What happened in Sweden yesterday?

In politics on February 20, 2017 at 08:29

When I visited Copenhagen the last time for at meeting within the firma I work for, I seriously considered taking a day of and visiting Malmoe just over in Sweden. A train ride taking only 30 minutes could take me to another country.

But my co-worker warned me of going there. What I didn’t know was that Malmoe is the murder capital of the Nordic countries. Over 50 murders took place in Malmoe in just one year. In Denmark about 50-80 people are murdered countrywide. So how can just one city in Sweden become so dangerous?

Because it is lying just next to the border to Denmark!

Before Sweden introduced such a strict border control that you think back at crossing into East Berlin back in the days of the cold war, Sweden was open for immigration. A lot of people skipped Denmark trying to leave Africa for a better life because in Denmark the police are ready to pull your gold tooth out if orders were given by the government.

Then of course. For many years the authorities have bought up houses in the deserted parts of Denmark called “The Rotten Banana” only to tear them down. So when the immigration crisis happened there were no houses left in Denmark and immigrants had to be housed in tents.

Immigrants are not stupid. They left Africa looking for new housing, social benefits and of course jobs if their only basic education would allow them to land a job as dishwasher. So a tent would be a bad start, compared to Sweden’s promise of house due to the vast areas where people deserted Sweden and left for the United States 100 years ago. States like Wisconsin and Minnesota for a large part consist of people with origins from Sweden.

However, Sweden is a large and cold country so many became stuck in Malmoe and here they found old enemies from back home. They started to fight as they did home. People began to die and poorly google translated as people in the White House do, people began to believe that it must have been terrorism because Sweden is known to be a peaceful country.

So President Trump was right when he said that something happened in Sweden just yesterday. A Swedish policeman has made statistic public that crimes in Sweden just like crimes in Denmark for a large part is committed by people with foreign origins. It might be 1 generation back; it might be 10 generations back but the trend is clear. Crime is on the rise so Sweden is no longer a peaceful country and a textbook example of what will happen if you don’t have a border control.

Sweden has learned its lesson. Prepare yourself for the sound of latex gloves if you choose to go there.

I don’t.

Malmö (Sweden) (Top Ten Most Dangerous Cities in Europe)

Will Danielle Bregoli replace Jemma Lucy as Turn-about Ranch most successful client?

In culture on February 11, 2017 at 14:42

Danielle Bregoli became famous when she was a guest of the Dr. Phil show.

After her stay she soon became famous on the Internet based on her catchphrase made on the show. Due to Turn-about Ranch marketing strategy being a sponsor of the Dr. Phil show the girl was sent there.

Obvious a smart girl she played the tune the so-call counselors liked to her and graduated from the ranch. The entire concept of Turn-about ranch is a flaw. Any person held in isolation will change but once the isolation is over and the person returns to the very same condition which existed before the isolation, the changes will revert to some extend maybe even 100 back to what they were before.

Many people who have been placed in simular situation might need years to complete this process often suffering from nightmares and other mental burdens due to their time there.

However some people actually capitalize from their stay.

Many years before Danielle Bregoli was sent to the ranch, a young english teenager known back then as Jemma Henley was sent there as part of the TV-entertainment show “Brat Camp”. She became the record holder for a stay at the ranch being there for almost 120 days (How they avoided violating the Visa rules, remains a mystery).

Once back at her parents place, Jemma simply held her grounds until her parents relented and allowed her to live on her own. Jemma quickly moved into a career as show dancer. Years later she started being in various TV-shows and now she is basically the strong minded young lady every English 20-something would like to be with her participation in the TV-show “Ex on the beach”.

She is by far the most successful former client Turn-about Ranch had seen.

Until Danielle Bregoli.

While viewers ate the so-called diagnose Dr. Phil cooked up as entertainment, let us look at the background of this young girl.

The family dynamic was strange from the beginning. A partly absent father and a mother soon hit by serious illness turned the mother-daughter dynamic upside-down. The mother became the patient and the daughter became the adult who had to take too much responsability too soon. It can go very wrong when such tragedy strikes a little family but it doesn’t have to.

