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New Danish research: Students who do not drink alcohol at all are more likely to drop out

In culture on July 30, 2017 at 08:10

The Danish Evaluation Institute makes tons of research to ensure that Denmark remains in the front in the modern world when it comes to our education system. One of the issue which worries everyone who is in charge of a school or an entire department of education is the drop-out rate.

Now recent research shows that students have a 2 percent higher risk of dropping out if they refrain from drinking alcohol. Actually just as if they were drinking too much. Then they also have a 2 percent higher risk of dropping out.

It seems that the reason is not whether it is healthy to not drink at all or drink too much. The problem seems to be centered around the ability of socializing.

If you choose not to drink at all, you choose to isolate yourself because socializing in Denmark is very much centered about enjoying a glass of wine or beer. When young Danes socialize on daily basis, it is not about binge-drinking. Binge-drinking exists but every normal person knows that a new day awaits tomorrow. That is why most gatherings only consist of drinking what equals two or three glasses of beer.

The question whether to encourage drinking among your teenage children is not easy to answer. None is asking parents to create a strategy where they push the children in order to to find their limits. However it is clear that a total ban on alcohol is just as damaging for the childrens chances in the education system as them becoming alcoholics.

Bans do not work and it is clear that the lowering number of young Danes who become exchange students is actually a positive thing. Exposing young Danes to cultures where drinking is not allowed will only harm their chances in our education system if the become cultural infect to a level where they feel that they cannot be a part of the student community.

Source (In Danish):
Drik ud eller drop ud: Studerende, der ikke drikker alkohol, dropper oftere ud (Politiken)

Detained without access to legal counsel. Yes, it is possible in Denmark

In justice on June 18, 2017 at 19:14

When the police arrest you, you are brought before a judge within 24 hours if the police select to charge you.

And all you have to say is the word “lawyer” and then the police are required to allow you a call.

But not if you are a student at boarding schools in Denmark like Bernstorffsminde Efterskole.

When alcohol was found on campus, they detained a large number of students for hours while they interrogated the students one by one.

The students were not allowed to call their parents. They were not allowed to bring in legal counsel. After the school had conducted the interrogations they suspended 46 students and in the end 16 students were expelled only one months before the exams.

In Denmark most schools can require parents to pay for 4 weeks after the student has been expelled. That is properly why the school waited for so long until they intervened against the students. This way they didn’t suffer economically. It is the same with other boarding schools. When they expell students in larger numbers they accept unwanted behavior until there are only 4 weeks left and then they make this incidents making them look like a good place for parnets who wants a strict place for their child to be while the parents sit back home relaxing while having outsourced their parental responsabilities.

Why are the students not better protected taking into consideration that it is a constitutional right for every young Dane to enjoy alcohol under the safe limit of 16 percent when they become 16 years of age? Why allows the Danish department of education these conditions when the Danish state actually pay some of the costs of having children at these boarding schools?

The students need better protection.

If school prevent students from enjoying alcohol like they are allowed to if they were living at home, the state should not support them. The Danish people live in a time where our way of life is endangered by people who don’t like our culture. No place in Denmark paid by the state should be given any kind of money if they choose to provide living conditions which don’t support our lifestyle.

A forgotten state

In culture on March 28, 2016 at 06:07

I read a news story about a reality star being sentenced to jail for DUI. Nothing new there but a little digging showed that I have overlooked one state in the United States. West Virginia seems to consist of people living almost the same as the good young Danes. OK. Maybe a little wilder but it is a TV-show and they make it just a little more extreme.

The TV-show Buckwild shows how West Virginia’s finest live.

It impressed me.

In a time where we all fear that our young men and women redraw from the friday bars in our high schools in order to go home and start their computer only waiting for a heathen to look them up online and start to radicalized them, we parent tend to look for places on the earth where values we encourage, are embrased. Here West Virginia and the typical citizens shown in the TV-show suddenly become a place we parents can recommend safely for our sons and daughters.

Only thing is that I fear that they might not have a good network of public transportation and it worries me as a parent if that is the case. Good young Danes drink some alcohol and they know very early on that you cannot combine drinking and driving. Young Danes start drinking alcohol at their confirmation at age 14 or 15. They have at least 3 years to learn how alcohol impact them before they can start applying for a driving license. Many Danes don’t because they are realistic and know that they cannot combine their lifestyle with too much mobility. That is also why most firms seldom move more than 5 kilometers to a new address if they either downsize or grow out of place at their current address because they know that they would lose employees who cannot follow them because they have no access to a car.

But as I said above. Buckwild has opened a new state across the Atlantic as a tourist destination. Any Dane aged 21 or more could find it an interesting place to visit. Younger Danes just have to wait. The Danish department of education will not grant credits to exchange students because the high schools in West Virginia lack the social dimension which is also important for students and it requires a friday bar where the students can socialize over a beer or a glass of wine after school. Maybe it will change one day when they become wiser. But it doesn’t change the fact that West Virginia seems to be an interesting place to visit.

