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Some line of businesses you must never choose

In business culture on February 10, 2019 at 19:34

Imagine you are a teenager again or you stand in front of your children and they ask when line of business, they should aim at.

One good advice is not to go into the IT-business.

Few lines of businesses fail their employees like the IT-business do.

In many firms, people are trained to perform certain task in various software product and when new generations replace the old ones, they are failed because younger people without the burden of having to feed children and partner. There are so many people who believed that they should be allowed to serve the rest of their lives changing backup-tapes or put up hardware for office-employees only to discover that the task has been outsourced to some kind of firm based in the Eastern part of Europe or India where they get low-paid employees in without security clearance who settle sleeping in unheated houses.

Tons of +50 years with experience in hardware or in software products who had their peak in the 1990’s or 2000’s like Microsoft Dynamics C5 and XAL are either out of the business or employed in low-paid jobs where they only have the choice to wait for retirement. In Denmark it is maybe 10-20 years they have to wait while they fight falling victims to the job-training system where some employers together with some social social workers run their shady business hiring people in for their unemployment benefits which enable the employers to crash the market because they do not have to pay full salary like their competitors.

A career in the IT-business often resembles a McJob career where you earn good money fast but then you are stuck and going nowhere until you are failed by the business.

I got a comment to an old post which you can read below. A firm called CSC at the time tried to kick out normal paid employers to replace them with people on lower pay combined with people collected in India.

People who faithfully served their firm only doing what they were asked to do were kicked out on the street because other people believed they were paid too much. What can be learned by all this? That there is no loyalty! That going to work every day does not count!

Life is not fair!

But you are the result of your own choosing. You could have aimed lower. You could have spoken out against immigration, outsourcing and missing taxes on web-based services sooner.

Look out on the world. Find some random people abroad who seems to enjoy themselves. Find their weaknesses. Hit on it. See to that the social stability in their society is destroyed. Time has come to hit back and hit back hard.

When a firm disowns its own image – Part I

When Microsoft slaughtered the Goose which laid the Golden eggs, my world was impacted

In business culture on December 23, 2014 at 18:15

I work with logistic in a small firm in Jutland. Yesterday our management called us together to inform us that the owners will seek retirement and the various activities will be sold off. The reason is that our present ERP-system and various other IT-systems vital for our daily operations have grown too old and the costs of upgrading will be too huge for the firm to continue.

Our management gave us all a report for the history of our IT-systems and the raise of costs over the last 20 years which have led them to the conclusion that it is over.

Most of our systems are Microsoft system.

The center of our system is a 5 year old Microsoft Dynamics C5. We are 30 users who can be on this system at the same time.

Over the years there have been a number of adjustments to the system. A rather expensive module for our sales representatives were purchases some years ago for DKK 25,000. They have struggled with this system. It was far more expensive than our old system which was a Sirkel Data system costing only DKK 8,000. The Sales people had to run faster so they could compensate for the increased costs.

Also C5 has a great system for salaries. Costly compared to the old C4 system but very good.

We started to use C5 when the old C4 was no longer supported. I remember that it was one of first systems we started to use when I came to the company. It did cost a lot but when made the use possible and profitable was the low maintaining cost allowing us to receive upgrades for our 30 users system for about DKK 5,000. That was a price level where the profit you can generate in our business could cover the costs.

During our time with C5 these costs began to increase. It became difficult for us to generate profit. An ERP-system might be important but it must also not cost that much due to the high tax system in Denmark.

Microsoft retired the old C5 product this year. They replaced it with a product with the same name but with a NAV core which is a bigger system. Too big in fact for about 70 percent of Danish companies like us!

Most Danish firms will never outgrow either the old C5 or the new C5. So when we so to say are forced out of the old C5 there is no alternative.

We were thinking of one the Competitors to Microsoft – E-conomis. But our management heard that they adjusted or rather doubled their prices last month shutting themselves off the market. We customers have memory. We learned the hard way that costs of ERP-programs can explode over the years. By doubling their prices they have stopped an expansion before it started.

There are other systems on the market but when they are hosted like most systems today what kind of guarantees do we have to protect us against these exploding costs?


To keep up with all these new products we would have to invest in a time where the world is in crisis. Our management would not go that far. I totally understand them. It is the biggest crisis worldwide since the 1930’s. The only path of survival is to downsize and wait for better times. It is really important to sit on your wallet and wait!

The classic C5 was a golden egg for Microsoft and for all the local IT-specialists who supported the product. The new kind of software is not made for modern firms. It has a lot of potential but with no money allocated to local businesses who could aid us too pricy curses in NAV there is no option to upgrade.

Our management has introduce a long term place where we would terminate people as orders dry out and the C5 will be kept running by one of the present employees where others will seek new jobs. I have spoken with them and they will try to find a new work as soon as possible but it would not be easy as education in newer systems like NAV is too expensive or any person outside the IT-industry to participate in.

Microsoft slaughtered the Goose which laid the Golden Eggs because they never really understood the Danish business structure with small firms and the stationary workforce, who don’t like to travel far to get help.

Happy new year?

In family on December 31, 2013 at 22:09

On this last day of the year 2013 which have turned out to be quite a challenge for the workers at the company I work for, I wonder what kind of future we can expect.

We will face difficulties regarding the explosion in costs. Microsoft removed the present technology in Dynamics C5 from the market. Every adjustment to the program we had made over a period of 5 years has to be rewritten in a new language. There are only a few consultants to choose among whom knows the new language and all the employees in our IT-section have an age over 40 which make it too expensive to put them on courses so they can learn the new things.

Our management has already told the entire department that they should be starting to look for a new job because the management wants to hire younger people because the education which should enable people to master the new program costs so much that it would take 10-15 years to gain the investment back. There are simply too few firms which provide the education. The Trade union did once analyze the market in relationship with the education plans in TDC one of the largest telephone companies in the business. They calculated the age where you don’t invest more in people in the Danish industry to 34. So if you have an age above 34 you have to do with the knowledge you have gained because none will invest in you.

I wonder whether new technology regarding logistics will put me out of job. I am kind of afraid that I don’t make it to retirement or have the possibility to get on disability. We may have to sell our house and move out in the countryside where unemployed and elderly people live. In Denmark the cities are only for people well off and foreigners who have special tax-rules which allows them to come here and take our jobs while they can avoid paying taxes. In Denmark foreigners can work 3 years before they have to pay taxes. Worse they can bring their children and get education for free – in some cases their children can even receive student grants.

That’s why 2014 seems to be a hard year. That’s why I am afraid of it.

Merry Xmas and a happy new year!

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