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Greedy adoption agencies

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I recently learned of the Torry Hansen adoption case.

She approached the World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP) because she wanted a child. Basically she approached a business for profit to get her a nice baby.

However they fooled her and failed to educate her of common problems which are to be expected when adopting a child. There are certain mental health problems adoptees often will suffer.

But the adoption agency didn’t care. She got a Russian boy and they got their money.

Now the mother returned the child when she discovered that she was fooled. Yes, she gave up early. Maybe she wasn’t fit to be a mother. A responsible adoption agency would have put her to tests and properly they would have advised her to take some counseling and education before allowing her to get a child.

Now this poor boy is back in Russia and the mother has been sued by the very same adoption agency which failed her.

I don’t blame the Russian authorities for putting a stop to adoptions despite the fact they are properly getting money out of this traffic too. I feel that the entire adoption traffic worldwide should be investigated. Too many parents give up because they are not told the truth about their task as parents to an adopted child. There is an entire ranch in the United States for adopted children where parents have realized that they haven’t the tools to fix the problem.

In Denmark we have the Amy case. A poor girl was adopted from some country in Africa to Denmark together with her little sister. It was properly some kind of sibling packet where parents have to take an older sibling if they want to adopt a little kid. It didn’t go very well with Denmark with her adoptive family, so the parents asked for help from our social services and Amy found a foster family where she became happy. There the story should have ended because in a civilized world we must put the children first. Unfortunately there were therapists who believed that the best outcome would be to relocate Amy from the foster family to a group home well-known in the public for having employees who drink alcohol during work-hours as a final step before returning her to her adoptive family.

I feel that adoptions to Denmark should be stopped too while this entire mess with poor Amy is sorted out.

Adoption is a heavy task and it is difficult work. I praise the people who take this task on to them. I feel that you as a parents place yourself in a position where you simply cannot give up regardless of how bad it will be. That’s why I am not ready to adopt a child.

Alert to adoption agencies: Avoid Denmark for your children

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I just got an email from a humanitarian organization called Domestic prisoners of conscience.

Just this week did the authorities remove a girl aged 11 from her foster family only to place her at a residential treatment center run by department of social service in the town of Naestved which are most known in the public for having employees drinking alcohol during work.

Back in 2008 this treatment program was in the media with allegations of the use of corporal punishment and non-caring staff members. The facility is even registered on Fornits Wiki, which is a worldwide database of wilderness programs, boarding schools and residential treatment centers which should be monitored carefully and avoided by the families.

Why did this girl aged only 11 deserve a stint at this residential treatment center? Because she was happy living at the foster family when her adoptive family had abandoned her due to problems which had their origins from the country she came from.

We must recognize that some children who are adopted arrive with baggage. Danes are not like some adoptive parents who return the child back home as a kind of damage good. We have heard of cases from both Sweden and the United States where the children are shipped back home because they couldn’t handle the problem.

Instead they are mostly sensible people who reach out for help to deal the problems. As a taxpayer I have no problem paying for children who are in the need of residential care in the few cases where it is needed. I must point out that the percentage errors in the cases the social services are high. In fact more than 60 percent of the entire caseload is filled with errors. But from time to time we do hear of single cases which turn out happily for the involved child. One such case could be the case of Amy – the 11 year old girl we are talking about.

But the authorities in Naestved would not allow her some happiness. So they sent both the police and musclemen from the treatment to the foster family and dragged the poor girl to their car.

I find this case both wrong and awful.

I believe that it is so shameful that we should not be allowed to take children to Denmark when this is how our authorities want to treat them.

So I would urge adoption agencies to bypass Denmark as goal for their children. It is in the interest of the children.

I am not that good with Google Translate, so if you want to learn what the case is about you can follow the link below: Hårdhændet tvangsflytning meldt til politiet (Sjaellandske Nyheder)

The worst 21 days of my life.

In culture on August 22, 2010 at 06:36

My work did sent me to do a project in the lovely town of Vordingborg. Unfortunately my firm has no housing in Vordingborg, but only at the nearest town with the name of Naestved. There is nothing wrong with Naestved, the housing the firm provided or the project in general. My problems were with the transport. The workplace was in the middle of Vordingborg and private parking firms exist in Vordingborg. They are in general run by some eastern Europe mafia if you judge them by their methods used.

I remember a co-worker who lived in Hilleroed at the time. One day he decided to visit a local supermarket. When he entered the parking place the sign read: “Do only park within the marks.” When he returned he saw a worker from the parking firm note his car. His pointed down at the white line and asked if he had parked within the marks. The worker from the parking firm replied that it was not the white lines which did count. It was a little 5×10 cm sign in the same colors as the bricks at the wall in front of the car which told if the specific parking space was for public use or rented out to a firm in the neighborhood. Because getting a fine regardless if it was issued from a private parking firm is a shame for the family, my co-worker did commit suicide and the present policy of the firm is to not enter a private owned parking space at any cost and in general avoid to buy goods at shops which have no free parking. But that is another story.

I had to use public transport. Because I didn’t want to pay for detours with bus or train I had to buy a 30 days card. The rules in Denmark are that you have to pay extra if the train doesn’t work and they insert busses as replacement which have to drive extra zones to make it to the final destination unless you buy a card for a 30 days minimum. They have a lot of trouble with this in Copenhagen because they are replacing the train tracks.

I also had to pay for a ticket from the town of Ringsted, which is located 25 kilometers north of Naestved to Vordingborg. It was cheaper than the ticket from Naestved to Vordingborg. It is something about that the system in Denmark doesn’t like local travelers. Normally local travelers are poor people working low-paid jobs in the larger cities. Long distance travelers are businessmen wearing expensive suits. The system is constructed so they get better prices for reasons unknown.

It was 21 hard days. The train sets we rode in was from the 1950’s. They were noisy and you flew round in the cabins on the bumpy tracks. They did replace them a month later, but my neck still hurts. We were a couple of passengers who yelled at each other so I got their story about how cold the train sets are in the winter and the 1993 summer of illness among the drivers of the trains where you people only made it to work one or two days per week.

I am cured from ever using public transport again. If necessary I will ride my bike the entire 30 kilometers 2 times per day during my entire stay if I ever have to work on the project in Vordingborg again.

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