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Week 12, Denmark – a country preparing for a lock-down

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This week my attention turned to Wikipedia. Normally you should be sceptical about what you read on Wikipedia. Some could have vandalised the article you read for unknown reason. You have to check up on the references. Are they credible? When I saw the november 21 updates on the article about Camilla Broe I could see that it was one of our finest newspapers which were quoted. What is the new information in this case?

First off all it was her who provided the police information about the drug smuggling operation. Young and naive she was dazzled by her boyfriends wealth and enjoyed the life in the fast lane. But at some point she discovered that the firm her boyfriend managed was a front for a drug operation. She then found herself in a position where she felt that she had to do the right thing by offering the police the possibility to be an undercover agent. It is a dangerous enterprise and of course she had to travel to Denmark so her daughter could live by her family if something would happen to her while helping the police. If you google the case you can find a supreme court document concerning a lawyer who worked for the drug lord also. The lawyer had the drug lord pointing a gun at him at one point. Then the local police lost their case to the federal police. Her contact at the police was removed from the case and now she was suddenly a criminal.

Of course the drug lord was very angry when he learned who had turned him in and it was easy for the federal police to convince him to testify against her for revenge. The most odd thing is that she is facing 60 years in prison in the show trial but he was able to serve only about 6 years because they allowed him get back at her.

The case against her becomes more and more absurd every week.

Now to Denmark. We are preparing ourselves to a giant lock-down.

Remember the climate summit. Some presidents, dictators etc. meet up in Copenhagen to discuss the climate. The energy used to transport those people to Copenhagen could warm up most of Zealand for many days. Some of the dictators would be arrested on sight if they entered Denmark if we hadn’t this summits due to their crimes, but we are playing nice hosts so we have to be nice to our guest until they are ready to return home to harass their citizens.

We know there climate activists preparing to remove the attention among the participants in this summit from our very fameous open-faced sandwiches properly made by Ida Davidsen herself to climate issues. The question is how to prevent such people from ending up in the media so their boring issues take the headlines.

The government seems to have called experts in from abroad. They have asked several thousand citizens to report possible protesters in advance. So we have a huge part of the population in this town reporting on other citizens like they did in Eastern Germany in the old days.

Special emergency laws will if they are passed allow the police to detain people for 12 hours without charging them. 40 days in jail is the punishment if protesters block your car and prevent you from leaving when the police arrives. I have told my family that the Christmas shoppings will be done in January instead. I don’t dare leaving my house while the summit is on-going. I will stay home with a lot of beers and enjoy what they broadcast on Television.

Most people agree so Denmark will on lock-down. What is it going to end up with?

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