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Forced adoption replacing foster families in Denmark

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Denmark is perhaps the country in the world which has done most to break the social heritage. For more than 40 years the various governments have tried to give everyone equal opportunities in life. It has resulted in very little progress.

20 percent of the students leaving the general school “Folkeskole” (9 years of education. The students typically graduate at age 16) gets no further education. No high school, not business school, not anything. They line up as uneducated labor working in shops and in factories if they are not victim of mental illnesses or poverty so they cannot afford transportation to a school. The problem is big outside the major cities.

Some graduate high school with low grades which makes their exam paper worthless. Now our government has introduced new rules which make it more difficult to enter high school. A certain grade level is required.

What? In other countries they are working to get as many through high school and in Denmark they want fewer to get a good decent education? But then – it is Denmark, it is the politicians; it doesn’t need to be logic.

Then there are those who end up in foster families, group homes, residential treatment centers or therapeutic boarding schools. Does it work?

No, our government has checked all the research made in Denmark and abroad. If a research concludes that an abused child would benefit from being placed outside it biological family this research for certain has been sponsored by people in the so-called troubled teen industry.

In Denmark the conclusion is: You cannot prove that a placement outside home works. Not on the long run. Some young adults may even get PTSD as result of their stay, so the social services in Denmark are working to treat teenagers in out-patients programs.

But still: What to do with the children who have already been sent to live in a foster family or treatment facility?

The new strategy is to allow the foster families to adopt the troubled teenager.

First and most important: Adoption families don’t get paid unlike the often expensive foster families.

Secondly breaking the social heritage works poorly if the troubled teenagers return home once they are legally adults.
The children in foster care need to lose their biological family. And that is what a new law in Denmark allows the social services and foster families to do.

What are then the criteria for being allowed to keep a child?

It is not to be answered because it is the individual social worker who recommends the removal of a child based on her belief and her ability to persuade the local counsel.

If the biological family wants to launch an appeal it would take 3-4 years before there is an appeal. It is a lose – lose situation for the biological family. They have either the money or the emotional surplus to be cut off from their child for that period. They might give up right away.

So the hope is that Denmark – in some years – might have battled and defeated the social heritage but at a too high price to pay for those who are poor or on welfare.

CPS scandals – not a isolated US problem

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A lot of people depend on the foster care system. The depend on agents and social workers branding normal families unfit to take care of their own children.

And it is all about the money. It is not about the children.

The result is children being thrown around in the system.

It is not a problem for the U.S. citizens alone.

Also here in Denmark children are removed wrongly from their families. We had a real neglect case in a Danish town called Broenderslev. Because it caught the attention of the media and because some of the social services departments had declined to take the case due to the high costs of placing 10 children in their care, the parliament provided both the money and the motivation to start a witchhunt on ordinary families.

Today it can be dangerous for a parent to seek treatment for ordinary illnesses like depression because the very minute a record of such a treatment reaches the social services they can invoice the parents thousands of DKK for possible preventive treatment of the children so they don’t catch a depression in the future because depressions are considered contagious in Denmark.

In the so-called happiest country in the world, families are losing their houses; children are ripped from their families in an endless battle on mental illnesses like depression.

All because social workers lives of the system. All because lazy foster parents can get an easy child they can get a lot of money for. Most foster parents in Denmark are so lazy that they don’t want to attend two days of mandatory education per year where they can learn all kind of knowledge of children and despite the fact that the courses are mandatory, they can continue to cash in while they stay away from the courses.

Group home owners hire the most uneducated people with the size of their muscles as the only credential. They use the money they are given for the children to their own profit. It is cheating the system and harming innocent kids. Both in Denmark and the United States.

Alert to adoption agencies: Avoid Denmark for your children

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I just got an email from a humanitarian organization called Domestic prisoners of conscience.

Just this week did the authorities remove a girl aged 11 from her foster family only to place her at a residential treatment center run by department of social service in the town of Naestved which are most known in the public for having employees drinking alcohol during work.

Back in 2008 this treatment program was in the media with allegations of the use of corporal punishment and non-caring staff members. The facility is even registered on Fornits Wiki, which is a worldwide database of wilderness programs, boarding schools and residential treatment centers which should be monitored carefully and avoided by the families.

Why did this girl aged only 11 deserve a stint at this residential treatment center? Because she was happy living at the foster family when her adoptive family had abandoned her due to problems which had their origins from the country she came from.

We must recognize that some children who are adopted arrive with baggage. Danes are not like some adoptive parents who return the child back home as a kind of damage good. We have heard of cases from both Sweden and the United States where the children are shipped back home because they couldn’t handle the problem.

Instead they are mostly sensible people who reach out for help to deal the problems. As a taxpayer I have no problem paying for children who are in the need of residential care in the few cases where it is needed. I must point out that the percentage errors in the cases the social services are high. In fact more than 60 percent of the entire caseload is filled with errors. But from time to time we do hear of single cases which turn out happily for the involved child. One such case could be the case of Amy – the 11 year old girl we are talking about.

But the authorities in Naestved would not allow her some happiness. So they sent both the police and musclemen from the treatment to the foster family and dragged the poor girl to their car.

I find this case both wrong and awful.

I believe that it is so shameful that we should not be allowed to take children to Denmark when this is how our authorities want to treat them.

So I would urge adoption agencies to bypass Denmark as goal for their children. It is in the interest of the children.

I am not that good with Google Translate, so if you want to learn what the case is about you can follow the link below: Hårdhændet tvangsflytning meldt til politiet (Sjaellandske Nyheder)

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