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End of the 2019 year

In culture on December 29, 2019 at 09:31

This morning yet again there was an attack on a workplace where they have used people to renovate a house who are not Danish citizens. A huge scaffold outside of a building was overturned. The police is investigating the crime.

I have to condemn this.

I totally understand that use of foreign workers inside Denmark undermine the Danish workers who will not be able to feed their children because the foreign workers are paid with glass beads and plastic jewelry which are good enough for them because they can use them in trade back home in the eastern part of Europe.

But that does not satisfy a crime. Of course they will not be able to set up a scaffold according to Danish standards so people who work on them might be in danger and even avoid drinking beers during work if some of the protection needed in the heights are missing. But as long as the authorities judge such a scaffold safe after being paid a little bribe, they have to accept it. It is so in other parts of the European Union and the cost of increased danger on workplace is what they call harmonization of standards across Europe.

Of course the danish workers look at the special protection danish cab drivers have. The Danish government suspended normal competition and banned modern transportation firms like Uber from the Danish market.

But what about us who work in business where the product is not something you can see at a certain place. In Danish IT-firms only marketing, Sales and sometime consultancy is present in Denmark. All the departments which is not something a firm really need to exist are moved outside Denmark where labor are cheaper. Departments like accounting, customer care, logistics and store are often moved to other countries. Once a contract has been landed the customer is no longer important. All the IT-companies look for are the press releases they make every time they sign a new customer. Making enough of the press releases can boost the firms for a short while until the owners can sell the firms to differentiated global investment organizations and walk away leaving the problems with the new owners.

2019 in general

2019 was not a good year for Denmark especially ordinary Danes who live outside the cities in the rotten banana. Here people have no free choice of business because the universities are in the cities and there are no affordable housing for students who arrive from the countryside. The students get 5500 DKK in student grants and housing often cost 6000-7000 DKK so their families have to sent money every month.

Also jobs for students are no where to be found because the firms often have an agreement with case workers at the job-centers so they can be sent people to work for their unemployment benefit. They call it job-training and it keeps the shops alive in a time where people purchase their goods of the internet but it does not provide a normal living or normal jobs in the retail businesses. As result students cannot expect to earn extra money working part time in shops.

2019 was the year where the governments decision to take side in the gang wars affecting Denmark took effect. The group “Loyal to Familia” was banned and competing gangs are now taking over. It has started new conflicts and young people continue to die in the gang wars. A little comfort is that cities like Copenhagen are not as deadly to live in like Malmoe in Sweden. Malmoe is located so far away from Stockholm that the Swedish government do not care about violence and death in a remote part of their country. We Danes do not care either. It is a foreign country and we can just not go there. Is Copenhagen safe. Look at the website at embassy of the United States in Denmark and decide for your self if you want to go here.

Regarding safety. A rising number of immigrants have decided to take the money they can get to go back home to Syria and Iraq where civil war continues instead of remaining in so-called safety in Denmark. They tried to live here and decided to live in a place where they can get easier access to weapon and defend their families instead of living in Denmark where we use the policy of victim disarmament.

2019 was also the year where we accepted the fact that the school reforms have failed. The danish children do not become better readers or excel in math just because they spend all day in school. They just get stressed a too many young adults now suffer from mental illnesses and the number of suicides among young Danes have never been higher.

We once had the best schools in the world and not even the Friday bars seem no longer to be enough to prevent people from being lonely and isolated sitting at home doing homework.

Every good thing we once had in Denmark seem to have been fallen victim due to the cost of being a member of the European Union.

And it is not special for Denmark. Look at France. People down there can look at Denmark and see that we have increased the retirement age to a point where none will reach it. Young Danes can expect to retire at the age of 80! Who will be able to live that long. Only the politicians in our parliament can retire sooner. They are the only ones who can expect to live their remaining years in peace. We will have work hard until we drop dead on the floor at our workplace. It is not a good life.

For Danes 2019 was a year of suffering beyond everything you can find anywhere in the world.

2020 does not look better unless someone can provoke a big war which would make the European Union collapse. I personally hope for a second period with Trump. I hope that the United Kingdom will show the rest of Europe how well a country can be run outside the European Union.

I hope that the cheap fence at the Danish-German border can be replaced with a real one like the one Hungary has put up. As one of the few countries in Europe they have shown the way to make their country better for their citizens.

