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Verdict in the CSC hacker case expected today

In business culture on October 30, 2014 at 05:43

The court will rule in the CSC hacker case.

A number of persons are charged with getting illegal access to central Danish databases hosted by CSC.

CSC had been through a conflict where qualified Danish workers were laid off. As replacement they got cheap workers from India, who weren’t educated to manage the rather complex IT-systems.

As result every hacker in world can unlimited access to databases covering driver’s licenses and social security numbers.

Identity thefts were easy and a lot of so-called Danes seem to fight for ISIS and other terrorist organizations in the Middle East. We can however not be sure if they ever had anything with Denmark to do. Maybe they have just stolen Danish identities. Some of my co-workers fear that they will have to use a lot of time proving that they are who they claim to be when they travel to England or Germany as result of this security breach.

Thank you very much – you so-called India IT-specialists.

Thank you for making it more difficult to work on the export market.

A message to the world

In politics on October 23, 2014 at 05:05

The Danish government will transfer 2,5 billion DKK from the long term account for third world aid to cover housing costs for the massive amount of refugees who from among all the countries in the world choose Denmark as target for their heavily financed escape.

The Danish government had no choice in that decision because the number of refugees has risen to an alarming number which could make parts of the public structure in Denmark collapse. Every time a refugee enters Denmark the housing become a task for local municipalities. The state cannot help. This bill is paid by cuts in the social systems at the local municipality.

One example is food for the elderly and special needs citizens. Special vacuum packages enable the municipalities to provide food for six weeks at once time. So the citizens have to eat food which has been packed up to six before. Tasty? Perhaps not but they survive. The once famous Danish sandwiches are out of reach for those who are needy or just old.

Children of parents who have once suffered from mental illnesses see their future options regarding education, jobs and career disappear. If a Danish parent is suffering from perhaps depression and seeks treatment, then the illness is registered at the social services. If the child starts suffering from depression also, the parents are billed for any residential treatment opposed to parents who have suffered from physical illnesses. These bills rob siblings to the children placed in residential treatment from seeking the career-choice they prefer.

So it is important to say this to persons who consider seeking asylum in Denmark:


Please choose other countries: Denmark have offered countries like Turkey, Lebanon and Kenya to fly refugees down there and finance refugee-camps in their countries where lower costs could house a lot more refugees than it is possible in Denmark where everyday costs are 50 or 100 times more expensive but these countries have avoided taking responsibility.

Money can only be used once. When someone chose to burden our system, others have to suffer. For too long this price have been paid for those in Denmark who are in need of help.


I understand Robin Williams’s Daughter, Zelda – but

In culture on October 12, 2014 at 07:08

Having lost her father, I can understand the message Zelda – the daughter – sent to the world.

Her message was: “Seek treatment”

For many people it is considered shameful to accept that a mental illness like depression have taken control of their lives.

Seeking treatment is a great step.

Here in Denmark there is another issue to consider apart from accepting depression as something you need treatment for.

You also have to consider if this acceptance will cost you your future and the future for your children.

To understand this I have to explain you how our healthcare system works.

If you suffer from a physical illness as a child you get treated at a hospital. If you suffer from a mental illness requiring in-patent treatment you are often treated at a group home specialized in this illness because schooling during the treatment is an issue.

The group homes are owned privately. The hospitals are owned by the state. The stay at these specialized group homes are financed by the social services. Only the most severe cases are treated in mental hospitals and their task is only to stabilize the child until a group home can take over.

The present law allows the social services to investigate whether the parents have some part in making the child sick. It made sense to bill parents if they made the choice to put a sick child into this world, which would cost the society a lot of money. They had to find a replacement for the Eugenics strategies of the past where people suffering from mental illnesses were prevented from reproducing by being operated having their reproducing organs removed. This practice in Denmark stopped around 1967. Today there is a law where the social services can medicate people against their will so they cannot reproduce if they suffer from heavy mental illnesses.

Depression is not considered severe. However it can be a burden for the society if a parent comes home from treatment not entirely cured and inflict the pattern of the illness on the children. It is of course not something the parent want to do, but the patients are often released too soon because there is a shortage of beds in the treatment system, to the treatment continue back home where the home is invaded by employees from both the hospital and the social services organizing further out-patient treatment. The home is slowly transformed into a kind of semi hospital settings.

