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July 2012 – summer at last

In family on July 31, 2012 at 17:18

The last week of July we saw the sun for a change. As the climate changes all over the world summer is rare in Denmark. For us who are real Danes and has given up on the rest of the world we have to settle with what the Danish summer gives us.

Some might think. Why don’t we jump on a plane and go to Spain or some other country in the south of Europe. However, it is not an option because people are lazy down there and they are a huge part of the reason that the economy is not good in Denmark right now. Why should we work until we are almost 70 years of age before we can retire while they can work almost 10 years less before they can retire?

It is not fair to reward them by being lazy. That is why I think that we should not place our money in their hotels and on their beaches. So I have only been outside Denmark for a day where I visited Sweden. In Sweden they have to stay employed almost as long as we do. While Sweden is a fun country to visit it is however not a fun place to live. Their youth cannot drink beers like ours and that is why they come to Denmark to drink. In Elsinore they have an old saying “Do a Swedish guy a favor. Follow them down to the Ferry”. They become drunk very easy and they often need help.

But very soon it is back to work. I have a lot to do and I have been busy reading all my mails this weekend so I am prepared when I return to work. I had a good summer and I hope that you readers had a good one as well. I have to return to work, so stay safe.


Week 11 and the lesson from the U.S.

In Uncategorized on November 16, 2009 at 05:44

The trial seems to be started early December.  This week we learned that foreign powers spy on Danish citizens inside our country. Normally they should inform our authorities before they do so, but it was not the case with Camilla Broe. How many Danes are targeted in similar way?  We also learned that it was DEA’s plan to lure her out of the country where she should be abducted to Florida.

When we are talking about extradition, 23 CIA agents were convicted in Italy for an illegal abduction of a man. Are the U.S. government going to extradite these people to Italy so they can serve their sentences when they were convicted in a fair trial where the U.S. government paid the legal fees regardless of the fact that they denied all involvement? Do they support the fight against crimes or are they only interested in the cheap headlines they can produce when a couple of criminals in their jails state that a single Danish mother is a druglord just to get out of jail fast and act on this claim? It is easy to prove what their stand of fighting crime is. If the 23 CIA agents end up in Italy serving time, we believe them. If not we are simply talking double standard.

Enough about  the Camilla Broe case. Let us turn our eyes upon Denmark.

We have some kind of summit in Copenhagen in Denmark. Our politicians don’t want the population to be involved, so they can some tough laws on the way, so people can stay away to avoid the risk of being caught up in a mass arrest like they did on Noerrebro a couple of years ago where ordinary citizens coming home after getting a late pizza were arrested along with some youth fighting for a house to play music in. The youth have since got their house but about 200 people are trying to avoid being convicted for just being on public street in front of their own house. What should they have done. Starved until the riots were over? If that were their choice the criminals – the youth participating in the riots – would have won for real.

The headlines in the newspapers today speak on lack of space in our prisons. Here is a real problem. We have some politicians who are totally unaware of the cost of running a modern society. Look at the United States. They know that you have to lock 1 percent of the entire population up in order to keep the society safe.

Denmark can house some 4.000 people in jail. Our jails are full due to some youth gangs attacking biker gangs and the worlds toughest weapon law where you can get 7 days in jail for just stopping for a burger when you have a Stanley knife in your car just purchased in the local supermarket. It doesn’t matter that you bought it to fix something in your home. It is a serious crime if you stop between the shop and your home.

Our politicians should have built jails for 50,000 people. Why travel around the world to find solutions so solve a so-called gang war, when they can read on the Internet that they just have a housing problem?

Build some jails! We already have the laws in place and the increased hostility against youth just trying to socialize and have fun, will in due time increase the need for lock-down continuation schools where youth can be detained away from friends and family until they are 18 and old enough to drink a beer.

I have to attack our politicians for not doing their job good enough. They cannot introduce strict laws which makes it almost impossible to live a life in Denmark without having been in jail at least one time without building the number of jails needed to do the job.

Denmark is on the fast track to be a modern society. It means 1 percent of the population in jail at all time. Find the money and built the jails!!

Only then we will respect you (and fear you) like you want.

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