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Does it matter to fight? – you cannot make it anyway

In culture on November 15, 2017 at 18:31

In Denmark you have to look at your parents when you decide the line of work you will aim for when you become adult.

Social heritage matters. It not only matters – it is everything. The title of king of Denmark is not the only title which is given based on who the parents are.

I have been thinking about whether young people are lied to. Is the reason for the gang war that they not from their early childhood has been told that their destiny in life is to work as a care taker for the old and ill or if they do it really good, to work in a supermarket.

In many areas children who start in school at an age between 5 and 7 cannot be the state version of Danish. That the Danish dialect they speak on Television. Then they are behind in school from day one. When school is over after 9 year then they do not have the grades to enter high school or the money for cell phone and laptop which is mandatory if you want to enter.

If the children grow up believing that they can get whatever job they want as long as they just study hard, then they get frustrated when they discover the truth. Then the gangs will receive them with open arms. New recruits are always welcome.

But there is also a geografical difference.

November 11th this year the state made an investigation public that showed that there is a huge difference in the quality of schooling the students get in different parts of Denmark. In the city of Vordingborg the students graduate a full grade lower compared to the city of Kolding. Vordingborg is a forgotten city people no longer pass through when they drive to Germany after the high way was led over a new bridge. Kolding is in the middle of the triangle in Jutland where all the trucks go to so goods are distribuated to the entire Denmark.

So where the money flows and people come, schooling is better.

Can something be done?

Yes. Let us be realistic with children. Lets tell them how to watch out for customs, people and ideas from the outside. Let us focus on the things near us and the easy jobs to take. Let us travel less with the children and turn the back to the world so we once again can be together in our small communities all over Denmark where we know our neighbors at least 3 generations back. Stop violence. Start silence and shunning towards people we do not know.

—- Important information —-
If you are thinking about visiting Denmark as a tourist or workrelated, please read this warning from the US Embassy in Denmark. It can save your life:

Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Gang Activity in Copenhagen (United States of America, Department of State, U.S. Embassy in Denmark)

The day we Danes realized that our society was torn apart

In culture on June 27, 2016 at 05:27

For several decades the percentage of young Danes who enter what equals high school in Denmark – The gymnasium has risen. It has worried the present government because higher education in Denmark is very much something which demands wealthy parents or at least parents who have received academically training themselves.

The present government has introduced stop-tests. They want fewer to graduate high school. The firms all over Denmark cries out for cheap labor. Now where we are part of the Europen Union they demanded a change or they would either move jobs to the eastern part of Europe or send busses down there transporting cheap labor to Denmark where they could live in tents serving in the firms. They would be much easier to control than Danish workers because if they speak up they would be fired which would mean that they will have to walk back home to their home country.

So the government made the change. Now children from poor families in Denmark will find it very difficult to enter high school. You have to have 02 which equals C to do that. It is hard to get when you find that in a lot of public schools more than 70 percent of teachers change job every summer. A student in fifth grade can easily have as many as 8 math teachers. Do you then become good in that subject? Of course not. The rich people in Denmark use private schools instead.

studentervognSo the youth has become frustrated. An old Danish tradition has been that the graduating students hire a van where they drive around to the families of the graduating students drinking beer and wine all day. They become very drunk and everybody has a great day.

But not this year. Because the vans have become targets of attack for the underprivileged. Rotten eggs, paint and acid has been thrown at the students. Some were blinded temporary.

That is also Denmark as result of our membership of the European Union. A divided country between those who have the chances in life and those who don’t stand a chance at all. The gang wars are increasing. Several people were shot in the streets last month. Membership of the gangs are the chance for many young people to break out of poverty now where the police guard our borders for people trying to leave Denmark to fight for ISIS.

In the past we have tried everything to keep the youth in high school. Our famous friday bars where the young students can drink a glass of beer or wine after school made many remain in school and prevented a high dropout rate. It reduced the cliques, it brought students together, most important students felt like students instead of an isolated misfit in school.

