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Two causes where the public opinion is not welcomed

In politics on December 5, 2010 at 08:15

Here in 2010 it has become very clear for the Danish citizens that some causes is not something you as an ordinary citizen want to deal with unless you want to risk imprisonment or other kind of harsh actions from your government.

We are not talking aiding people in the third world. The lessons learned by the case against the humanitarian Niels Holck and the sellers of the T-shirt Fighters+Lovers have told us just to turn down for the audio when the news speak of hunger, war or earth quakes in the third world are on. They wanted the independence, they wants us not to interfere when they are busy suppressing their population and they are willing to take us to court if we start talking about how they ran living people over with tanks as they did do in the country once known as Ceylon.

Not the first case we should deal with is the so-called climate issue. Now they are busy with Cop16 in Mexico. The Danes saw state of emergency laws where 1,000 people were arrested and held on icy grounds for hours so the police could charge 2 people. People got sentenced last month for just shouting at a peaceful non-violent demonstration. I have to say: Cop15 in Copenhagen changed something among us Danes. Once we were among the countries who spoke a lot about the climate when our minister Auken traveled around the world and spoke about how changes in the climate had started a war in Africa with thousand of civilians caught in the middle and with so many children being killed just so they would not grow up and start to drink the costly water.

Of course many believed that they should deal with this and support the independent organizations fighting for awareness. They learned the lesson the hard way and now the entire climate issue is all about marketing of so-called green products and selling quotas of CO2 among firms to they can get easier off in taxes. It is no longer a cause for ordinary people but just another business.

The second cause is speaking about honor killings. Down in Slagelse where a young woman was shot on an open street in front of many people including children they tried to set up a memorial for this poor woman. Unknown criminals have destroyed this memorial several times. Speaking of it can be a crime. One member of our parliament – Jesper Langballe – got a fine just this week. We are talking of a very thin line when mentioning such killings. When do you become a criminal when you choose to argue against honor killings? It has never been more unclear. Because I could risk the same kind of punishment I will not state whether I find honor killings a bad thing. I am ready afraid to condemn honor killings due to this ruling in our courts.

Are there many of them in Denmark. We don’t know. You have to have a corpse to a start to call it a killing. We know that some 100 women disappear in Denmark every year so we just have to wait until bones turn up before we can start to investigate and let the numbers rule on the term “many”.

So I would settle with mentioning some names of these poor women who have died due to this so-called insult of their family or as result of a jealous husband acting with at least some acceptance by his family.

* Ghazala Khan (Shot on open street in Slagelse)
* Katja Fromberg Larsen (Killed by her boyfriend while his family ignored her screams)

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Week 22 – what to use your time on

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With absolutely no news about the case against Camilla Broe I will use the entry this week on another mysterious business.

This week Denmark was attack by – Venezuela. Why?

Some ambassadors – only about 80 – had made a meeting with our prime minister. The funny thing was that they were only coming by for a cup of coffee. There is no important business to discuss with the world right now. We were blackmailed by countries at the COP15 we believed had some real interest in the environment. Instead they just came for our wallet.

But life as a prime minister is often about making choices and sometime you have to realize that you cannot be in two places at the same time. So our prime minister did choose to go to the hospital where according to several sources his daughter was rushed in due to an accident.

Instead we sent a minister for foreign aid to the meeting with the ambassadors. They were properly coming for the money and this is the minister who writes the checks our aid programs abroad pay to bribe officials so people can be helped.

It is a rather simple message we are trying to send these days. We had the solution for the COP15 in place before the summit started. It was called the Danish text. It was the future for the world. We cannot entrust nations everywhere with a lot of money without some control. It must be obvious for all. It is obvious for the United States as they have decided to sell all kind of weapons to the government in China which stood by our side in WWII. It did of course anger the self-proclaimed government on the China mainland. I only have to say that they must have seen the price for destroying the possibility for a success at COP15 coming.

COP15 is history. The subject of environment and global heating is dead for us. In fact the most important subject in Danish politics is the dress code for women. We have about 50-100 women here in Denmark which dress rather provoking. It is a question about how much skin we want to see.

I know that certain movements like the people who are behind the blog Western Hijab disagree with me. I can understand their point. Once you start making rules about how much skin people have to show, if they should be allowed to hide their faces behind scarves or how many earrings students are allowed our how low your trousers should be, then we would not be better than Iran.