In Denmark we have a large chain known as “Jysk” run by Lars Larsen. His mother struggled during his childhood raising her children on her own and in the end it broke her. Lars Larsen and his siblings had to fend the world on their own because everybody knew that group homes were places where abuse and corporal punishment went hand in hand. He made it. Danielle could make it.

She already have her own clothing line and a very visited Youtube channel.

She is moving in right direction. Dr. Phil and Turn-about ranchs only part in this story is that they boosted something they didn’t understand. I will not say that Dr. Phil was scammed by the broadcast February 10 shows that he has no idea of the kind of enterprise, he helped her starting.

Danielle Bregoli is only getting started. If she keeps her mindset into her business and market products using her language while staying of trouble in her private life, she could go further than Jemma Lucy.

A predicted tragedy

In culture on December 23, 2016 at 06:53

A ranch-worker lost his life at Turn-about Ranch, which is one of the asylums mentioned in relationship with the Dr. Phil show. Recently a girl was sent there after one of the shows.

A confrontable setting ensures drama and it was really a question of time before such a tragedy happened. The teenagers are not stupid but many lacks the capacity to plan for long-term goals. If you only planned for the today, wouldn’t you switch for a nice warm prison cell instead of being forced to sit in the open exposed to the sunlight? Wouldn’t you eat the crappy prison food instead of having to drink water from a creek and cold unprepared food because you lack the skill to make fire on your own? Wouldn’t you like to sleep in a warm cell instead of a cold cabin where even the sleeping bag are not working because the employees at the ranch has purposely destroyed the zippers so they can search the sleeping bags more easily? Wouldn’t you like 23 hours of privacy, TV-access instead of having people running around placing you in stress positions in a small circle of stones until you confess to whatever your parents ordered the employees to pressure you to confess to?

There was a reason for the escape attempt and the tragic attack, which lead to the death of an employee.

It was a tragic death, which was something, which could have been prevented by stopping the activities at the ranch.

Now a family lost a parent. A boy will spend many years in prison because he is an outsider from another state properly not even sharing the same belief as the people around the ranch. Not even the best lawyers can save him in this state.

This case proves once again that there is a high cost to pay for people who were treated against their will. No addiction can be so bad that you cannot wait until the person discover on own terms that the time has come to stop the addiction and move on. Yes, opportunities in life might be missed while the addiction is bad but then which opportunities? We know in Denmark that not even when you work hard and you have the skills success is ensured. If you are born from poor parents, immigration and foreign students has robbed our system blind so student grants are cut to such an extend that education and access to the good jobs are simply not possible. None should be forced to establish debt in order to get an education.

Instead people should try to settle with what they got and live like the teenagers. Tomorrow a car can hit you. Tomorrow the government can prevent your path towards the education system. Tomorrow the government can cut early retirement and stop what you might have been saving for the last 20 years. Life is like a boxing match and sometime you just have to take the punches like they come. So if your children isolate themselves instead of going out to drink in order to socialize with the other teenagers, accept it.

In Denmark teenagers who are not drinking so much that they are close collapsing being the troubled teens everyone are concerned about. The concern is caused by a case from Kundby where a 16-year-old girl isolated herself only to be arrested shortly before the bombs she had built were to explode at certain schools. Parents try to push their children into the nightlife so they do not built bombs and do not drive Lorries into Christmas market as outside terrorist try to make the teenagers do over the Internet. However, what is the chance that a girl or a boy is radicalized over the Internet? Should Denmark remove all teenagers who are introvert or simply have too many cat-like teddy bears in their room when they are teenagers? No – of course not. They should simply let the children live their life and talk with them from time to time, so the children experience counteraction against the arguments on the Internet. A hands off policy will enable even the quiet children to have a good life with pressure all the time.

The articles from Utah mentioned that the boy, who committed the attack suffered from some kind of addiction. Certainly, his parents regret that they just did not let things go instead of sending him to Utah. It is really a question of sacrifice. It is a question about using the scorched earth strategy. Remove anything from your home, which can enable the addiction. Not only from the room of your child but also from the rest of the house. Provide a roof and plenty of food. At some point, the person with the addiction will reach out for help. Then there are plenty of professional treatment programs both in-patient and outpatient where the addict enjoy a professional treatment in comfortable surroundings. Cure is assured.


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