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First official mayor appointed

In politics on December 1, 2017 at 20:31

In the town Lyngby the appointed the first offical mayor after the election. I guess that they were that fast to ensure that they corruption will not make life hard. Years ago some of the members of the city counsil backstabbed the mayor who got the most of the votes. He believed that he would be allowed 4 more years. Big was his surprise when dirty deals had been done in secret.

In back politics in Denmark is as dirty as it can be when we talk about who is going to be mayor in Danish cities. People abandon the party which just had elected them just so they can get something personally. It is quiet common.

That why most people do not care. They are tired of this but it cannot be changed.

It has become a tradition to backstab people in local politics.


Germany joins Denmark in the fight to preserve borders

In culture on September 25, 2017 at 20:25

Denmark is close to a collapse because most of our police force is stationed along the borders. If immigration wasn’t enough countries like Poland, Romania and Hungary doesn’t seem to care what kind of reputation some of their citizens give their countries when they put tents up at children public playgrounds or parks where they live of begging using their surroundings as a public toilet.

Yes, right there were our children play.

I guess ordinary Germans live like ordinary Danes. We Danes know that our politicians have no interest in how ordinary people without longer education from Universities live. Also in Denmark many of our citizens are homeless. Also in Denmark people move in and see if the supermarkets throw food out they can collect and eat.

Danes are moving to the far right looking for politicians who actually seem to promise a future and solution. Now Germans seem to do the same.

I respect the wishes of the people. Hopefully German politicians from all the parties do the same.

The people I want to read this entry, cannot do it

In politics on June 11, 2017 at 05:13

The people in France face a tough question when they will vote at the election this week.

Should they support Macron for not?

Because while the sound of reforms might sound fine, the decision to actually go through with them will leave 40 percent of the population behind. Those left behind are those who only speaks french. Those who do not have the highest education. Those whos mission in life have been to serve in their jobs faithfully knowing that the thanks they got were security in their jobs.

The experience Danish workers who suffer under the Danish flexibility system knows this too well. In Denmark there is actually no difference between a temporary contract and a permanent work contract. You can always be fired and the employer doesn’t need a very good reason for it. The Danish worker get very little compensation:

  • The first 3 months, the employee gets 1 months notion/salary
  • Until 3 years of employment, the employee gets 3 months notion/salary
  • Until 6 years of employment, the employee gets 4 months notion/salary
  • Until 9 years of employment, the employee gets 5 months notion/salary
  • Until 12 years of employment, the employee gets 6 months notion/salary, 1 months bonus
  • Until 15 years of employment, the employee gets 6 months notion/salary, 2 months bonus
  • Until 18 years of employment, the employee gets 6 months notion/salary, 3 months bonus

When an employee is hired the employee has to work faithfully until the last day of employeement unless otherwise ordered by the employer to avoid suspension where the worker is sent home losing all payment. When it happen the trade unions who is more interested in dinners and internal holidays often are able to provide very little compensation.

The bonus also include the problem that you have to pay tax of it and because Denmark has a tax system where you pay extra for higher income, most people cannot enjoy their bonus very much.

This is the system French people can face if they vote for Macron. Their positions in the firms they work in, are no longer secure. If they complain about coffee or tea, it is called cooperation problems and it an accepted reason for firing people.

That is why most Danes switch jobs every 3 year. There are no loyalty bonus. It is everyone for themselves.

Secondly most people don’t know that every 3 person on the Danish job market in reality is working under slave-like working conditions where they do not earn the right to unemployment benefits. Caseworkers are befriended by employers and given various services by employers. In exchange the caseworkers see to that unemployed people are ordered to work for their unemployment benefits or social security at those friendly employers.

They don’t earn right to vacation. They don’t earn right to additional unemployment benefits. It is called job-training or job-testing. In reality it is a system which allows employers to get access to a cheap workforce. People who used to earn a normal salary, are now replaced with people being “trained” or “tested”.

Is that fair? That you shall lose your job, just because your employer do not want to pay full salary filling your job-position?

Of course not, but it is the Danish system.

There are even cases where workers have been fired and suddenly they find themselves being “tested” or “trained” at their old work to a very much lower salary.

Do not follow in the path of us Danes!!

That is the message I will send to the French people.

The only problem: I do not speak French!!

As a citizen in a democracy you really only have one job to do

In politics on November 13, 2016 at 08:48

It is a simple task.

It requires less than an hour of your life. Often years pass between this task.

You have to vote !!!

In many countries people risk their lives doing that. If they vote for the wrong person, they are taken quietly out back and shot in the head.

But in many other countries people can vote without risking other than being stuck in traffic.

They remain home anyway!


There are no good excuse. Even when you dislike everyone you can choose between, then it is better to meet up and vote blank so you can tell everyone that the politicians they put on the list sucks in the eye of the people!

That is also an important message.

By staying home the message is: “I dont care about the world, my fellow citizens, my children, my job, in general anything”.

Maybe we should make a new T-shirt.

Non voters T-shirt

I read all kind of odd stuff from the United States. Protesters, parents putting children on the streets, assaults in high schools on people who supported the candidate who won. But none seems to be angry at the people who didn’t care about who won at all.

That is the people who is to blame. Those who didn’t do the single most important task a citizen in a democracy is supposed to do.

Will it be a special day today?

In politics on November 7, 2016 at 08:39

Maybe. There is of course the election.

Not that I care much about it. I am tried of these politicians who lives a life far from us ordinary people who struggle every single day to feed our kids and then feed ourselves. It has been harder day per day – getting worse year per year. I miss the old days where we Danes met over a couple of beers down at the local bar. The old days where people biked home from work. A Denmark where you didn’t have to learn who lived next door to you even after you had shared street for 30 years. Just a quiet nod over the fence when you both left for work.

It was more safe back then.

There was a time where life in Denmark was simple. People didn’t expect that much. Just to go to school for 7 years (9 years today) and then start working resting asure that they could get early retirement once their body started to wear down due to the hard work. Back in the day where you even could get a beer to your lunch at work.

Of course that is destroyed now. Our country is being run by people who let the European Union run all over them. Down there the politicians seem to know even smaller about how people in Europe in general live.

If the ordinary tax-paying citizen in the United States feel how we Danes feel, they will select Trump. Or they will select Clinton showing that they really doesn’t care anymore. That they feel that politics are no more for ordinary citizens. That politics should be something for the elite because it really doesn’t matter anymore who run the country.

In Denmark we didn’t feel the difference from primeminister Løkke to Thorning and back to Løkke once more. It has only gone from bad to worse for ordinary Danes. An entire generation will face no education at all because they plan to transfer student grants to student loans. An education will demand a college fund in Denmark. Only the babies who are born this year will have the time to collect the money an education require. For teenagers it is too late. They will have to aim lower or focus on labor which demands no education at all and use all their spare time to look at the groups responsible for their demise instead.

It is no good future but it is the future young Danes face.

The question is. How do young Americans think about their future. Will they vote today or will they just let the elite run the country?

Will it be a special day today?

I don’t know.

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