Will Denmark be able to target the tourist industry in Romania?

In politics on October 15, 2017 at 19:39

Denmark has a huge problem with Romania. A huge group of citizen from Romania has travelled to Denmark where they beg and commit crimes (assault, threats and theft). When the police arrest them and the court as a part of their sentence try to expell them, they cannot be sent to Romania because the prisons in Romania is not of the standard as prisons in Denmark.

Their cells are too small and various human rights conventions forbids Denmark to expell people to countries there they basically torture people and still use show trials.

Denmark knows how the conditions are in Romania because the Danish businessman Kent Kristensen was convicted in a show trial being unaware about the entire process in Denmark. When he was lured to Spain he was transferred to Romania and served 4 years before it became apparent that the is was a case of misjustice. Now he who used to pay thousands of tax dollars when he ran his business is living on welfare because his health was destroyed in their prisons.

Danish tax-payers can understand that the conditions have not improved since the days of Nicolae Ceaușescu. He was executed – also after a show trial by people who wanted to be viewed as democratic but in reality it was people from inside the system who used riots in the streets to establish a new regimn. Officially it is a democracy but the royal family has not been called back to rule and the European Union has chosen to close their eyes because the country brings cheap labor into the system so the governments in other countries can use the low salaries in Romania as pressure against the trade unions in their own countries.

Latest France seems to have called for reforms so the workers in France can move toward lower salaries as they have them in Romania.

So Denmark are stuck with housing criminals. While other countries suffer from camps created by immigrants, Denmark see that public parks suddenly are transformed into tent cities and without proper access to toilets, playing grounds are often used as toilets forcing families in residential areas from allowing their children to play in their neighborhood.

Denmark needs to do something. I have learned that people are trying to identify the firms who outsource part of their work to Romania. But we also need to stop people from taking their holiday abroad in Romania.

Romania is trying to copy Sunny Beach which has proven to be a kind of defacto standard for all other countries in the eastern part of Europe showing how to sucessfully establish how tourist industry can be built from scratch. They hit the right target group by chance and everybody want to grap their part of the cake bringing good money to their countries.

Perhaps this is how Denmark can put pressure on Romania, so their police will start harassing the people who target Denmark preventing them from going to Denmark from the very start.

4 procent of the entire prison population in Denmark is from Romania, so something has to be done soon.



Germany joins Denmark in the fight to preserve borders

In culture on September 25, 2017 at 20:25

Denmark is close to a collapse because most of our police force is stationed along the borders. If immigration wasn’t enough countries like Poland, Romania and Hungary doesn’t seem to care what kind of reputation some of their citizens give their countries when they put tents up at children public playgrounds or parks where they live of begging using their surroundings as a public toilet.

Yes, right there were our children play.

I guess ordinary Germans live like ordinary Danes. We Danes know that our politicians have no interest in how ordinary people without longer education from Universities live. Also in Denmark many of our citizens are homeless. Also in Denmark people move in and see if the supermarkets throw food out they can collect and eat.

Danes are moving to the far right looking for politicians who actually seem to promise a future and solution. Now Germans seem to do the same.

I respect the wishes of the people. Hopefully German politicians from all the parties do the same.

Denmark says no to the climate question. Bigger petrol cars get support. Electrical cars are out

In business culture on September 22, 2017 at 18:05

The Danish government has made new laws, which makes large cars cheaper. Small cars like VW up!, Peugeot 108 etc. will be more expensive.

Electrical cars like Tesla will not be seen on Danish roads. While other countries plan to phase poluting cars out, Denmark has seen the opertunity to import all those cars the other countries will not have on their roads.

For some time Danes have purchased all the small cars due to the heavy taxation of cars in general. A typical small car like the VW up! did cost about 16,100 dollars. This price will go up. A car to about half a million DKK will go 50,000 DKK down.

On longer term Denmark plans to introduce taxation of foreign cars so tourists will be forced to pay about 10 percent of the price of their car in order to be allowed to drive in Denmark. This will perserve the Danish language and our culture when we do not have to speak foreign languages inside our country to serve visitors.

While some cars do get cheaper, it would take some before the tourists will have to pay before they enter Denmark. A lot of work will now be put in to secure that this time will as short as possible because it is not without costs to lower car taxation.

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