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Update on the rape case

In Uncategorized on July 24, 2013 at 20:46

The Norwegian woman is now back in Norway after her case were debated on this blog and many others.

She was pardoned and while it is good for her that she could return home and avoid further time behind bars, the pardon itself still makes it look like she had done something wrong by letting herself being drugged and raped.

Working, studying or even spending a holiday in a country where the general behavior is so different that we see in Denmark seems impossible for me. Just the other day a Danish newspaper informed us citizens that the best way to boost your career and remain in touch with job-openings in Denmark is to drink with your boss. Networking is an art our students learn in the Friday bars on our high school campuses. More than 70 percent of all jobs in Denmark are found by networking instead of applying to a newspaper ad.

Then there is the team spirit issue. Here in Denmark it is often stated that Human Resource work consist of a beer after work every Friday and a 5 minutes so-called career development talk every 18 month. It is just that important to be with your co-workers.

Then there is the question why the management of The One Total Home Experience allowed a known womanizer alone. They should know that it would create difficulties or risk of lawsuits over time. Even if the behavior is considered a tradition a new order of high morale will mean trouble for any firm.

In Denmark it was normal behavior for people in the construction business to have quite wild Christmas parties. Back in 2001 a 25 year old woman entered such a party and ended up having sex with 5 of the employees. At a lower court the men were acquitted because people from the working class are expected to jump any female form and women should know that. But the prosecution appealed and the men were sentenced to 2 years in prison. Most saw it as a sign to alter old tradition even though some stated that the mental state of the woman should have meant that the men should have known that she should need a special kind of protection. I believe that firms regardless of the alleged mental status of the woman should have known the writings on the wall. We live in a globalized world where individual countries and business cannot live freely as in the old days.

For Dubai it means that a lot will be done to ensure that tourists will chose other countries where it is legal to drink and have sex outside the marriage. Countries where the women fell that some take them serious even if it don’t result in conviction because where many tourists are in town it is of course difficult to find the criminal.

For The One Total Home Experience there is only one thing to say. Do not work for that firm! It is not worth it regardless of the sunny surroundings. If the firm don’t back you up and helps you to escape local justice then don’t work abroad for it. They should have lawyered her up right away and helped her out of the country. Then they could have fired her if the alleged rapist was a top-sales person and they couldn’t do without the sale the alleged rapist generate.

The entire case could have been resolved so much smarter with money on the table. Outside the borders of Denmark justice is equal a lot of money.

If you need further advice I can only recommend that you consult the Danish Emigration institute as I stated in a previous post.


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