But it is important for Denmark to preserve our unique culture – the properly most advanced and superior in the world.

We should be able to secure schooling for all and right now only 80 percent makes it past the first 9 years of school. Some are afraid of our culture. They tend to detain their kids as a kind of pre-emptive arrest on strict religious boarding schools or simply lure them abroad so they can forced into marriage at once. We need to force them into a support for our culture instead. We need to make our high schools safe and the most important tool to prevent school shooting is to prevent them from isolating themselves and it is only done by having a good Friday bar. Everybody agree upon that a good Friday bar improves team work and the overall performance.

That’s why we have to demand a minimum rule set about the dress code. This issue is so important that our parliament set up a special commission to deal with this matter.

With so important issue and the second strike on the morale among supporters of terrorists in making it is very clear that our prime minister has to prioritize his work.

Week 16 – analysis of the COP15 result

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There is no news about the case against Camilla Broe in Florida. A hearing should have been conducted in our parliament but an intense pressure from the United States forced our politicians to abort the hearing. The situation is that a DEA agent stated that it was our minister of Justice who forced them to use our slow court system. It is a statement which our minister of Justice denies. If that rejection is correct then we are talking perjury by the agent. Unfortunately the statement from the agent cannot be tested because our politicians are too afraid to seek the truth.

At last the COP15 meeting stopped. Now we have lived with state of emergency laws for 14 days. 1,800 people were arrested. Phone tapping of the entire phone work has made a lot of noise and slow calls, but it resulted in arrests of some of the people who had planned the events outside the conference. Only a fraction of the protesters remained in Denmark to the end.

I believe that we did good warning people in advance that Denmark had declared state of emergency. I also believe that the plan to have only one bus for 900 detainees causing some of the protesters to become ill after so many hours on the frozen ground in restraints did sent so many to the hospital that they were not able to continue their protests. I believe that our police did an excellent job and send a clear signal to protesters worldwide that the climate issue is no longer something for ordinary people to care about.

It will be easier for Mexico to handle protesters as result of the events in Copenhagen. While the police in Mexico have shown that they can remove protesters permanently as they did in Tlatelolco, people should have learned that they have no business protesting at a COP meeting. We may have saved lives by having such an efficient police.

There are a lot of people who state that the COP15 is a failure. I don’t agree with that conclusion. COP15 was a success. A lot of countries came to Denmark with only one purpose and it had nothing to do with the climate. They came to blackmail the very countries which every year pays them a lot of money in development aid.

How dare they?

We welcomed them here regardless of the fact that they don’t matter in the global picture. We had people in the sector for personal services offering them their services for free. We served good food etc. Could they at least show some respect for their hosts.

There are few countries which have done so much for the world as Denmark. We supported the war on terrorism and made an efficient attack on the morale against potential supporters of terrorism.

Centuries ago we were among the countries which increased mobility of labor transporting a cheap work force from Africa which in fact made a country like the United States.

Lately we were among the few countries which paid their part to the United Nations in full. Not even the United States did that because they are naive and believe that such a World Wide organization can function without adapting local customs regarding bribing.

It is unfair to raise any kind of criticism against the leaders of the conference. Danes don’t follow protocol. We make things happen. Personally, religious and national feelings are not respected. Immigrants who have settled here know that. They could have made some inquiries before they flew in to the meeting.

There are some that believe that this Lumumba due was a paperboy for Communist-China, which for some reason replaced the elected Chinese government in the United States in the 1970’s. I hope that is not true, but should it be it is easy to punish every good coming from China with some extra taxes.

Anyhow it has been kind of funny to observe countries which believe they are something. Brasilia was a fine country in the 1960’s but assassination of business men (among them a Dane) turned it into a less interesting investment opportunity.

Denmark has a large export to India. Shipwrecking is something they are the best to in the world. Some IT-projects are also sent down there but it is tasks which are double-checked as there are now critical questions about the material. If an error is found they program the project without correcting the errors. I find that it is double standard to place assignments in India because the main reason that they can be so cheap is that they don’t care about the poor people in their society.

So the conference were destroyed from the inside and the thousands of protesters outside did only do it worse by stealing the entire attention of the media so the climate could be damaged by the actions of those politicians inside.

The ruling must be that the COP15 was a success. It resulted in the best possible result. I hope that all those protesters and politicians who teamed up to destroy it are ashamed.

