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Europe lost. Maybe it is time to split up the sport

In culture on May 30, 2015 at 07:32

When you look on American football they always call their final a World Championship. There are several boxing champs in every weight category. The Ironman World Championship is a private competition.

These sports don’t suffer from such a structure.

So why not a World Championship for UEFA? Then the corrupt FIFA organization can arrange their own Championship. On the plus side we fans can get matches during hours which are humane.

FIFA has chosen the way toward corruption. FBI’s investigation may have been political motivated and ill-placed as sport often is equal corruption and some countries opportunity to move the focus away from human rights issues towards sport events.

“Bread and circuses” is what the public want to forget their daily lives.

As a Dane living in a country where no other citizen in any other country can state that they have it harder, I can fully support the statement above.

No early retirement anymore, families who are punished economically because they have an illness which is psychological rather than physical, the cuts in unemployment benefits so people who are without jobs have to take work outside their choice of business, care workers trained so poorly so they kill you in retirement homes because they crush the pills and inject them into your bloodline causing blood clot if you are unlucky, speed traps along the roads so you cannot make it to work in time and parking attendants everywhere so you cannot go anywhere with your children because people working in that line of work typically are so mentally disturbed that your child could be abused sexually if you just turn your back on your child for a minute.

Denmark is not a fun place to live.

So we need entertainment. And a good idea would be for UEFA to arrange their own World Championship.

The Danish Football association did not want to say what they would do. Maybe a small World Championship for the Nordic countries only?

We are waiting. FIFA as an organization must go down the road they choose. We as Danish fan will choose what we do.

Soccer will once again be an European sport

In International justice on May 28, 2015 at 05:08

For the last 30 years we have been more non-European countries in the World Cop. Secondly we counties where the world cup were started including countries on parts of the planet where we had to stay up very late to be able to watch the games. That often meant days off from work because if you stayed up to 5 in the morning having been drinking beers all night, you would not do well at work.

So it had to stop and thanks to a political motivated FBI-investigation it now seems like it could happen.

The arrests made yesterday could turn the tide so UEFA – not FIFA – is equal soccer.

Of course future world cups have already been planned and we have to recognize them even given the fact that they were selected based on corruption. Too many workers have already been killed trying to build stadiums under difficult circumstances in countries like Qatar. It would be an insult to the families of the killed workers to simply cancel the event.

But after 2022 we can place the world cups in Europe and avoid destructions of entire cities like they did in Brazil with Favela do Metrô.

The future of soccer looks bright.

US Justice Department arrests seven FIFA officials ahead of election as executive committee members face corruption charges for more than $100million in bribes (The Daily Mail)

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