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A forgotten state

In culture on March 28, 2016 at 06:07

I read a news story about a reality star being sentenced to jail for DUI. Nothing new there but a little digging showed that I have overlooked one state in the United States. West Virginia seems to consist of people living almost the same as the good young Danes. OK. Maybe a little wilder but it is a TV-show and they make it just a little more extreme.

The TV-show Buckwild shows how West Virginia’s finest live.

It impressed me.

In a time where we all fear that our young men and women redraw from the friday bars in our high schools in order to go home and start their computer only waiting for a heathen to look them up online and start to radicalized them, we parent tend to look for places on the earth where values we encourage, are embrased. Here West Virginia and the typical citizens shown in the TV-show suddenly become a place we parents can recommend safely for our sons and daughters.

Only thing is that I fear that they might not have a good network of public transportation and it worries me as a parent if that is the case. Good young Danes drink some alcohol and they know very early on that you cannot combine drinking and driving. Young Danes start drinking alcohol at their confirmation at age 14 or 15. They have at least 3 years to learn how alcohol impact them before they can start applying for a driving license. Many Danes don’t because they are realistic and know that they cannot combine their lifestyle with too much mobility. That is also why most firms seldom move more than 5 kilometers to a new address if they either downsize or grow out of place at their current address because they know that they would lose employees who cannot follow them because they have no access to a car.

But as I said above. Buckwild has opened a new state across the Atlantic as a tourist destination. Any Dane aged 21 or more could find it an interesting place to visit. Younger Danes just have to wait. The Danish department of education will not grant credits to exchange students because the high schools in West Virginia lack the social dimension which is also important for students and it requires a friday bar where the students can socialize over a beer or a glass of wine after school. Maybe it will change one day when they become wiser. But it doesn’t change the fact that West Virginia seems to be an interesting place to visit.

When you want fewer to pass high school

In culture on December 30, 2014 at 17:02

In Denmark our parliament is busy trying to get fewer kids through high school. Our parliament is worried that too many focus of academic achievement. They want more Danes to choose manual labor as their line of business.

I don’t get this. I saw an article on the Internet regarding Dallas in Texas where the citizens are suing the authorities because the children can be labeled criminals if they don’t pass high school. Why is one part of the world trying to get more kids through high school and another country fewer kids through high school.

In Denmark truancy is almost gone. The main weapon use is Friday Bars on high school campuses where they students can socialize after classes over a beer or a glass of wine. The students gain friendships and some even life-long social network they use when changing jobs in the future.

The teenagers in Denmark want to go to high school despite the fact that many of them comes from working glass families where they are not trained at home to study and they cannot reach out to their parents because many of them don’t have the education which enables them to help their children. Private mentors and experts are hired by Danish parents because the study halls introduced last week for students attending form 1 to form 9 can only help average students. If students want to achieve the grade 10 or 12 which equals A in the US they need a boost from outside. It can be academically trained parents or hired help in town.

The social heritage is unbeatable. The students pass high school but for what purpose? The Danish parliament knows that. That’s why they are working to prevent those with the lowest grades in form 9 to enter High School steering them toward trade school or if they are totally cast-outs toward as a career as SOSU-assistants (who takes care of elderlies, mental patients and non-medically work in Hospitals.)

I fail to understand why a town like Dallas doesn’t do the same introducing the Friday bars. The results speak for themselves. Students will attend high schools in such numbers that you will have to introduce various precautions to keep some of them away.


It is not a TV-show, it is child abuse

In family on April 26, 2013 at 13:53

I just saw the Dr. Phil show named Gorgeous, Gifted and Brutal. Once again a girl as it has happened before in this show ends up being forced to some kind of survival course or a boarding school. The program chosen – SUWS – has lost two boys in their care during the years they have been in operation. These two boys just died out there. It does not sound very safe for me.

What has this girl done?

Reacting out as most teenagers for once, dating someone her parents don’t like and used drugs because she lives in an odd country where teenagers are kept in school like here in Denmark with Friday bars on the high school campuses.

It is not a troubled teenager. It is a normal teenager.

A troubled teenager is one who is keeping herself apart from the peers. A person not found in the friday bar. Because such a student cannot create the social network everyone needs in high school, the universities or at work places.

In a lot of companies here in Denmark the employees also enjoy a beer or a glas of wine after work.

A quiet girl will basically be on the path for unemployment hoping that some man will pick her up and take her as a wife. The best she could hope for is a McJob career.

Secondly allowing strange men to take her away. What happened to “Never go with a stranger”? It is something I teach my kids as the very first lesson.

Gorgeous, Gifted and Brutal (Dr. Phil show)

The state will control the upbringing of Danish children

In Uncategorized on April 24, 2010 at 14:03

After a week of illness I am back and this time my essay is about the Danish state which is working to take over the job of parenting.

Of course most would state that it is already the case when more than 80 percent of all children aged below 5 are in daycare.

However this time they want to endanger our teenagers.

Every year about 4 people aged between 15 and 29 die when they drink too much. While it is a pleasant death for the individual who is spared a life without early retirement, of course it is a tragedy for the relatives. So we must conclude that 1 out of 1,250,000 people die from alcohol poisoning in a society where you legally can buy alcohol once you have turned 16.

But our politicians want to raise the age limit to 18. I find that is a problem.

First the survey they base their conclusion on is not covering the age group they want to protect. It doesn’t show whether the persons who die from alcohol poisoning is an adult or a minor. When they allegedly come to the conclusion that teenagers under 18 need a certain level of protection from ordinary method of socializing and refers to a survey which gives no basis for introducing any kind of restriction on alcohol purchase. 25 deaths are tragic, but we are talking 25 deaths over 7 years out of a population of 5,000,000 people. I could name at least 25 things that kill a larger number of Danes than alcohol poisoning.

Second we must remember that we are at war. The Danish Institute for finer Cuisine wrote a blog-entry about how the risk of shoot shootings are minimized in Danish High Schools. There have been some focus of bullying in high schools and right now they have a high profile case in the United States where a student named Phoebe Prince was bullied to deaths. Students were arrested. One kid is death. Several will have their lives destroyed regardless if they are found guilty or not. All that is not necessary. Instead they could have established Friday bars in the high schools. First those bars make the student attend school. Truancy is minimized. Second bullying is minimized because a beer makes the student socialize. Finally our soldiers returning from Afghanistan tell us that suicide bombers don’t drink so the students can remove themselves from a potential dangerous situation when they spot a sober student.

Finally I am worried about the number of drivers who are putting us all at risk when they choose to drive under influence. Today this number is low compared with the United States. Even taken into consideration that we have not an adult BAC level but the lower level of 0.5 due to the Oresund Bridge which have meant that an increased number of drivers with a low tolerance towards alcohol have entered the Danish roads so the BAC level had to be lowered even when it damaged the human resource work in our firms. But the reason why we have few cases of DUI is that new drivers are well aware of the risk of alcohol in relationship with driving. They know in advance how alcohol affects their bodies.

I fear that a combined introduction of alcohol and a driver license will increase the number of DUI cases because they have to learn about both things at the same time.

I believe that they should consider either to lower the age limit to 15 or removing it. The families give their children alcohol in relationship with the confirmation as they have done for at least 200 years. By having an age limit they tell the parents not to discuss alcohol consumption because it is a state matter. Then the teenagers will go out without any adult guidance to make their own experiences and properly also mistakes.

I see this step taken by our government to be a step on a road towards to a society where the state takes over the children from the minute they are born. No birthdays etc. with the parents. The child is removed from the care of the family.

I hope that this development can be reversed so Denmark can be a country of free people once again.

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