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The next generation will have to pay for the growing number of asylum seekers

In culture on August 30, 2015 at 09:39

The Danish government has issued an order for Danish universities, colleges and high schools to cut 8.7 billions over the next couple of years.

Combined with the effort the governments over the last couple of years have done to reduce the number of students entering high schools Denmark could see a future in just a few decades where only the most wealthiest families can afford to give their children an education.

Recent research have shown that children of immigrants who entered Denmark only one generation ago have taken avantage of the easy access to higher educations. They pass high school and take up space in universities.

In Denmark social heritage normally matters a lot and it has not been normal that people starting at the bottom in the working class has fostered children who were able to pass high school and take university degrees. It has normally been something families had to earn the privilege to over many generations.

Taken into account that many asylum seekers target Denmark for their vacation while their homelands are a warzone our politicians fear that the children of the asylum seekers could take avantage of our education system and return with their degrees to their old homelands using them there while Denmark as a nation get stuck with the bill.

Our government had no option but to act.

Cutting 8.7 billions will result in chaos. It is not known how future generations will be impacted on the long run. Fortunately research have shown that ordinary workers with only 9 years of education can take some short courses and be able to work tasks which normally would take a employee with a long education cheaper because passing these courses don’t result in higher pay so hopefully some of the jobs which have been outsourced to the third world can be transferred back.

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Some of the best product placement I have ever seen

In culture on August 29, 2015 at 19:30

I recently saw a trailer for the upcoming movie Girl on the Edge made to boost activity in an industry for scared parents.

Back in 1980’s where Reagan started the war on drugs and increased punishment for possession even the slightest amount of drugs an industry started to offer parents afraid that their children would end up in prison for life before they even had a chance to come back to the right path. The 1990’s with their 3-strike laws didn’t make it better. The industry boomed – The lawsuits and the number of teenagers who died in residential programs also.

Every single year teenagers die in residential programs. They die from illnesses which can be cured in any hospital or they die as result with confrontation with employees who is not trained to deal with a disagreement with talk but only to solve it using force and violence.

For some years former residents who happened to be lucky enough to survive have been able to turn the press coverage into covering the tragedies which happens in the residential treatment program leaving parent with the loss of a child. As result many treatment programs have been forced to close. They blame the economy but they should blame themselves for creating unhappy former residents.

It is not the first time the industry did use the media trying to paint a positive image of the industry. The now forgotten “Higher Grounds” with Hayden Christensen as main cast rain for a full season. Among the people connected to the series was Rob Dias who founded Diamond Ranch Academy. It is a facility located near Hurricane in Utah where two teenage boys died while they were forced to stay there.

Having written with various human rights group I have not found evidence that anyone has died at Uinta Academy which is being used as inspiration in this new movie but then of course Higher Ground was produced long before the pile of dead teenagers began to stack in Hurricane.

I don’t doubt that it could be a good movie because the cast is great and if the script is only half as good it would be a good marketing for industry. The problem is that there still are too many uninformed parents out there who don’t know a lot about where the real dangers are when we are speaking 2015.

In Denmark where I live we don’t care about teens drinking alcohol. We do care when they don’t and start to save for a plane ticket to Turkey so they can cross the border to Syria and start to fight for ISIS. Maybe it is culture thing with these online predators. Having volunteered for the night owls which is a parent organization in Denmark who walks the street and observe teen drinking parties at distance I find that the teens of today acts just like small fish acting under the threat of sharks. They group together knowing that predators don’t want to confront a group. If one gets too much they see to that the individual is followed back home to bed.

It is really about social interaction and belonging in a group. Any society must fight for “hygge” and social interaction between teenagers. They have to learn about life by stumbling into it. They get bumps and bruises but they become strong. The minute something feels left out it becomes dangerous. Then there is no more drinking and the saving towards the plane ticket to a war zone starts.

It is something this movie leaves out. It is – based on the trailer – a question about relaunching a troubled teenage industry in crisis. It is the best product placement or embedded marketing I have seen for a long time.

When TV-programs makes me sad

In culture on August 27, 2015 at 05:33

I happens to follow the news surrounding the now cancelled TV-show “XX kids and counting”.

The right name should be “look inside at twisted Quiverfull cult”. The kids have no real freedom. They might not stone the children if they disappoint the parents but the kids and relatives not living up to the parent’s standard are being shunned. They even control the teenagers past the point where normal parent’s role change from upbringing to guidance. Here in Denmark it starts when the child is confirmed. Here the child is introduced to alcohol by the parents as part of our Old Danish tradition. Unlike kittens human children have eyes. They start from very early age to hold us parents accountable observing if we hold ourselves to the standards we preach.

