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Peace-agreement in Denmark

In justice on December 15, 2017 at 05:59

It seems that the supreme command of both the youth gangs Brothas and Loyal to Familia are ready to enter a peace-agreement.

This seems to be a possibility after private negociators have used the last months cease-fire in Copenhagen to bring the leaders together.

I cross my fingers. It is a light in a dark time. All the families in the areas affected by the gang war has missed seing their children playing in the street, sport clubs have been shut down, people have been confined their apartments. Short to say – life had come to a halt.

What is left is for the gangs to tag the areas they control in an orderly manner, so people know who the authorities on the streets are.

As for the Danish central government they are not a party in the peace-agreement. Their role has been limited to send police-cars through the area giving the illusion that they are in control. But the over-extended policeforce where most of the Danish police force are stationed along the borders because a number of countries in the European Union are neglecting their duties to take in the number of immigrants they were supposed to house just like we do, cannot be the local cop you go to if you have problems.

Instead the local population have to go the gangs who are offering protection for a small fee. It should not be like that but it is the best we can do because we on European level have been let down by countries like Poland and Hungary.

I really will pray that the peace-agreement will stick. Otherwise I have to point out that embassies are warning against the gang war trying to keep tourists safe:

Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Gang Activity in Copenhagen (United States of America, Department of State, U.S. Embassy in Denmark)


Ceasefire in Copenhagen ?

In justice, politics on November 13, 2017 at 05:47

The Danish newspapers and television programs have informed us that the staff at the two major gangs (Brothas and Loyal to Familia) have made an agreement about 1 months ceasefire, leaving the room for negociation more permanent peace.

It is happy news for the citizens of the central Copenhagen which has been the battleground for the ongoing gang war.

Now they can leave their homes for shopping, their children can play safely in the streets.

The Danish politicians were caught dumbfooled not realizing that they are no longer in charge in these areas. While the local population had no election for self-govermance like Catalonia in Spain, the reality is that they were not invited to the mousque where the negociations took place.

They are sitting in our parliament and in the cityhall totally out of touch with events taking place less that 10 kilometers from their job.

Is Denmark consisting of parallel communities where we have politicians we elect every forth year eating and talking nonsens out of touch with ordinary people?

Yes. That is the reality.

Now they make cuts on public transport making it difficult to come to the cities if you are a comuter without access to cars. Large parts of Denmarks no longer offer real jobs. They used to have jobs but the jobs have been moved to the Eastern part of Europe where countries have been better to fence their countries off against the immigrantion allowing them to operate with lower costs and the firms than move there because they can pay less to the workers, when the workers do not pay as much in taxes.

There are poor Danes living outside the citities who have to go by train or bus to the major cities for jobs. They live another life compared to people in the citities. They are a kind of parallel community also. A TV-documentary about people in the city of Nakskov should be sold abroad to inform foreigner how Denmark also is.

Then there are people in parts of the major cities who only can see the gangs as their line of work because they never in a million years will be able to get a good education just because their parents are poor.

All these grous our politicians choose not to know anything about.It is their choice. I will more in blog entries to come.

I know it. I should not rant in a blog entry with good news.

Let us celebrate the peace in our times.

Swedish border control could create jobs for more Danes

In politics on December 27, 2015 at 22:19

Since the Oresund Bridge was built a lot of poorly educated people from the southern part of Sweden which even the central government in Sweden regards as wasteland has traveled to Denmark where they work in low-paid jobs which is all their skills justify.

For many years the southern part of Sweden was the place nuclear plants were placed so they couldn’t inflict much damage in important things in Sweden if something went wrong.

It is mostly farmland and people were brought up and educated to take jobs in that sector. Then the Oresund bridge was built and suddenly these poorly educated Swedish people could get jobs in Copenhagen working in shops and as newpaperboys. When the economy was fine nobody had any problem with this but then the financial crisis came and suddenly Danes found these jobs taken by people with no ambition in life. People who didn’t mind going for a low salary for the rest of their lives because these jobs were way better than manuel farming.

