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December – looking back at 2011

In politics on December 31, 2011 at 23:59

Now where the year is over, I just want to look back at a year which proved to be very hard for us Danes. The country once known as the happiest country on the earth is hardly to recognize. It is basically a shadow of itself.

First we got a new government. Of course the old one was worn down and too tired to be able to govern Denmark further. We needed new blood instead of Mr. “Excuse me with my banging” as we saw it at COP15.

But they came into office with a lot of empty promises. They had nothing and it seems that they are able to succeed with nothing because the old government got everyone involved with spying on the tax paid by the present prime minister. What exactly went wrong with this case I don’t know.

In countries Denmark had compare itself with like Russia the public employees do spy on members of the opposition. It is standard behavior. In Russia the public employees succeed in protecting the political elite, but not here in Denmark. What is there to say? We are amateurs in normal political games!

Denmark is no longer a welfare society. In Denmark families are bankrupted if they seek treatment for their children before the illness is life threatening. A lot of families with children suffering from mental illnesses like depression seek help by the local child protection services only to discover that they shouldn’t have reached out for help but waited coldhearted until the illness explode so their child is close to death. Then they can get free treatment in hospitals. If they don’t wait then the law – (Order number 498 of 2011) – allows the social services to send a huge bill every single month. How do you tell your child that you have lost your home because you wanted to save the child? How do you tell siblings that they have to give up everything? Friend and a school they like because they have a sister or a brother who is ill?

No Denmark is not a welfare society. In some nursing homes diapers are used twice in order to save money.

The obvious question is: How can we improve the present economic situation in Denmark so we can regain our right to early retirement and by this reclaim our previous status as a welfare society?

The answer is: The undeveloped countries must suffer. We cannot provide aid to anyone abroad as long as our own population suffers.

A country like India should not have one cent. With help by unorganized labor they undermined the jobs in the Information technology business so none can earn a living which enables them to feed their family. Any IT-job in Denmark has become a charity because workers from India came to Denmark ready to work a full day of work for a cup of rice.

The case with the author and humanitarian Niels Holck showed us that they can some kind of wrong kind of image of themselves which should enable them to make demands of a culture so much more developed than they are. I don’t understand why we haven’t cut them off long ago but continues to provide aid to the part of their population they don’t care about. Maybe if we didn’t support the poor part of their population and they started to die as result of the neglect they are victim off due to a corrupt government, they would start to rebel.

Fact is that we don’t need India. They are only hiring to destroy our industry and put employees out in unemployment or to lower salaries so much here in Denmark that our workers will no longer be able to feed their families.

2011 was a hard year for Denmark and 2012 is not going be better. In fact if the world broke down in 2012 as some state it would do, it really wouldn’t matter much because without early retirement there and with increased fines for traffic violations there is nothing left to enjoy in life.

I wish that I had something more positive to say about 2011, but that I am not able to.

Merry Christmas and a “happy” new year.

November – working class background sometime provide you with an advantage

In Uncategorized on December 1, 2011 at 17:36

Carsten Hansen – member of our parliament and also minister of something less important was involved in a sexscandal where he made several inappropiate remarks to a woman. Money were exchanged and while some would think it should cost him parts of his career, nothing seems to happen.

As several in the business of politics told the media he has a background as a craftsman and people from working class are just like that; so the deal is done and over with.

Sometime I regret that I didn’t drop out of high school and created a career for my self.

While we are talking sex-cases with people on the top involved it seems that the case against Strauss-Kahn was a setup all along. Maybe the reason was that the United States wanted to keep France in the front of the attack on Libya. I cannot find any other reason. Please enlighten me if you have a theory.

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