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Detained without access to legal counsel. Yes, it is possible in Denmark

In justice on June 18, 2017 at 19:14

When the police arrest you, you are brought before a judge within 24 hours if the police select to charge you.

And all you have to say is the word “lawyer” and then the police are required to allow you a call.

But not if you are a student at boarding schools in Denmark like Bernstorffsminde Efterskole.

When alcohol was found on campus, they detained a large number of students for hours while they interrogated the students one by one.

The students were not allowed to call their parents. They were not allowed to bring in legal counsel. After the school had conducted the interrogations they suspended 46 students and in the end 16 students were expelled only one months before the exams.

In Denmark most schools can require parents to pay for 4 weeks after the student has been expelled. That is properly why the school waited for so long until they intervened against the students. This way they didn’t suffer economically. It is the same with other boarding schools. When they expell students in larger numbers they accept unwanted behavior until there are only 4 weeks left and then they make this incidents making them look like a good place for parnets who wants a strict place for their child to be while the parents sit back home relaxing while having outsourced their parental responsabilities.

Why are the students not better protected taking into consideration that it is a constitutional right for every young Dane to enjoy alcohol under the safe limit of 16 percent when they become 16 years of age? Why allows the Danish department of education these conditions when the Danish state actually pay some of the costs of having children at these boarding schools?

The students need better protection.

If school prevent students from enjoying alcohol like they are allowed to if they were living at home, the state should not support them. The Danish people live in a time where our way of life is endangered by people who don’t like our culture. No place in Denmark paid by the state should be given any kind of money if they choose to provide living conditions which don’t support our lifestyle.


Please do not visit Denmark right now – we have a problem we need to resolve

In business culture on October 25, 2013 at 22:43

I saw this press-release the other night from a NGO in Denmark:

If you are planning to visit Denmark right now, please consider otherwise.

The risk that we as a nation cannot protect ordinary human rights is too huge.

Not long ago a man parked his car when he came back from work. He had a permit to park in the area. Then during the night the power in the area went down. As result the repairmen needed just his spot for their vehicles and took contact to the authorities who made the decision to create a no-parking zone covering the area where his car was parked during the night.
The next morning when he came down to his car he noticed a ticket. The authorities claim that it is his duty as a car owner to inspect his car every second hour 24/7 so he can make sure that the terms of car-parking are not changed while his car is placed there.
So he had no choice but to pay the ticket.

The creation of zones where certain acts suddenly are illegal without noticing the citizens have shown to be quite common in Denmark. While we as Danish citizens must endure this torment there are no reason that you as tourist walk into what is very clearly a trap.

That is why we urge you to remain out of Denmark if you consider visiting us. We will work to alter the laws which have created this situation of unjust. Unfortunately it would take some time and we want to spare you from walking into a trap.

Thank you very much for reading this
The team behind “The dystopian Denmark”

I support this message 100 percent. We as car users in Denmark live a tough life hiding from speed traps and parking traps. It is not a country where you will invite innocent tourist to.

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