I fear for Denmark. If it becomes popular to be a failure and just be angry at the world, Denmark would not stand a chance in a globalized world. I think that we should take a timeout. We want Danix – an exit of Denmark from the European Union. A time to find ourselves. We need to give everyone a chance at a shot of success. Forget grades. Let everyone study at high school and let them fail on individual level so they can get angry at themselves instead of angry at the society.

Worst case scenario when you are angry or disappointed with yourself is suicide. Worst case scenario when you are angry at the society are attack on innocent people.

March 2012 – being a child in Denmark has never been as now

In politics on March 31, 2012 at 21:25

Today it is the last day of March 2012 and I want to take time off to reflect a little about the headlines during this month and my focus will be on the children.

In a previous post I mentioned the Amy-case. A girl who was adopted to Denmark and as I am sad to say hasn’t been treated very well so far by the social services.

Hurtful people have stated that she was part of a sister’s package. When parents want to adopt some countries present the nice little baby and when the parents are hooked the adoption agency suddenly state that they have to take an older brother or sister as well. It is basically a scam because the parents cannot say no in that situation because everyone knows that you have to try to keep siblings together.

It is difficult for an older child to be part of the society in Denmark. We have an education system second to none. Danes who have been exchange students know that you cannot get credit from the foreign schools because they simply are not at the same level as here in Denmark.

So Amy got a difficult time in Denmark. By pure luck she then found that she fitted well into the foster family the social services sent her to once her adoptive parents gave up. But the system wasn’t finished with her and they wanted to put her in a group home after a year at the foster family. A specific group home mostly known in the public as a place where the adult care keepers drink alcohol during work hours and fight the teens.

She is at the group now and the social services are busy taking her supporters out of business. They have filed charges against the foster parents; they have fired her assessor from the organization Children’s welfare. They will go far to secure that Amy is isolated from the world and have her to submit to their agenda.

I believe that children should be spared from being subjected to an adoption process here. I urge adoption agencies to think twice before sending children here to Denmark because they are not treated that well by our social system.

Times are hard for our teenagers. They cannot grow up expecting to receive a pension at a fixed age. It is difficult because every single Dane work to age 40 and then they settle having reached the potential of their career. For the next 20 years it is all about surviving until retirement. Or at least it was so in the past because now no one knows when they can retire.
Because they are unable to plan, they cannot choose what kind of education which would serve them best. In fact they don’t even know if it helps to take an education at all.

But they are forced to spent time in classes or lose welfare. In fact if anyone below 25 is seeking welfare they will be introduced to forced labor. Yes you are reading correct. Forced Labor! It is Denmark year 2012. Who can we blame? The damn lazy people in the southern part of Europe who haven’t seen a day’s work their entire life.

I have spoken with several who have spent several years taking form 10 over and over again. It is the best advice their caseworker can give them in order to avoid to be pushed out into forced labor. Teenagers and young adults are stuck taking the same classes and the same subjects over and over again just as if they were staring in the Bill Murray movie “Groundhog Day”.

I wish I could say anything positive to your youth but I haven’t. I can only ask everyone to pray and take day at the time. It is everyone for themselves.

That’s all for March 2012.

Week 10 and the process of criminalizing youth

In Uncategorized on November 9, 2009 at 06:05

Week 10 and the process of criminalizing youth

The trial seems to be on track for December 7. Today the Judge is expected to rule whether the charges in the show trial are too old. None expect him to rule that they are. Too much is at stake for the DEA. So she was to wait to December to get it over with.

Here in Denmark we are in the process of learning what the United States had learned the world. It is that 1 percent of the population needs to be in jail and youth should be kept from each other until they are adult. Socializing is equal being on track for a criminalized future.

Our politicians have done their best the past decade to implement these society standards and it is done by introducing a lot of laws so they can land people I jail.

For adults it has meant that our infrastructure has collapsed. Our traveling times have increased making it harder for the firms to make profit and make jobs available for the communities. The opening of the Oresund bridge should have meant increased interaction with the people in Sweden, but because people in Sweden have difficulties with drinking we had to pay a price and it was to lower the legal BAC level from 0.8 to 0.5 which is quite low compared with our countries like United Kingdom and Ireland, which is known to have the same mature attitude when we are talking alcohol consumption. In the firms the result is that colleagues don’t know who they are working with because the old tradition of having a Friday bar at the firm has almost stopped entirely.

