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No snail-mail for me

In politics on December 23, 2010 at 07:18

We have been informed that the central regime in Copenhagen has ordered that we should buy tents and prepare ourselves of long trips down to our mailbox. January 1, 2012 it is no longer allowed to have our mailbox in front of your property. It shall be placed near a public road, so the mail can be delivered by the employees in such a way that they don’t have to leave their car. For nearly 100 years the employees at the Danish post did use bicycles when they delivered post to the citizens in Denmark.

2011 will be the last year this will happen.How the block I live in looks like

For us who share a parking space located far away from out house with no public road ourside our house it will cause us to travel down to our parking space to collect our post. I have been looking at a Segway so I could use that vehicle to commute down to the parking area, but they are so costly.

I don’t know what to do. I feel betrayed by our government. How can they be busy about earthquakes, hunger and war abroad while they at the same time rob us of our pensions and let us risk our house because we only will learn of bills once or twice a week when we manage the strength to travel the entire distance down to the parking area? I cannot think of a country on this planet where the conditions are harder on the citizens.

I am very angry.

Otherwise – merry Christmas and a happy new year for those who are so lucky that they don’t live in Denmark. This blog will be on vacation until the new year as I have no surplus to write anything due to this assault on us citizens.

Now we are in a warzone for real

In politics on December 12, 2010 at 23:05

A bomb exploded over in Sweden.

Here in Denmark the police are trying to control the gang war. They have a problem as they are trying to balance their investigation so they cannot be accused of being racists. So they make a lot of high profile arrest with the media present among the biker gangs so they can look like that are busy arresting people on both side of this so-called conflict. Us ordinary Danes has only seen onesided attacks so maybe all these arrests are just marketing from the police.

Our prisons are filled and due to the cold we have to arrest the foreign homeless also so they don’t die exposed in the cold. If we don’t arrest them our parliament have informed us that we could be a tourist target for homeless people from the rest of the world.

So we have bombs, attacks on the biker gangs and home a massive invasion by homeless people. It is an odd country we are living in.

Two causes where the public opinion is not welcomed

In politics on December 5, 2010 at 08:15

Here in 2010 it has become very clear for the Danish citizens that some causes is not something you as an ordinary citizen want to deal with unless you want to risk imprisonment or other kind of harsh actions from your government.

We are not talking aiding people in the third world. The lessons learned by the case against the humanitarian Niels Holck and the sellers of the T-shirt Fighters+Lovers have told us just to turn down for the audio when the news speak of hunger, war or earth quakes in the third world are on. They wanted the independence, they wants us not to interfere when they are busy suppressing their population and they are willing to take us to court if we start talking about how they ran living people over with tanks as they did do in the country once known as Ceylon.

Not the first case we should deal with is the so-called climate issue. Now they are busy with Cop16 in Mexico. The Danes saw state of emergency laws where 1,000 people were arrested and held on icy grounds for hours so the police could charge 2 people. People got sentenced last month for just shouting at a peaceful non-violent demonstration. I have to say: Cop15 in Copenhagen changed something among us Danes. Once we were among the countries who spoke a lot about the climate when our minister Auken traveled around the world and spoke about how changes in the climate had started a war in Africa with thousand of civilians caught in the middle and with so many children being killed just so they would not grow up and start to drink the costly water.

Of course many believed that they should deal with this and support the independent organizations fighting for awareness. They learned the lesson the hard way and now the entire climate issue is all about marketing of so-called green products and selling quotas of CO2 among firms to they can get easier off in taxes. It is no longer a cause for ordinary people but just another business.

The second cause is speaking about honor killings. Down in Slagelse where a young woman was shot on an open street in front of many people including children they tried to set up a memorial for this poor woman. Unknown criminals have destroyed this memorial several times. Speaking of it can be a crime. One member of our parliament – Jesper Langballe – got a fine just this week. We are talking of a very thin line when mentioning such killings. When do you become a criminal when you choose to argue against honor killings? It has never been more unclear. Because I could risk the same kind of punishment I will not state whether I find honor killings a bad thing. I am ready afraid to condemn honor killings due to this ruling in our courts.

Are there many of them in Denmark. We don’t know. You have to have a corpse to a start to call it a killing. We know that some 100 women disappear in Denmark every year so we just have to wait until bones turn up before we can start to investigate and let the numbers rule on the term “many”.

So I would settle with mentioning some names of these poor women who have died due to this so-called insult of their family or as result of a jealous husband acting with at least some acceptance by his family.

* Ghazala Khan (Shot on open street in Slagelse)
* Katja Fromberg Larsen (Killed by her boyfriend while his family ignored her screams)

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