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The people I want to read this entry, cannot do it

In politics on June 11, 2017 at 05:13

The people in France face a tough question when they will vote at the election this week.

Should they support Macron for not?

Because while the sound of reforms might sound fine, the decision to actually go through with them will leave 40 percent of the population behind. Those left behind are those who only speaks french. Those who do not have the highest education. Those whos mission in life have been to serve in their jobs faithfully knowing that the thanks they got were security in their jobs.

The experience Danish workers who suffer under the Danish flexibility system knows this too well. In Denmark there is actually no difference between a temporary contract and a permanent work contract. You can always be fired and the employer doesn’t need a very good reason for it. The Danish worker get very little compensation:

  • The first 3 months, the employee gets 1 months notion/salary
  • Until 3 years of employment, the employee gets 3 months notion/salary
  • Until 6 years of employment, the employee gets 4 months notion/salary
  • Until 9 years of employment, the employee gets 5 months notion/salary
  • Until 12 years of employment, the employee gets 6 months notion/salary, 1 months bonus
  • Until 15 years of employment, the employee gets 6 months notion/salary, 2 months bonus
  • Until 18 years of employment, the employee gets 6 months notion/salary, 3 months bonus

When an employee is hired the employee has to work faithfully until the last day of employeement unless otherwise ordered by the employer to avoid suspension where the worker is sent home losing all payment. When it happen the trade unions who is more interested in dinners and internal holidays often are able to provide very little compensation.

The bonus also include the problem that you have to pay tax of it and because Denmark has a tax system where you pay extra for higher income, most people cannot enjoy their bonus very much.

This is the system French people can face if they vote for Macron. Their positions in the firms they work in, are no longer secure. If they complain about coffee or tea, it is called cooperation problems and it an accepted reason for firing people.

That is why most Danes switch jobs every 3 year. There are no loyalty bonus. It is everyone for themselves.

Secondly most people don’t know that every 3 person on the Danish job market in reality is working under slave-like working conditions where they do not earn the right to unemployment benefits. Caseworkers are befriended by employers and given various services by employers. In exchange the caseworkers see to that unemployed people are ordered to work for their unemployment benefits or social security at those friendly employers.

They don’t earn right to vacation. They don’t earn right to additional unemployment benefits. It is called job-training or job-testing. In reality it is a system which allows employers to get access to a cheap workforce. People who used to earn a normal salary, are now replaced with people being “trained” or “tested”.

Is that fair? That you shall lose your job, just because your employer do not want to pay full salary filling your job-position?

Of course not, but it is the Danish system.

There are even cases where workers have been fired and suddenly they find themselves being “tested” or “trained” at their old work to a very much lower salary.

Do not follow in the path of us Danes!!

That is the message I will send to the French people.

The only problem: I do not speak French!!


Swedish border control could create jobs for more Danes

In politics on December 27, 2015 at 22:19

Since the Oresund Bridge was built a lot of poorly educated people from the southern part of Sweden which even the central government in Sweden regards as wasteland has traveled to Denmark where they work in low-paid jobs which is all their skills justify.

For many years the southern part of Sweden was the place nuclear plants were placed so they couldn’t inflict much damage in important things in Sweden if something went wrong.

It is mostly farmland and people were brought up and educated to take jobs in that sector. Then the Oresund bridge was built and suddenly these poorly educated Swedish people could get jobs in Copenhagen working in shops and as newpaperboys. When the economy was fine nobody had any problem with this but then the financial crisis came and suddenly Danes found these jobs taken by people with no ambition in life. People who didn’t mind going for a low salary for the rest of their lives because these jobs were way better than manuel farming.

Now the Swedish government has introduced border control as strict as Europe saw it back in the days with the iron curtain. The cause is of course the migration crisis where tons of refugees aimed at Sweden for their destination. They were rightfully informed that there would be no future for them in countries like Denmark. In Denmark they would be kept and fed like pets in isolated villages with no future for both themselves and their families once they were allowed to bring them to Denmark.

Now Sweden has decided to chicken out when it comes to take responsibility in this migration crisis. They have closed their borders. The problem is that they have decided to fine transport companies if they transport migrants. They will not cover the costs of their border control themselves. The Swedish railway companies had contracts which enabled them to stop the traffic between Denmark and Sweden. The Danish railway companies have not been allowed to cancel their contracts. The ferry companies also. So now the tax-payers in Denmark are stuck with the bill for this Swedish cowardness.

It is unfair!

