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Denmark welcomes guests

In culture on March 28, 2016 at 10:38

Negative media coverage on Denmark’s approach handling guests has made me sad.

Because Denmark is not a closed country. Everyone are welcome to come here and drink a beer or a glass of wine with us. It is wrong to label Denmark as hostile against immigrants. All we ask from our guest is a little respect for our rules. Something like respecting our women regardless of their outfit and be grateful if our firms allow our guests to serve in them.

And I provide how hospitable we as Danes are. Elsinore was basically flattened by a massive invasion of people from Sweden. The reason was that Denmark during the Easter produce special beers which are stronger than normal beers. For people coming from a country where they drink skin milk when they want something strong, beers of this type cause people to become drunk and violent. About 500 people from Sweden come to Elsinore on one single day and the result was that the city was left in a condition you don’t find worse on this side of Syria.

And here is the point. Regardless of the fact that half of the Swedish people representing the finest Sweden can produce ended up being need to be carried to the ferry and several police men had to maze several of the immigrants, the mayor of Elsingore approached the news today and told everyone that they are welcome to come and buy our beers another time.

Regardless of the fights and the trail of vomit down to the ferry, they respected our culture and drank beers with us.

That is the type of guests which are always welcome – even if they will come and work here competing with native Danes for the job. Because when you try to act like us, live like us you earn our respect and that is the key issue – earning our respect.

We don’t care how skilled guests are. They can have all the master and doctor degrees in the world. If they cannot “hygge” (socializing), they will never earn our respect.

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