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“He has lost it”

In culture on July 4, 2014 at 19:06

I was visiting my brother when the phone rang. It was his son – my nephew. He was at the Roskilde Festival which is some kind of music event in the eastern part of Denmark called the Devil’s Island by us from the real Denmark.

My nephew was talking about Earl Sweatshirt – his big idol.

I remember some years ago when I visited my brother that I heard the songs Earl Sweatshirt made. While I found the lyrics too modern I could understand why it appealed to the youth.

For reasons unknown to me the mother of Earl Sweatshirt wanted to derail his career so he was abducted to a wilderness program and later sent to Samoa where he was mistreated until he was released.

Since he reentered the world as a free man, he seems to have lost the drive which made him something special. My nephew was so disappointed that he almost was ready to return home before the event is over. However it is rather expensive to go this event – several thousand DKK – so my brother promised him to wire extra money so he could get drunk and perhaps enjoy some of the other music.

It makes me wonder. Why rob your child of his career? What kind of motivation could justify this? As a father it does not make sense. If it had been my son I would have let my son outlive his potential.

Early retirement – the next battle ground

In Uncategorized on June 14, 2010 at 19:46

I am saving up for retirement. In fact my contact person down at my bank suggested it when I turned 25.

At that time I had fulfilled the full potential regarding my career. In Denmark you only have 5-6 years befire the rest of your working life is to remain in your job, while waiting to retire. All that time you have to wait trying to the junior staff in place. No firm is prepared to have people employed who want to push forward their career for their entire life. Their co-workers would be tired of them in a couple of years and it could challenge the existense of a firm if people start quitting because they were afraid of a co-worker who is ambitious all the time.

It used to be a fine settlement for all parts. People came in happy in the morning and left at least as happy in the afternoon because they had removed focus from the firms to their families. All this system demands is a certainty that the state will pay out the pensions in the end. The problem is that we cannot be certain that the state will keep up their end of the bargain.

Now nothing is safe because the early retirement called “Efterloen” in Denmark was the core of our welfare society. It is difficult for us going to sleep every evening because we don’t know what to expect the next day.

Everything we believed in are gone thanks to our government. I find it hard to locate a country anywhere on the planet where people are having it as hard as it is the case in Denmark.

However, we will fight the removal of the “Efterloen” all the time. The betrayal of our people by the our government will no be left unnoticed. We must demand that they resign.

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