Week 15 – Denmark – State of emergency result

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The pre-trial process in the Camilla Broe case is almost at its end. An intense political pressure from US authorities apparently prevented a hearing in the Danish parliament. After the verdict in Italy in the Amanda Knox case accusations of Anti-Americanism have seen the light. Based on the past history between these two countries, it could very well be right.

19 people died in the Cavalase cable car disaster. Things were covered up by the Americans and none were punished as expected in such a serious matter. It doesn’t make the relationship between Italy and the United States better because the US government won’t extradite CIA personnel convicted of abduction in Italy.

A guilty verdict against Amanda Knox is a nice way to say that Italy can make things happen also.

With one country almost at the edge of redrawing from the war on terrorism, there is no need for Denmark to take a similar path. What kind of message would we as nation send if we contribute to revealing the employees from a police agency might have stated something which is close to perjury?

Remember that Camilla Broe was extradited based on our anti-terror act. We did not even question the contents of the charges brought against her. They could have played dice about the charges and we wouldn’t have questioned them. Even accusations of participating in the Kennedy murders would have been accepted.

If we start question even a small step in the war on terrorism, we could be the country who stops it. We could bring victory to Osama Bin-Laden. Denmark can as host for the COP15 not afford as a country suffering from Anti-Americanism.

It brings us to the hottest topic this week and properly next week also. As I speak 700 activists have been arrested. Fortunately most were foreigners because the police bus couldn’t take them to Valby Internment fast enough. Exposed to the cold some ended up in the hospital. The police was targeting some 15-20 hardcore activists and arrested 700 so the hardcore activists couldn’t hide in the crowd. It is a huge success.

On the political front things are not happening so fast. The goal for COP15 is to stop the undeveloped countries from making the same mistake as we have done in the western world. If we can prevent them from building any kind of industry and settle being farming countries or offering tourist entertainment the world can be saved.

Just to satisfy the third world leaded by Robert Mugabe Danish high schools students did a lot of charity work so schools in Zimbabwe could be presented as well-runned by their government. China could have been a problem but this week Denmark altered its view on Tibet and in general accepted the actions of the Chinese government the last 50 years.

But the G-77 and especially their chairman – a certain Lumumba Stanislaus DI-Aping – seem to be aiming for a failure of the COP15. We have tried the normal procedure to make them feel welcome and more forthcoming. However it doesn’t seem to work and our employees in our climate ministry have been sent home to student the writings of Georges Remi which is an important part of the curriculum in our schools. Somewhere in this description of the journey of a Belgian journalist around 1930 in Central Africa can we expect to find the key which can make us understand the rather obscure view the G-77 and their chairman represent.

We have an entire week in front of us with the COP15. I hope that we have seen the worst. I don’t know what is worse. That the police arrest someone or that some self-proclaims nobodies can ruin the entire COP15 meeting.

Week 14 – a final standoff

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December 7, 2009 the next meeting in court will take place. The case against Camilla Broe raises an important question:

Who started the extradition process?

The DEA agent stated that it was the minister of Justice herself – Lene Espersen who demanded that the trial should take place in the United States and the Americans should ask for extradition.

This statement is denied by the Danish authorities. Did the Agent then commit perjury?

We have  to wait until December 10, 2009 before this question is answered. The parliament demands an answer and this answer has to be truth or she will have to resign.

In the meantime the Copenhagen Climate Council (COP15) is just around the corner. The state of emergency laws has passed the parliament, the dog cages the police intend to house the activists and bystanders in have been displayed.

Our guests – the leaders from a lot of countries will be served the best meals and have fine ladies giving them the services they so often require when summits are held in Copenhagen.

Now reactions from abroad are hitting Denmark.

L.A. Times attacked Denmark yesterday in relationship with COP15. They state that we are a poor example when we want to house this event.

But I have to state that we didn’t want it in the first place. The decision to house it was done in exchange with India because they are embarrassed to have relief workers from Denmark in their country. According to them they have not hunger or people in need in India so they wanted to prosecute those who travel there anyway. I do personally believe that they could have got the relief workers without trading the climate council for them because India is an important export market. Years ago we have a lot of ships sailing around the world but the crisis has meant that those ships should be taken out of work and at the Alang beach they have the best ship breaking industry in the world.

So we don’t host COP15 because we are the best country in the world to preserve the climate. We host it because none other wanted.

So please leave us alone.

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