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Denmark isolates Europe

In justice on September 29, 2018 at 04:48

The Danish police has blocked the access to both the bridge over the Great Belt and the Oresund Bridge to Sweden. Later they demanded that the ferries to both Germany and Sweden should stop their activities. An alleged crime the police will not inform the public about seems to be the reason.

Later the police raided an apartment on Vesterbro in Copenhagen. It seems that the neighborhood is not as transformed as the investors of new apartment buildings in the Carlberg area wants us to believe that it has been. It used to be for ordinary people and for tourists coming to see and buy women for social activities. There have been cases where ordinary people and businesses have been forced out, so rich people could move in.

A farm on the island of Fyen was also raided.

Maybe it is a real crime the police investigate, maybe it is the start of political reforms where the influence the ordinary citizens have on politics will be reduced. We do not know and do no longer care now where the Danish parliament has outsourced a large number of decisions they should make to the European Union.

For whatever reason Europe is now isolated.

Perhaps it is a necessary step. For the ordinary Dane it does not pose a problem. A growing number of Danes choose not to leave their hometown for education and career making the choice of working with the few available options you find outside the 5 Danish cities out in the wasteland called “The Rotten Banana“. We are seeing a reduced number of commuters, The few tourists who were bothered by the police just have to live with the actions of the police.

Also construction of the Danish border fence will continue despite protests from the European Union with the illness as excuse. Perhaps all these activities will bring an end to the massive numbers of shooting incidents which have forced several schools in Copenhagen not to have activities like meetings in the evening. The public life in parts of Copenhagen is now reduced like Sarajevo in the 1990’s. None want to be on the streets risking being a victim for a random shooting. Many Danes wanted a wall instead of the fence but Danevirke is now located down in Germany so we had to start over and it was costly, so a fence it became.


Danes wants to create a refugee camp in Greenland

In Uncategorized on July 9, 2015 at 05:06

The number of refugees coming from Africa is alarming high. There is no room for them in our cities and not in the countryside anymore as Danish authorities use a lot of money to tear down deserted houses outside the 5 cities where the entire Danish population will live in around year 2050.

So where can we put them? Some with university degrees, doctors or engineers might find jobs as waiters and cap drivers. In the past such higher education has shown them to qualify them for these kinds of jobs.

But the rest?

We have to place them in a camp where they will comfort among themselves so they don’t become frustrated due to the differences in our culture.

People have looked at Greenland – especially the eastern part of Europe seems to have lost the interest of the government in Nuuk as they call Godthab these days.

Here we Danes would be able to rent a large area and create a landing strip which also could benefit the local population and start building an entire city. Goods and food would then be transported in by ship or planes.

We need to find such a humanitarian solution so the refugees from the Middle East and Africa can be housed in peace.


I will vote for this guy

In Uncategorized on May 13, 2009 at 08:48

Mogens Camre did what no other Danish politicians were able to. He managed to make us all aware that we have to vote for the European Parliament in short time.

How he did was done by raising the obivious question whether new nations in the European Union should be represented like the old member states.

Of course they should not!

Not because he is right about how “smart” they are, but because privileges have to be earned in my world. We all know that they entered the union for the take. They really cannot contribute to anything because the countries are worn down by 50 years of communist rule.

Countries like Bulgaria do a lot by creating places where tourists can use their money. I recognize that. In a country like Bulgaria binge drink trips are the future. They have nothing else to see. It is destroyed.

But even with all that effort I believe that they should have been accepted on trial basis. We now know based on our experiences with human aid to the third world that if you give them too much help, they become lazy.

In Denmark we have a 7 year rule. A 7 years ban on people from the new memberstates jumping just to receive social benefits. A 7 years ban which most Danes would like to be extended to 70 years.

Like most Danes I didn’t know that we were about to vote. We believe that we have as little influence on the present project to unite Europe that the previous project in the 1930’s and 1940’s controlled from Berlin. So most voters normally stay home. Often people don’t discover that they could have voted before the election is over.

So that is why I am happy that Mogens Camre made his statement regardless of the fact that I would question them. At least he did what no other was able to. Now we know that we can vote.

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