This involuntary infection of the children is something the family can be fined for. If the children starts suffering from depression which requires in-patient treatment before the children are 21, the parents will be slapped with a monthly fine. The age of majority is 18 in Denmark but infecting your children with poor genes so they easy start suffering from a costly mental illness is considered a serious crime in Denmark, so the three extra years is a clear message for everyone who either suffers from a mental illness while they have children or even before they get children.

So here is the message from the state of Denmark to a person suffering from depression who have children: “Seek treatment and we will bitch-slap you with fines so heavily that not even your children will dare to have children on their own.”

Is it fair? No. But it is cheaper for the society if the patient decide to check out from life early rather than infecting their children with a mental illness.


They meant well but …..

In culture on October 10, 2014 at 17:41

As a society we want to give every child, not only our own, but every child the best chance in the world to succeed. It has been so for many years. In the old days it was a question about securing that every child could read and write. Today it is often mental illnesses where we want to help children to reach their full potential.

How then when you read about children being strapped down into chair or wooden boards where they are given painful electrical shocks. How is it helping the children?

It is properly not helping the children but we meant well as a society.

In Canada the authorities was forced to release records which showed that the highly trained therapists strapped children down in a wooden chair with metal padding so they could shock the children as a disciplinary precaution.

They believed that they helped the children removing them from their families who were living far away in the wilderness where they were unable to attend school to a boarding school surrounded with caring employees. Of course some of the children were not happy about losing contact so discipline was found necessary. They went too far. I believe that people – in this case the employees were not born evil – but they were misguided and they should have stopped themselves asking if they were doing the children a favor or scaring them for life as they in fact ended up doing.

They meant well but …

Today many children are giving an enormous amount of medication. We have been excellent finding new illnesses we want to cure. Just think about all these labels which cover everyday behavior ODD at teenagers, Internet Addiction disorder etc. We tend to medicate for everything and if some children are given +10 kinds of medication many of them ends up living like zombies without emotions,

So what is the alternative to medicate children into zombies? At Judge Rosenberg Center they believe that strapping electrical environment onto the children so they can apply painful electrical shocks by remote control when the children act inappropriate is the answer. Children at the center have ended up in hospital with a lot of burn marks on their body. Does it should like applying one of the gruesome electrical dog-collars on dogs? Yes it does. Such dog-collars have been banned in a number of countries because it is animal cruelty. So why allowing it on children?

They meant well, but …


New youth parricide case in Denmark

In culture on October 10, 2014 at 05:33

A girl aged 15 has been arrested suspected of murdering her mother. Also arrested was her boyfriend aged 28.

It might be the first youth parricide case in Denmark.

In other countries there have also been such cases. In Canada the Robinson murder case took many headlines. In the United States the Steppin’ Stone Farm murder case and the Caffey case is well-known to the public.

In the Steppin’Stone Farm case a 15 year old girl learned of her mother’s plan to lock her up at the farm which was run by Christian Fundamentalists who didn’t even allow teenagers ordinary acts like drinking beers and partying. As result her boyfriend killed her mother acting at her orders according to the court. She served nearly 20 years in prison before being released this year.

In the Caffey case every male teenager in the seemed to know that the daughter planned to take her parents out. According to the court she managed aged only 15 to talk no less than 3 adults into murdering her entire family of two brothers and the parents. Why none of the teenagers knowing on her plan in advance did notify the authorities remains a mystery today. Their silence claimed 4 lives. Why 3 adults can be ordered around by a teenager girl is also a mystery. It is dangerous if grownup showing such a lack of mental strength can be living outside institutions.

In the Danish case not all facts are known yet. The girl can be innocent, so let us not judge her yet. It is a matter for the court.

However based on the learnings from the Steppin’Stone Farm case we have to know if the social services are involved. Did the girl fear ending up at one of the gruesome group homes in Jutland every youth in Denmark fear? A recent court case in Denmark about the group home Solhaven include allegations about violence, police bribe and lying in official papers. The owner earned millions while the teenagers were beaten up. If the teenagers went to the police, the police didn’t care because they were enjoying the many gifts the owners had given them.

There are many group homes like Solhaven out there which have not been closed yet. There are also foster parents working for the Social Services who have enforced themselves having sex with the children or having beaten them for decades without anyone acting on behalf of the children which the cases from Skaelskoer and Mern showed us.

So is this girl guilty? Was she acting out of fear for the social services? The court will find the truth.


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