We have to show our children that our standards are more than words. They admire us and want to live as us. If we live a life where we say one thing and do another the children will turn out exactly the same. There is something like music and Internet you say. There have always been things which could lead the children down the wrong path. There have always been kids who took the wrong path long before Internet, television and rock groups.

My children not fully grown drink unsupervised. My children not fully grown date unsupervised. My oldest is over 16 and can buy alcohol alone in shops as long as the alcohol percentage is below the safe limit of 16.5. I am not worried. They have been me attending a number of parties where I have chosen not to drink and still have been able to have a fun time.

They had a boy who was indecent against his siblings – a reaction which properly was result of someone being indecent with him. I am not accusing the parents. I am simply pointing on basic knowledge that incest often is result of dysfunctional family patterns. It could be a grandparent or an uncle or some man in their enclosed social circle which set the young man off towards the wrong path.

Here I to state that I am shocked by the approach the family took. They involved the authorities on a very small level. Where is the investigation into who mislead the young man motivating him to be indecent towards his sisters?

Then there is the choice of the so-called treatment center the young man was sent to. It was a joke. The authorities will hopefully conduct a full investigation into this place so it can be closed down and all employees can be prosecuted if they have done something wrong.

Such stories make me sad. I have a family member who was abroad fighting for our way of life when Denmark shipped its old and worn-down air-fleet down to the Middle East to fight ISIS. Why should our troops risk their lives when our allies live a life holding female offspring’s into iron grips just like the people we fight?

I see no point in involving ourselves in the surrounding world when people live like this abroad. Recently I have started to help various human rights groups to reduce the number of exchange students leaving Denmark for a year abroad. There is no point sending them to foreign countries where they cannot drink and date like they do in Denmark.

Normally television can be informing. In this case it is scary. The latest in this story is that the young man – now an adult and forced into marriage too soon has been checking himself into rehab for his so-called sex addiction. It is close to being a farce.

Dansk patriot tried to torch a mosque in Copenhagen

In culture, politics on August 18, 2015 at 18:25

A Danish man believed to be acting based on patriotism tried to set a mosque in Copenhagen on fire. Pure luck prevented death in this case. The police detained the man and hopefully they will find a state hospital to house him so no further people are put in danger.

However the case shows a heightened tension in the Danish society heavily burdened by the increasing number of asylum seekers at a time where the central government in Copenhagen makes one cut after another in social benefits and hospitals to finance the newcomers.

I am not judging the morale of the asylum seekers who seem to choose Denmark believing that they would experience something better than the countries they come from. If they feel they can look in the mirror and take our money, it is their problem.

I am however concerned with the ability of the Danish authorities to keep peace and safety. Especially outside Copenhagen the police has been worn down and can only work trying to catch people who have driven too fast on the highways. All other police work is neglected because it doesn’t bring profit into the public system.

Where would it take us as a society?

Denmark is on the breaking point failed by the countries in the southern part of Europe who should have kept the asylum seekers there until the politicians in the European Union are finished drinking coffee and can set up some kind of system so every country takes people in based upon how large their population is.

Danish citizens are becoming desperate when they learned that they cannot be housed when they become homeless because the asylum seekers are given priority and the Danes are failed.

I am not sure how it will end but it would not be pretty.

Parking in Copenhagen can put you $ 2,500 back per year

In Uncategorized on August 15, 2015 at 19:25

Parts of Copenhagen charge the people who live there and the workers who commute into the town this amount per year.

One such part is Oerestad. They have a metro line going through the area and they state that people can take this mean of transportation. They do however forget that the Metro line has a limited range and the price of public transportation can be just as high if you want to go to another part of the greater Copenhagen like Elsinore. They you have to pay 200 dollars per month to take the metro and train.

These insane prices are of course protested by the people who happens to be so unlucky that it was the only place they could get an apartment. People question whether it is legal because they have made competition illegal in that part of town. The prices are dictated by the City Hall.

People working ordinary jobs will never be able to work there or live there unless they can live without transportation entirely. There are no locked cages for bikes. They constructed a giant parking facility for bicycles under an artificial lake but it was a failure. The bikes got wet and it became a dark room where people were afraid to go in the evening. Especially in a time with a growing number of asylum seekers and open borders allowing people from Eastern Europe to enter Danish with their “theft-turismn”.

A petition has been started to fight for fair cheap parking so ordinary people can afford to like or work there. You can sign it using the link below.

Sæt prisen ned på parkering i Ørestad (

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