Why do schools have stupid rules about hair-color and hair-cuts?

In culture on September 16, 2017 at 07:23

I have noticed a number of articles from different parts of the world where students have been banned from education due to hair-color or hair-cuts.

I can understand that you might ban clothing which prevents identification with certain youth gangs. However with all these color codes which exist among youth it is difficult for both parents and children to find neutral colors.

I once noticed an article from a country in Africa where schoolgirls are required to shave their heads while they attend school. The reason was that girls with hair were distracted by their hairdo. In my mind it speaks of a culture with little surplus when something as little as combing your hair during the day should mess your education up.

Now here in the western world you can get banned from school if you shave your head for charity or color your hair. Should our culture not be more superior? Should we not be prepared to embrace diversity?

I do not care if people have light or dark hair. I do not care if they color it red or blue or purple. It is their decision and not mine to judge as a co-worker or even employer.

In some of the cases, the girls are so young that they did not buy the colors themselves. It was a family decision to color their hair. Such a decision the school shold respect just as we are expected to respect that some people wear a turban or have their hair covered because they practice a certain culture at home.

Putting children in prison like rooms or even denying them them schooling is cruel and injust. Please stop it and accept that you like in year 2017.



Anti-American movement in Denmark

In business culture on August 28, 2017 at 15:43

Many Danes feel anger about big foreign firms like Microsoft etc. who have purchased good Danish firms like Navision moving invoicing out of Denmark in tax-hiding in Ireland which cost a lot of money for the Danish society as a whole.

But sometime this Anti-american movement make ordinary Danes become victims.

Today the court ruled against ordinary Danish workers who have entered into a car-sharing agreement run by Uber. They received huge fines based on papers from the Netherlands. When they started to work for Uber a court case was hastely put into motion but the court ruled a lot later. So how could the drivers protect themselves? The answer is: They couldn’t. Only when court ruled against Uber as an illegal organization (which is a paradox in Denmark where pedophiles, Hells Angeles and Hizb-ut-Tahrir can create legal organizations), they should have realized that the normal work they do was illegal.

The Danish obstruction of Uber is all about preventing that America can be great again. It is half-communist trade unions who target American interests having the Danish parliament backing them. So where is the president on this? Shouldn’t he make sure that firms from United States can establish new business abroad?

One of the drivers got a fine of 77,960 dollars! 77,960 as a punishment for taking a job for an American employer!!

It is not fair. For the ordinary Danes the result of this Anti-American movement is poor service and long waiting periods if you want to take a taxa. Now there is no competition. Service has has become very poor.

Now where the US embassy even warns against visiting Denmark due to the gang war, poor service from the fast cars which could have placed the tourists in less danger by driving fast and crazy just mean that there is absolutely no reason at all for visiting Denmark. No reason at all.

If you are an American and thinking about visiting Denmark for holiday, business or studying, please re-consider. Be worried for your safety!!

Former Uber drivers handed uber-fines for illegal taxi driving (The Copenhagen Post)

Gang war in Denmark: US embassy has a message to tourists

In justice, politics on August 20, 2017 at 06:27

It has become dangerous to visit Denmark. Gang wars caused by social unrest and lack of cultural assimilation of immigrants has resulted in a massive number of incidents are young people are trying to learn how to conduct proper drive-by shooting. However, they are still untrained and so far only innocent by-standers have been the victms when they prove unable to hit the intended targets hitting those who just happen to pass the intended victims.

So people with absolutely no connection to the gangs are victims and it could easily hit random tourist because gang members sometime help relative working to taxi drivers and they shop everyday goods just like ordinary citizens and tourists.

Lack of cultural assimilation has caused this. In the old days on Ellis Island many immigrants changed their names so they were more American and they worked hard learning to speak English. In Denmark you find many old people who have lived 30-40 years in Denmark and they have never learned to speak Danish. They have settled living with a partner who worked lowpaid jobs while they maintained the household which they didn’t the knowledge of the Danish language to do. At the same time it provided some type of comfort for their partner who knew they would not be unfaitful. And we Danish taxpayers actually paid for this!

So we are to blame for the gang war. No doubt about that. We could have removed children from families who were unable to teach their children the Danish language so the public schools had to start learning children how to speak Danish, calculating and reading at the same time which put them behind their classmates in school from day 1. We could have etablished military academies for youth who wanted to wear a kind of uniform and belong to a community, so they didn’t have to join a gang to do that. A place where young people want to be and excel academically, not a punishment.

But we didn’t put up demands and requirements for people who enters Denmark starting to live here. We didn’t ask them to change their names to something our native tongue can speak. So we are paying the price and because Denmarks policy against crime is victim-disarmment there is nothing to do but to isolate ourselves.

That is why it is so important to warn tourists. They tend to walk the streets trying to see as much of Denmark and Copenhagen as possible. That makes them targets. In fact I feel that the U.S. Embassy message is soft. What about the businessmen, exchange students and investments in Denmark?

I believe that they should seriously consider to redraw some of them! McDonalds on Noerrebro has several times been the victim of vandalism during the riots which happened now and then where the police lose control of parts of Copenhagen for some days before they are able to allocate forces so they can retake control of the streets. Right now the majority of our police force are guarding our borders in order to prevent a total collapse of our country due to uncontrolled immigration of so-called refugees from Africa.

We do not have the number of policemen to guard the rest of Denmark and certainly not to fight the gang wars as it looks now.

Denmark has never been so much under pressure. Crime is spreading. The center of Copenhagen are under siege of beggars from Romania, the Czech republic and Bulgaria who can enter Denmark legally because they use the free movement of employees within the European Union to come here.

They live of house invasions, bullying homeless Danes for money, thefts and trick games fooling tourists and others who falls for their tricks. And because they are considered possible employees looking for jobs, they can stay in Denmark legally out of touch from the police who have to catch them red-handed. But with virtually every policeman stationed on the borders how should this happen?

You are in possible danger if you visit Denmark now!

Take care!

Select another country if you really want to go abroad!


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