When TV-programs makes me sad

In culture on August 27, 2015 at 05:33

I happens to follow the news surrounding the now cancelled TV-show “XX kids and counting”.

The right name should be “look inside at twisted Quiverfull cult”. The kids have no real freedom. They might not stone the children if they disappoint the parents but the kids and relatives not living up to the parent’s standard are being shunned. They even control the teenagers past the point where normal parent’s role change from upbringing to guidance. Here in Denmark it starts when the child is confirmed. Here the child is introduced to alcohol by the parents as part of our Old Danish tradition. Unlike kittens human children have eyes. They start from very early age to hold us parents accountable observing if we hold ourselves to the standards we preach.

We have to show our children that our standards are more than words. They admire us and want to live as us. If we live a life where we say one thing and do another the children will turn out exactly the same. There is something like music and Internet you say. There have always been things which could lead the children down the wrong path. There have always been kids who took the wrong path long before Internet, television and rock groups.

My children not fully grown drink unsupervised. My children not fully grown date unsupervised. My oldest is over 16 and can buy alcohol alone in shops as long as the alcohol percentage is below the safe limit of 16.5. I am not worried. They have been me attending a number of parties where I have chosen not to drink and still have been able to have a fun time.

They had a boy who was indecent against his siblings – a reaction which properly was result of someone being indecent with him. I am not accusing the parents. I am simply pointing on basic knowledge that incest often is result of dysfunctional family patterns. It could be a grandparent or an uncle or some man in their enclosed social circle which set the young man off towards the wrong path.

Here I to state that I am shocked by the approach the family took. They involved the authorities on a very small level. Where is the investigation into who mislead the young man motivating him to be indecent towards his sisters?

Then there is the choice of the so-called treatment center the young man was sent to. It was a joke. The authorities will hopefully conduct a full investigation into this place so it can be closed down and all employees can be prosecuted if they have done something wrong.

Such stories make me sad. I have a family member who was abroad fighting for our way of life when Denmark shipped its old and worn-down air-fleet down to the Middle East to fight ISIS. Why should our troops risk their lives when our allies live a life holding female offspring’s into iron grips just like the people we fight?

I see no point in involving ourselves in the surrounding world when people live like this abroad. Recently I have started to help various human rights groups to reduce the number of exchange students leaving Denmark for a year abroad. There is no point sending them to foreign countries where they cannot drink and date like they do in Denmark.

Normally television can be informing. In this case it is scary. The latest in this story is that the young man – now an adult and forced into marriage too soon has been checking himself into rehab for his so-called sex addiction. It is close to being a farce.

Petition to get the children in Prague

In culture on February 13, 2014 at 08:18

I checked up on a comment to a previous entry I made about the 10,000 students who were about to celebrate their holiday in Prague. For some years Prague has marketed itself as a place with cheap alcohol, night clubs and parties for minors. Now the authorities in Prague suddenly decided to hit the streets hard arresting everyone who have been drinking.

The feedbacks in Danish newspapers are that the students feel trapped. Every Dane uses alcohol when they start talking to strangers. At my work place over the time we had many foreign employees who normally work in our offices abroad to visit us when they need to receive training in new products. Many of them I never learned the names of. Others I became close to. Those who accepted a drink after work Fridays we learned to know. Those who didn’t were nameless coworkers we often have difficulties to tell apart.

While I feel that the best solution would be to collect the vulnerable youths I also feel that it is not a task for the Danish taxpayers. Normally I like many Danes see offers from abroad with some skepticism. “Can it be that good?” I feel that the youth and especially their parents have let their guards down. I understand that the youths don’t know the world. They have not lived the lives we have. They have no life experience. They have not been cheated and abandoned by their own government when they cut early retirement which we all have been looking forward to since we were 35 years of age.

They did not experience the cold war and how we lost it when we now 20 years after can see cheap labor entering our country ready to work without any kind of safety precaution and for almost no money. They have not experiencing who it is to have lost a job because a person with intelligence like trained monkey would be ready work with acids without mask or gloves in a foreign country.

No the youths don’t know that. It is here the parents should have put their foot down. They should have told them that countries and cultures abroad are not for anyone below 25 years of age.

I feel that the parents should talk together and start their cars. I have used Google Maps and they can travel from Horsens where I live to Prague in just short of 9 hours. If two drivers take shift they can get 3-4 teenagers home per car under 24 hours and still have time for a sausage for breakfast somewhere in Germany.

Do it! Collect your children! Cut your losses for now but sue the travel agencies so we can create some headlines so the youth will remain in Denmark for the years to come. It would be a blessing for both Denmark and the Czech Republic.

Evacuate the children from Prague (

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