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Does it matter to fight? – you cannot make it anyway

In culture on November 15, 2017 at 18:31

In Denmark you have to look at your parents when you decide the line of work you will aim for when you become adult.

Social heritage matters. It not only matters – it is everything. The title of king of Denmark is not the only title which is given based on who the parents are.

I have been thinking about whether young people are lied to. Is the reason for the gang war that they not from their early childhood has been told that their destiny in life is to work as a care taker for the old and ill or if they do it really good, to work in a supermarket.

In many areas children who start in school at an age between 5 and 7 cannot be the state version of Danish. That the Danish dialect they speak on Television. Then they are behind in school from day one. When school is over after 9 year then they do not have the grades to enter high school or the money for cell phone and laptop which is mandatory if you want to enter.

If the children grow up believing that they can get whatever job they want as long as they just study hard, then they get frustrated when they discover the truth. Then the gangs will receive them with open arms. New recruits are always welcome.

But there is also a geografical difference.

November 11th this year the state made an investigation public that showed that there is a huge difference in the quality of schooling the students get in different parts of Denmark. In the city of Vordingborg the students graduate a full grade lower compared to the city of Kolding. Vordingborg is a forgotten city people no longer pass through when they drive to Germany after the high way was led over a new bridge. Kolding is in the middle of the triangle in Jutland where all the trucks go to so goods are distribuated to the entire Denmark.

So where the money flows and people come, schooling is better.

Can something be done?

Yes. Let us be realistic with children. Lets tell them how to watch out for customs, people and ideas from the outside. Let us focus on the things near us and the easy jobs to take. Let us travel less with the children and turn the back to the world so we once again can be together in our small communities all over Denmark where we know our neighbors at least 3 generations back. Stop violence. Start silence and shunning towards people we do not know.

—- Important information —-
If you are thinking about visiting Denmark as a tourist or workrelated, please read this warning from the US Embassy in Denmark. It can save your life:

Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Gang Activity in Copenhagen (United States of America, Department of State, U.S. Embassy in Denmark)

Feeding the stray cats

In politics on September 14, 2015 at 05:58

As Danes we should care when people in need of a peaceful place come to us and I have no problems paying for that. We will find places for them to live and we will feed them until they can return to the places they came from.

However I fear that even the peace and service we offer can become a burden not only to our society but also for the refugees.

Because the question will be: What should they do with their lives once they have settled here in Denmark?

I am afraid that their only option is to wait until they can return even if it proves to be for the rest of their lives. Will anyone be able to live an entire life without activity? Without goals in life? Without ambitions for themselves or even their children?

I cannot imagine that.

But that is the reality they will face in Denmark!

The demands for the work environment in Denmark is very tough. To meet that demand our schooling system is second to none.

Look at Danish exchange students. There are hardly any country they can travel to and study for a full year and return getting credits for their time in a foreign high school. I have met several former exchange students who have studied in United Kingdom, France and United States. They all returned and had to take up schooling with a year lost so they graduated a full year later than their former class mates.

We had a terrible terrorist killing people in Copenhagen earlier this year. His life was derailed when his mother took him out of Denmark and it lead him towards a life in crime ending with the terrorist attack where he was riddled with bullets in his final stand with our police.

Once you leave Denmark attending a foreign school you lose. Maybe you never catch up.

So regarding career and being a productive citizens it is not something the refugees and migrants will find in Denmark. We will feed them and care for them like we do with the dogs and cats we take into our care from the shelters. The question is: Can they live like that for the rest of their lives?

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