acquitted after he threw a beer can after a customer and after he stated that he wanted to have sex with the customer and beat the customer up. He also called the customer out for being a prostitute. A co-worker confirmed this conversation.

Of course the customer was a famous soccer player so the Jante Law also was a part of the trial.

But the court came to the conclusion that the behavior of the cab driver was within the limits of the law. The soccer player works abroad and in a time where such people are looked at with somewhat suspicion the result could hardly not be another.

Cab-drivers in Denmark are a protected line of work. They are kept free from competition from modern transport firms like Uber. The Danish parliament has outlawed American based ideas in the Danish business environment.

As result transport is extremely expensive and there is no service longer. Especially now where the Danish courts have sanctioned poor customer service.

If you are a tourist and you are thinking about visiting an European country, you will do better if you avoid Denmark.


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