Now the Swedish government has introduced border control as strict as Europe saw it back in the days with the iron curtain. The cause is of course the migration crisis where tons of refugees aimed at Sweden for their destination. They were rightfully informed that there would be no future for them in countries like Denmark. In Denmark they would be kept and fed like pets in isolated villages with no future for both themselves and their families once they were allowed to bring them to Denmark.

Now Sweden has decided to chicken out when it comes to take responsibility in this migration crisis. They have closed their borders. The problem is that they have decided to fine transport companies if they transport migrants. They will not cover the costs of their border control themselves. The Swedish railway companies had contracts which enabled them to stop the traffic between Denmark and Sweden. The Danish railway companies have not been allowed to cancel their contracts. The ferry companies also. So now the tax-payers in Denmark are stuck with the bill for this Swedish cowardness.

It is unfair!

The taxpayers in the very country on the entire earth who struggles the most severe to ensure their retirement and the schooling are stuck with the bill for another countrys actions.

Now we must see to that a lot of the jobs Swedish farmers have taken in Copenhagen are returned to Danes. When we are forced to pay for a job which the authorities in Sweden should do they shouldn’t send their poorly educated workforce to Denmark and earn the income which rightfully should go to Danes from Lolland-Falster where there are no schools etc. so the shops in Copenhagen could stay open without Swedish employees.

Not only are we tired of the Swedish cowardness when it comes to taking responsibility for feeding and keeping the refugees until there are peace in Syria and Iraq. We are also tired of their wish to let others pay for their border control.

It is an insult to Danish tax-payers!!

We will never forget it!!!

Dansk patriot tried to torch a mosque in Copenhagen

In culture, politics on August 18, 2015 at 18:25

A Danish man believed to be acting based on patriotism tried to set a mosque in Copenhagen on fire. Pure luck prevented death in this case. The police detained the man and hopefully they will find a state hospital to house him so no further people are put in danger.

However the case shows a heightened tension in the Danish society heavily burdened by the increasing number of asylum seekers at a time where the central government in Copenhagen makes one cut after another in social benefits and hospitals to finance the newcomers.

I am not judging the morale of the asylum seekers who seem to choose Denmark believing that they would experience something better than the countries they come from. If they feel they can look in the mirror and take our money, it is their problem.

I am however concerned with the ability of the Danish authorities to keep peace and safety. Especially outside Copenhagen the police has been worn down and can only work trying to catch people who have driven too fast on the highways. All other police work is neglected because it doesn’t bring profit into the public system.

Where would it take us as a society?

Denmark is on the breaking point failed by the countries in the southern part of Europe who should have kept the asylum seekers there until the politicians in the European Union are finished drinking coffee and can set up some kind of system so every country takes people in based upon how large their population is.

Danish citizens are becoming desperate when they learned that they cannot be housed when they become homeless because the asylum seekers are given priority and the Danes are failed.

I am not sure how it will end but it would not be pretty.

Parking in Copenhagen can put you $ 2,500 back per year

In Uncategorized on August 15, 2015 at 19:25

Parts of Copenhagen charge the people who live there and the workers who commute into the town this amount per year.

One such part is Oerestad. They have a metro line going through the area and they state that people can take this mean of transportation. They do however forget that the Metro line has a limited range and the price of public transportation can be just as high if you want to go to another part of the greater Copenhagen like Elsinore. They you have to pay 200 dollars per month to take the metro and train.

These insane prices are of course protested by the people who happens to be so unlucky that it was the only place they could get an apartment. People question whether it is legal because they have made competition illegal in that part of town. The prices are dictated by the City Hall.

People working ordinary jobs will never be able to work there or live there unless they can live without transportation entirely. There are no locked cages for bikes. They constructed a giant parking facility for bicycles under an artificial lake but it was a failure. The bikes got wet and it became a dark room where people were afraid to go in the evening. Especially in a time with a growing number of asylum seekers and open borders allowing people from Eastern Europe to enter Danish with their “theft-turismn”.

A petition has been started to fight for fair cheap parking so ordinary people can afford to like or work there. You can sign it using the link below.

Sæt prisen ned på parkering i Ørestad (

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