However, the biggest change had been happen for the youth. New age limits for alcohol purchases have meant that some teenagers turn into stealing to get their hands on alcohol. Others use drugs instead. Lately some towns have introduced a ban on alcohol at their youth parties which have lead biker gangs to announce that they will be happy to host those parties instead. Parents are not that concerned that the biker gangs have taken this burden on themselves for the good of the community. Some parents even drive their kids to the parties at the biker clubs themselves, but the authorities are concerned with good reason as members of the biker club seem to have been the target of one sided attacks by other youth gangs. A bullet fired at a biker could hit the wrong people by mistake and a young life could be lost.

I am not quite sure that the politicians know what they are doing. I know from my job that it is healthy to avoid areas in Copenhagen where supporters of Teetotalism rule. Small rocks being thrown at you by youth are often the result if you end up in such an area by mistake. Of course you can argument that such youth will be on the track toward prison and then the goal is achieved.

Now the politicians will attack the legal tobacco used in bongs. Personally I would be very concerned if the youth smoke illegal tobacco, but like they have done it in Germany where they have an old anti-smoking tradition invented by persons known by other things they had done, the Danish politicians will ban the legal tobacco.

Then you have a lot of youth owning a bong with the goal of being with their friends. What are they going to fill the bong with, if the legal tobacco is banned so they can continue to be with friends?

Denmark is on the fast track toward being a police state for the youth where they are forced to stay at home only meeting their friends over the Internet and even then they are facing risk of committing a crime if their portrait on their profile at various community networks includes a photo where they show skin.

Give Denmark 20-30 years and then we also will have 1 percent of our population locked up.

I have only one thing to say to the teenagers growing up in Denmark today:

I am sorry. We have stolen your freedom from you in the name of good health and double standard.


Week 6 and the conspiracy theory

In Uncategorized on October 12, 2009 at 08:38

Camilla Broe is unfortunately still waiting for the showtrial. She has lost a lot of weight and only when her family is visiting her they can buy her some decent food. It is the same story with the prisons in the United States as with the prisons in Cambodia, where relatives have to buy the inmates food. If the relatives of Camilla Broe visit her often she might survive to her trial which is in December.

I have a rather funny story related to prison food. Did you know that a judge sentenced a sheriff to starve in his own prison only a couple of years back because the judge believed that the inmates received food of too poor a quality.

A Arizona sheriff brags about how he can create cheap meals for his prisoners where a lot of them are poor immigrants being smuggled to the United States to pay off their debts.

So Camilla Broe is close to starving and remember that she is not even convicted yet. What happened to “innocent until proven guilty”?

Enough about this shameful chapter in the Danish legal history. I got another interesting mail this week.

Remember week 40?

Suddenly our youth should face a future like American teenagers. The age of criminal responsibility should be lowered to age 14 and with the huge cut-backs in social services and lack of placement for so-called troubled teenagers, younger children will end up in jail among adults. Some politicians have stated that they are tired of following the international conventions Denmark have signed in other areas. We did at some point sign a convention which should make it illegal to detain adults and children in the same prison. Sadly they are kept together where they youngsters can learn a lot of crimes from the adults.

But why forbid our youth to drink alcohol? We can see that youth who are not drinking and socializing start using machinguns on their peers and innocent bystanders.

The mail state that an extremist neo-prohibitionist American organization called Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has lobbied officials inside the Danish healthcare department and various politicians so they have introduced ideas to raise the legal limit for alcohol purchase to 18 and some even went so far to forbid alcohol on school campuses and private firms.

Most Danes believe that such a move would destroy the Danish firms ability to improve human relations inside the firms. It would marginalised youth and increase the risk of school shootings. In schools alcohol is used to bind the students together. It reduce the number of students who are isolated and angry towards the society.

If it is true that our department of health have used research manipulated by MADD to send a potential dangerous message to the Danish public, it would be awful.

I urge people to support the youth who cares for their peers so Denmark doesn’t develop itself into the prison for Teenagers we see over in the United States.

Join this group on Facebook and give your support.

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