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Jacques Delors creation has become a joke

In culture on September 25, 2016 at 20:18

OK. He is not President of the European Union anymore but he is remembered as the person who never saw Brexit coming. The Sun – a newspaper most Danes regards a one of the most serious and in deep newspapers in the United Kingdom – published on November 1, 1990 its famous “Frog Off” front-page.

As we Danes see it the European Union is only good for the people in suit and ties who want to avoid paying taxes in Denmark. Apples case where they were able to hide illegal in Denmark is only the top of Iceberg. In Denmark we saw Microsoft move their invoicing of the Microsoft Business Solutions programs from Denmark to Ireland overnight. We can only guess how little they were able to pay in taxes in Ireland.

The European Unions are only good for criminals and as more expensive they choose to dress, as easier it is for them to escape taxation and justice. That is the monster this person did more than most people to create – a place where we ordinary people are forced to work longer and longer before we can retire. A place where our children have to give up their dreams and ambitions because they can no longer get student grants but have to live of a college fund their parents never knew they had to create when they paid more than half of their income in taxes to finance their children’s education.

I will always remember this man as a stain in modern European history: A person, who damaged my plans for my retirement. A person, who damaged the future of my children.


Denmark blocks U.S businesses

In business culture on November 19, 2014 at 10:44

The authorities in Denmark has reported Uber to the police in order protect local businesses. In Denmark the area is highly regulated because cab driving attracts immigrants with bachelor and university degree who cannot get their foreign education recognized in Denmark.

So in order to stop high educated immigrants from taking job positions from Danish workers with elementary school degrees in areas where they are equal qualified, the authorities demand a special education and a permit for both cab driving and limousine driving.

The App Uber allows ordinary people to use their private car for cab driving and it could lead to an increase in immigration which would be an additional burden for a system already under pressure.

The Danish authorities and local business have publicly stated that they intend to fight foreign based apps which could result in an increase of new businesses in Denmark to the very end. The Danish community is based on a social system where families slowly earn a raise in social status over generations. Children from the working class tend to leave with elementary school exam only. About 20 percent of all children in Denmark leave with only 9 years of education. Children from higher social classes tend to graduate high school and study at universities.

This social pattern ensures low crime rate and comfort among Danes who can live peacefully without being forced to outlive their potential.

Denmark has also sued Microsoft for 1 billion US Dollars accusing Microsoft for cheating in tax in relationship with relocating some of their activities to Ireland.

The hunt for U.S. businesses in Denmark are on.


Happy new year?

In family on December 31, 2013 at 22:09

On this last day of the year 2013 which have turned out to be quite a challenge for the workers at the company I work for, I wonder what kind of future we can expect.

We will face difficulties regarding the explosion in costs. Microsoft removed the present technology in Dynamics C5 from the market. Every adjustment to the program we had made over a period of 5 years has to be rewritten in a new language. There are only a few consultants to choose among whom knows the new language and all the employees in our IT-section have an age over 40 which make it too expensive to put them on courses so they can learn the new things.

Our management has already told the entire department that they should be starting to look for a new job because the management wants to hire younger people because the education which should enable people to master the new program costs so much that it would take 10-15 years to gain the investment back. There are simply too few firms which provide the education. The Trade union did once analyze the market in relationship with the education plans in TDC one of the largest telephone companies in the business. They calculated the age where you don’t invest more in people in the Danish industry to 34. So if you have an age above 34 you have to do with the knowledge you have gained because none will invest in you.

I wonder whether new technology regarding logistics will put me out of job. I am kind of afraid that I don’t make it to retirement or have the possibility to get on disability. We may have to sell our house and move out in the countryside where unemployed and elderly people live. In Denmark the cities are only for people well off and foreigners who have special tax-rules which allows them to come here and take our jobs while they can avoid paying taxes. In Denmark foreigners can work 3 years before they have to pay taxes. Worse they can bring their children and get education for free – in some cases their children can even receive student grants.

That’s why 2014 seems to be a hard year. That’s why I am afraid of it.

Merry Xmas and a happy new year!

Microsoft Dynamics has resulted in cuts

In business culture on September 24, 2013 at 19:12

Our boss just sent a mail to all our departments. Microsoft has announced that the present version of Microsoft Dymanics C5 is to be taken off the market and replaced with a new one based on a different development environment. We have used Microsoft Dynamics C5 for almost 10 years and we had just upgraded the system.

Not only do we have to re-program the entire system. We also have to hire new programmers for the job because the employees in our IT-department are not trained in the new system. To make matter worse it cost about DKK 75,000 per employee to be trained to the new system and many of the employee are more than 40 years so they are too old to be upgraded. They will be laid off. The ROI concerning the education is measured to be around 8-9 years and due to their age they are in a higher risk group when it comes to illnesses etc. It is better for the company to hire younger employees and train them. They have to have at least 30 years ahead of them on the job-market to have a chance to be granted courses so they can learn the new system.

I find it awful that Microsoft can do such a thing when we are in the middle of a crisis. I have spoken with both customers and suppliers who use C5 like us. They all face the same challenges and they also agree that the old people have to be laid off replacing them with young people just of out school.

Times are rough right now I think that we have to thank God every single day we are allowed to go to a normal work so we can feed our family.

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