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Newspaper headline and a book I finished

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A 15 year old girl ran away not far from here. She has been away for 14 days and now both the police and the social services know where she is. She had met a boy on a social network and

They will try to negociate her back to her family.

It was then I came to think of how wise we are here in Denmark. They don’t want to use ressources on getting her back to her family and then wait for her to take off once more.

So there it has to be couseling until they reach an agreement and she WANTS to live back home again.

See there is a explanation of why it is decades since we saw a kid killing her or his parents. There are no reason for creating tragedies like we saw in the cases of Valessa Robinson and Erin Caffey.

I learned of those stories when I finished a not so well written story called Rattlesnake Romeo.

It is the story of a girl who discovers that her mom wants to jail her at a farm called Steppin’Stone for a full year without contacts to her peers or other side of her family. It seems that there was some kind of divorce of her parents and she Valessa had problems with the house rules. What kind of teenagers don’t?

I have looked at the farm and it looks at extreme as our Evangelista or Faderhus. If I was in the shoes of the teen, I would fear for my life, but I would not kill my parents. I would have run away and chosen to live in a shelter instead.

But we have to remember that Valessa was a teenager. She must have learned of the horror stories from other teenagers, who were in Straight Inc. or at WWASP facilities. Some may remember how teenagers were placed in dog cages down at a private Mexican Boot Camp. The Police in Mexico shut several programs down in 2004 and 2005. All of them had problems with medication, VISA’s and punishment rooms.

Erin Caffeys case was different. She was home-schooled and not properly prepared for a social life in such a degree that she was out of touch with reality. In Denmark we know how important it is for kids to socialize. That why our alcohol laws are relaxed.

Now they are using 30 or more years to jail her. By doing that they acknowledge that homeschooling is a failure.

So parents:

1) Let your parents find their partneres of their own.

2) Dont’t monitor them very much once they are confirmed.

3) If their grades are poor, don’t worry. The grade system is ill. A lot of young people graduated High School in Denmark this year, but now they have to take summer classes because of an error in the department of education.

Maybe  by following thid advices, you as a parent will stay alive

Electionday tomorrow

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Tomorrow it is election day for the European Parliament. I was planning on staying at home because all it is is a retirement solition for has-been politicians or politicians who have done something wrong that makes it impossible to be elected to the Danish parliament.

Take Mr. Oppfelt

He has been convicted of having a non-proper relationship with a 13 year old boy. In the United States he would have been a registered sex-offender for 20 years and he is not a person Danish voters would put in the Danish parliament.

But the European Parliament is another matter. Criminals like him are common down there. I believe that this is the right place to put him, so we can show the other memberstates that we somehow believe in the European project and most Danes are for the European Union.

But I am not like most Danes. I believe that we should quit our membership.

The reason is that a lot of firms force their employees to work for a salery you can compare with welfare only.

In short time we will see families stand in line at food kitchens. The children of these workers will starve.

We can not say that European Union has done a lot for us. Maybe one positive thing is that it is easier to buy a woman to comfort you because we have removed our border control when we ended up deap buried in this bureaucracy so the border control had to go, but really start to wondering how much these women suffer. Human trafficing should be stopped and one way to make it more difficult for the criminals is to have a border control.

But human suffering has never been the strong side of politicians and that is really the core of the problem with the European Parliament. They are too far away from the ordinary population.

We better leave it before it is too late and that’s why we have to vote tomorrow.

I will do my part. What about you?

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