The taxpayers in the very country on the entire earth who struggles the most severe to ensure their retirement and the schooling are stuck with the bill for another countrys actions.

Now we must see to that a lot of the jobs Swedish farmers have taken in Copenhagen are returned to Danes. When we are forced to pay for a job which the authorities in Sweden should do they shouldn’t send their poorly educated workforce to Denmark and earn the income which rightfully should go to Danes from Lolland-Falster where there are no schools etc. so the shops in Copenhagen could stay open without Swedish employees.

Not only are we tired of the Swedish cowardness when it comes to taking responsibility for feeding and keeping the refugees until there are peace in Syria and Iraq. We are also tired of their wish to let others pay for their border control.

It is an insult to Danish tax-payers!!

We will never forget it!!!

Feeding the stray cats

In politics on September 14, 2015 at 05:58

As Danes we should care when people in need of a peaceful place come to us and I have no problems paying for that. We will find places for them to live and we will feed them until they can return to the places they came from.

However I fear that even the peace and service we offer can become a burden not only to our society but also for the refugees.

Because the question will be: What should they do with their lives once they have settled here in Denmark?

I am afraid that their only option is to wait until they can return even if it proves to be for the rest of their lives. Will anyone be able to live an entire life without activity? Without goals in life? Without ambitions for themselves or even their children?

I cannot imagine that.

But that is the reality they will face in Denmark!

The demands for the work environment in Denmark is very tough. To meet that demand our schooling system is second to none.

Look at Danish exchange students. There are hardly any country they can travel to and study for a full year and return getting credits for their time in a foreign high school. I have met several former exchange students who have studied in United Kingdom, France and United States. They all returned and had to take up schooling with a year lost so they graduated a full year later than their former class mates.

We had a terrible terrorist killing people in Copenhagen earlier this year. His life was derailed when his mother took him out of Denmark and it lead him towards a life in crime ending with the terrorist attack where he was riddled with bullets in his final stand with our police.

Once you leave Denmark attending a foreign school you lose. Maybe you never catch up.

So regarding career and being a productive citizens it is not something the refugees and migrants will find in Denmark. We will feed them and care for them like we do with the dogs and cats we take into our care from the shelters. The question is: Can they live like that for the rest of their lives?

7 people were fired this morning

In business culture on February 11, 2015 at 19:06

7 of my co-workers lost their job today. The reason was to spare them from the consequences of the changes in the European Union Cross-Border Enforcement Directive.

Until today Danish salespersons working abroad was protected against the corrupt police abroad because Denmark had opted out of this directive. If they just managed to get out of the country without being stopped they were safe. Now every corrupt policeman south of the border can look up car license plates and mail the ticket.

The Danish government has been sleeping and accepted a referendum which left a lot of jobs in danger because no employer would force employees into a danger zone similar to sending relief workers into areas controlled by ISIS.

So in order to save the dignity of my co-workers they were fired so they were free to seek job opportunities inside Denmark instead.

Instead local salespersons will be hired. Mostly likely they would settle for less salary because there have to be room for a boss and a secretary to the boss who translate speak German or some of the other languages to the boss. The boss would be located near an airport so transport by car can be avoided.

We all enjoyed beer and wine before they left for home. It is always sad when you have to say goodbye with someone who you have worked with for several years.

Green-cards to Denmark are still a scam

In business culture on January 20, 2014 at 19:36

Back in 2012 I wrote a blog entry about people being lured to Denmark believing that their hard-earned education could secure them a job in Denmark despite the fact that our education system is on a so much higher level.

A lot of people have read the blog entry. Some have emailed me trying to tell me that I was mistaken.

But articles in the Danish newspapers this week proved me right. Immigrants with PhD in philosophy find themselves working as cleaners. It seems to be unfair taking into consideration that they often have spent 5 years or more taking classes at their local universities or colleges. But that is what a foreign exam qualifies them to. It is not slave labor as some articles suggest. It is about an intense competition with local workers. And the local people are under pressure. They are forced to write applications for at least 8 jobs regardless if they are qualified to seek it or not. If they don’t they cannot get social welfare.

So the jobs are not there. I wish that our politicians would abandon the green card system to Denmark. It is a scam. It is a lie to make people abroad believes that there are jobs to get in Denmark and lure them here to jobs they in no way can qualify themselves for unless they start their entire schooling over.

To jobs applicants:

Stay out of Denmark. If you travel here you will be forced to work for almost nothing. Don’t waste your money hoping to find a job in Denmark.


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