The king is dead

In culture on February 14, 2018 at 06:26

Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark has died at the age of 83.

He did a lot for both our country and France, which in the minds of ordinary Danes was elevated from just a province in Europe to a country with a special culture and fine cuisine thanks to his effort in teaching us the mindset from down there.

But his life also was a showcase in how difficult it is to be accepted in the minds of ordinary Danes. This should be a warning to all immigrants. If he with all the resources the royal house has and the intelligent mind with knowledge of literature, music and art, speaking at least 5 languages not can be integrated and accepted as just another Dane, who can?

He was able to speak to all Danes. Yes. His Danish was not as good as native citizens near Copenhagen speak but then a lot of Danes do not understand each other due to differences in the language (dialects) across the country. In some places “I” in danish is just a one-letter word where it consist of 3 letters near Copenhagen.

People laughed behind his back at many occasions which is kind of sad. The fact is that art, music and languages are for the elite in Denmark. Denmark is a country where the population walks in two paces. 60 percent of the people only read the Jante-law. That is their knowledge of literature. If people do not understand this, they will get in trouble and trouble he got when he aimed for a finer title. There is not fully equality in the Danish royal house. We did not have that many ruling Queens in our history, would critics state. And we are slow to make changes.

This has a reason. You do not find any people on the earth who struggle during daily life. Cuts in early retirement, loss of jobs due to the global economy, loss of policing due to the need of border control, cuts in the education sector so next generation of Danes will see fewer graduate high school means no surplus for changes.

He did his utmost. I do not think no person could have done a better job. He was an extraordinary person. He will missed so much.


Norwegian attack on industries in Denmark

In business culture on February 13, 2018 at 13:46

A huge company from Norway seems to target all Pizza owners in Denmark called Peppe as they got smart lawyers who took out name protection of this common name among Danish pizzashop owners. That is a major blow against the Danish government who have tried to put immigrants into work. Doctors, medical staff and other academically trained professionals find it difficult to work within their line of business because we in Denmark has a higher level in the education area.

Even medical staff from Norway and Sweden are often trained in Denmark attending Danish schools because we have real schools and real universities in a very high standard.

So people who have graduated universities abroad often find themselves driving cabs or working in the fast food industry – sometime starting their own business which we as Danish citizens find good.

There have been Pepe Pizzas and Peppe Pizzas in Denmark since the 1970’s but the Norwegian firm is trying to prevent pizzashops being associated with the name Pepe and Peppe so it is not a vacuum cleaner many calls Hoover.

This move will put a lot of immigrants out of work. It is not acceptable that we should see an increase in employment just because this Norwegian firm protect local interests. We have to ask ourselves how we can hurt Norway as nation most in a peaceful way. Should we target the large number of Norwegian students? Why are they not attending school at home? Why should we pay for their schooling?

I will mail and try if we cannot put something together raising a defense against the aggression from Norway.

Peace in our time

In culture on February 11, 2018 at 09:04

After the high commands of the major youth gangs Brothas and Loyal to the Familia announced the ceasefire in Copenhagen life is a slowly returning to the streets of Copenhagen.

Also the politicians are working on more long term solutions. A removal of part of the Danish rent protect laws has allowed owners of building built after 1994 to set the level of rents to what the market allows instead of the rent being based on costs. This change in legislation will push the massive exodus of poor people and just people working ordinary job out of the cities into a higher gear.

As the youth gangs mostly get their recruits from the part of the citizens in the cities who have the lowest income, this would reduce the size of the youth gangs over time and once they are exiled to the parts of Denmark called The Rotten Banana they will not be part of gangs as the public transport is almost not existing outside the cities and ownership of cars in Denmark are among the most expensive in the entire world due to the strict audit system of cars in private ownership. Every second year the car has to be brought back to working legal condition which is very pricy and makes it impossible for many citizens to own a car.

Right now citizens among the big schools like Copenhagen Business School, Niels Brock and Copenhagen University has seen a rising number of tags – graffiti showing ownership of a territory of a youth gang. That is the most visible sign that the ceasefire in the gang wars are working. The very public case of Jakob Engel-Schmidt shows that not only do the students need performance drugs to do their jobs and studies. Also the employees need help dealing with a stressful daily life. That is the reason that the areas around the schools have been the battle ground of the gang war.

The exodus of the poor people from cities like Copenhagen will take care of this. Young people from the ghettos often have no choice in the line of work. They can work for the youth gangs which can lead them into conflict with the laws. It is so in the United States as shown in this video. It is so in Denmark too.

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