I hope for anything different for 2020 compared to 2019. It can hardly get worse.


Anti-American movement in Denmark

In business culture on August 28, 2017 at 15:43

Many Danes feel anger about big foreign firms like Microsoft etc. who have purchased good Danish firms like Navision moving invoicing out of Denmark in tax-hiding in Ireland which cost a lot of money for the Danish society as a whole.

But sometime this Anti-american movement make ordinary Danes become victims.

Today the court ruled against ordinary Danish workers who have entered into a car-sharing agreement run by Uber. They received huge fines based on papers from the Netherlands. When they started to work for Uber a court case was hastely put into motion but the court ruled a lot later. So how could the drivers protect themselves? The answer is: They couldn’t. Only when court ruled against Uber as an illegal organization (which is a paradox in Denmark where pedophiles, Hells Angeles and Hizb-ut-Tahrir can create legal organizations), they should have realized that the normal work they do was illegal.

The Danish obstruction of Uber is all about preventing that America can be great again. It is half-communist trade unions who target American interests having the Danish parliament backing them. So where is the president on this? Shouldn’t he make sure that firms from United States can establish new business abroad?

One of the drivers got a fine of 77,960 dollars! 77,960 as a punishment for taking a job for an American employer!!

It is not fair. For the ordinary Danes the result of this Anti-American movement is poor service and long waiting periods if you want to take a taxa. Now there is no competition. Service has has become very poor.

Now where the US embassy even warns against visiting Denmark due to the gang war, poor service from the fast cars which could have placed the tourists in less danger by driving fast and crazy just mean that there is absolutely no reason at all for visiting Denmark. No reason at all.

If you are an American and thinking about visiting Denmark for holiday, business or studying, please re-consider. Be worried for your safety!!

Former Uber drivers handed uber-fines for illegal taxi driving (The Copenhagen Post)

Denmark has said no to US businesses

In business culture on November 19, 2016 at 08:38

Let me be very clear.

Among many Danes the idea grows that American businesses are greedy and too big for Denmark. The latest example was yesterday’s ruling in the eastern high court in Denmark against Uber which is a concept where owners of cars share their personal resource – their car – with people who don’t have one.

Then of course everybody know how the European Union motived by their Danish boss has targeted Google and their dealings with the government of Ireland.

It is an area where the new president of the United States properly needs to take action because if Danes blog business idea after business idea, the United States never might be great again.

The people who took the case to court were people from the socialist Trade Unions. Trade Unions marked by decades of corruption where managers got construction work done without ever getting an invoice. Trade Unions where a lot of money simply disappeared during meetings distributed among the participants. The government of Denmark has never been able to clean that mess up.

Uber became a competitor to a line of business who was used to have the market alone. A line of business where people cannot start for themselves even when they have the money because local politicians decide in a closed secret system how many who can run a business in their area. These people are dangerous and their employees are known to use violence against people who are a threat to their business.

Should a US base business accept to meet that kind of illegal competition abroad or should they turn to their government for help to target such competitors operating on the thin line between business and crime?

The future will tell.

Denmark blocks U.S businesses

In business culture on November 19, 2014 at 10:44

The authorities in Denmark has reported Uber to the police in order protect local businesses. In Denmark the area is highly regulated because cab driving attracts immigrants with bachelor and university degree who cannot get their foreign education recognized in Denmark.

So in order to stop high educated immigrants from taking job positions from Danish workers with elementary school degrees in areas where they are equal qualified, the authorities demand a special education and a permit for both cab driving and limousine driving.

The App Uber allows ordinary people to use their private car for cab driving and it could lead to an increase in immigration which would be an additional burden for a system already under pressure.

The Danish authorities and local business have publicly stated that they intend to fight foreign based apps which could result in an increase of new businesses in Denmark to the very end. The Danish community is based on a social system where families slowly earn a raise in social status over generations. Children from the working class tend to leave with elementary school exam only. About 20 percent of all children in Denmark leave with only 9 years of education. Children from higher social classes tend to graduate high school and study at universities.

This social pattern ensures low crime rate and comfort among Danes who can live peacefully without being forced to outlive their potential.

Denmark has also sued Microsoft for 1 billion US Dollars accusing Microsoft for cheating in tax in relationship with relocating some of their activities to Ireland.

The hunt for U.S. businesses in Denmark are on.


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