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Well. It could and properly do happens in your child’s residential treatment center

In business culture on January 27, 2019 at 09:40

Elan school is now closed. The management at the time of closure complained that evil Internet rumors closed them down. Years later it was discovered that the death of a teenager Phil Williams Jr. might have died due to the nature of a widespread treatment approach, Elan School used.

The police looked into it, but too many years had gone. Many former students from Elan School has died, employees have died and evidence was hard to gather, so they had to close the investigation down and the family did not get justice for their loss of a family member.

Here is a small graphic description of the exercise which could have claimed the life of the teenager.

The unbelievable true story of "The Ring". Illustrated.

The unbelievable true story of “The Ring”. Illustrated.

It is not an out of the ordinar exercise and parents would properly have learned about it if they were not accepting both limitation of communication by amount of time spent on the phone and allowing that employees were listening in on phone conversations so they could censor what the child were telling the parents. If you as a parent accept that homevisits or phonecalls are limited due to the behavior of the child, then you open the vindue to the kind of danger many of such exercises expose your child to.

Today some people question why such a place could be run by a manager who did not have the degrees but the sad facts is that local state officials do grant licenses to individuals regardless of their background because they just need warehouses for unwanted children.

It is not about the children, it is about getting cases of your table. That is the real reason Elan School was allowed to exist for so long. As I stated above. This is not extraordinary methods. So are you looking out for your child if you decide for a residential treatment center?

FIFA was the first step. Now a bright new future could await Europe

In International justice on June 3, 2015 at 04:53

Sepp Blatter – while being an European he was a spokesman for the third world living after the basis principles politicians in the third world arbeit by.

He was a threat for the sport which could make the lives for us fans unspeakable hard. No boat refugee passing the Mediterranean could claim that they had it hard or was suffering when you compare their holiday experiences in the ocean with being forced to stay up all night because the FIFA management or IOC management have decided to place major events in time zones where the activities are done during the night.

So a new management for FIFA could bring better conditions for us fans. But why stop there. IOC has been investigated in the past and FBI did only scratch the surface. There are still many aspects by IOC which could be investigated and changed.

Then of course we can speak of the life outside sport. Why outsource? Why invite workers without qualifications and security clearance to do work they have no idea of like CSC did in Denmark which resulted in a major security breech so vital data could be used or abused by criminals all over the world? Why allow people in other countries to rule their country themselves if we have proven in the past that we could do better.

Take a country like Congo. The Belgians did a good job running the country for almost 100 years before they left the country in charge of local people preparing them for long time to do their job. It went terrible wrong and now we are speaking of a kind of non-country ruled by whoever has the most weapons. In the years between the two great wars the world outside Europe was a better place where people could travel peacefully almost all over the world.

We could bring peace to the world if people in other parts of the world accepted that they had their limits and left the control to us. I have a small hope for the future of the world now where FBI have shown what a political motivated investigation can bring of good things for an entire sport.

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