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Gang war in Denmark: US embassy has a message to tourists

In justice, politics on August 20, 2017 at 06:27

It has become dangerous to visit Denmark. Gang wars caused by social unrest and lack of cultural assimilation of immigrants has resulted in a massive number of incidents are young people are trying to learn how to conduct proper drive-by shooting. However, they are still untrained and so far only innocent by-standers have been the victms when they prove unable to hit the intended targets hitting those who just happen to pass the intended victims.

So people with absolutely no connection to the gangs are victims and it could easily hit random tourist because gang members sometime help relative working to taxi drivers and they shop everyday goods just like ordinary citizens and tourists.

Lack of cultural assimilation has caused this. In the old days on Ellis Island many immigrants changed their names so they were more American and they worked hard learning to speak English. In Denmark you find many old people who have lived 30-40 years in Denmark and they have never learned to speak Danish. They have settled living with a partner who worked lowpaid jobs while they maintained the household which they didn’t the knowledge of the Danish language to do. At the same time it provided some type of comfort for their partner who knew they would not be unfaitful. And we Danish taxpayers actually paid for this!

So we are to blame for the gang war. No doubt about that. We could have removed children from families who were unable to teach their children the Danish language so the public schools had to start learning children how to speak Danish, calculating and reading at the same time which put them behind their classmates in school from day 1. We could have etablished military academies for youth who wanted to wear a kind of uniform and belong to a community, so they didn’t have to join a gang to do that. A place where young people want to be and excel academically, not a punishment.

But we didn’t put up demands and requirements for people who enters Denmark starting to live here. We didn’t ask them to change their names to something our native tongue can speak. So we are paying the price and because Denmarks policy against crime is victim-disarmment there is nothing to do but to isolate ourselves.

That is why it is so important to warn tourists. They tend to walk the streets trying to see as much of Denmark and Copenhagen as possible. That makes them targets. In fact I feel that the U.S. Embassy message is soft. What about the businessmen, exchange students and investments in Denmark?

I believe that they should seriously consider to redraw some of them! McDonalds on Noerrebro has several times been the victim of vandalism during the riots which happened now and then where the police lose control of parts of Copenhagen for some days before they are able to allocate forces so they can retake control of the streets. Right now the majority of our police force are guarding our borders in order to prevent a total collapse of our country due to uncontrolled immigration of so-called refugees from Africa.

We do not have the number of policemen to guard the rest of Denmark and certainly not to fight the gang wars as it looks now.

Denmark has never been so much under pressure. Crime is spreading. The center of Copenhagen are under siege of beggars from Romania, the Czech republic and Bulgaria who can enter Denmark legally because they use the free movement of employees within the European Union to come here.

They live of house invasions, bullying homeless Danes for money, thefts and trick games fooling tourists and others who falls for their tricks. And because they are considered possible employees looking for jobs, they can stay in Denmark legally out of touch from the police who have to catch them red-handed. But with virtually every policeman stationed on the borders how should this happen?

You are in possible danger if you visit Denmark now!

Take care!

Select another country if you really want to go abroad!


What happened in Sweden yesterday?

In politics on February 20, 2017 at 08:29

When I visited Copenhagen the last time for at meeting within the firma I work for, I seriously considered taking a day of and visiting Malmoe just over in Sweden. A train ride taking only 30 minutes could take me to another country.

But my co-worker warned me of going there. What I didn’t know was that Malmoe is the murder capital of the Nordic countries. Over 50 murders took place in Malmoe in just one year. In Denmark about 50-80 people are murdered countrywide. So how can just one city in Sweden become so dangerous?

Because it is lying just next to the border to Denmark!

Before Sweden introduced such a strict border control that you think back at crossing into East Berlin back in the days of the cold war, Sweden was open for immigration. A lot of people skipped Denmark trying to leave Africa for a better life because in Denmark the police are ready to pull your gold tooth out if orders were given by the government.

Then of course. For many years the authorities have bought up houses in the deserted parts of Denmark called “The Rotten Banana” only to tear them down. So when the immigration crisis happened there were no houses left in Denmark and immigrants had to be housed in tents.

Immigrants are not stupid. They left Africa looking for new housing, social benefits and of course jobs if their only basic education would allow them to land a job as dishwasher. So a tent would be a bad start, compared to Sweden’s promise of house due to the vast areas where people deserted Sweden and left for the United States 100 years ago. States like Wisconsin and Minnesota for a large part consist of people with origins from Sweden.

However, Sweden is a large and cold country so many became stuck in Malmoe and here they found old enemies from back home. They started to fight as they did home. People began to die and poorly google translated as people in the White House do, people began to believe that it must have been terrorism because Sweden is known to be a peaceful country.

So President Trump was right when he said that something happened in Sweden just yesterday. A Swedish policeman has made statistic public that crimes in Sweden just like crimes in Denmark for a large part is committed by people with foreign origins. It might be 1 generation back; it might be 10 generations back but the trend is clear. Crime is on the rise so Sweden is no longer a peaceful country and a textbook example of what will happen if you don’t have a border control.

Sweden has learned its lesson. Prepare yourself for the sound of latex gloves if you choose to go there.

I don’t.

Update 05-03-2017
Today the fifth person in 2017 were killed: Man shot dead in car in Malmö (The Local)

Malmö (Sweden) (Top Ten Most Dangerous Cities in Europe)

Today is the day: Brexit

In politics on June 23, 2016 at 04:51

Today is the day Britain can lead the way for a new improved Europe by leaving the European Union. As a Dane I hope for the best. I hope for a future for my children where we Danes can sleep safe behind our guarded borders without having to worry about home-invasions committed by people from the Eastern part of Europe.

The Danish prisons have a huge percentage of foreigners who is not sent back to do their time at home. No country in the Eastern part of Europe seem to realize the message they send us when 10 percent of the entire inmate population consist of people they allowed to leave their country in order to commit crimes in Denmark.

The sad fact is that there very well could be nice people over there, but if you ask Danes people from the Eastern part of Europe are in general viewed as criminals because they have sent us the worst of the worse. As our shops. They have to hire a massive number of security people. Entire busses of criminals are driven to Denmark there they commit shoplifting in teams.

If they only settled with shoplifting. The home-invasions are worse. Normal people are selling expensive stuff. They don’t dare own nice things which can give the impression that they have done good in life.

So we Danes are unsafe and worried as result of Denmarks particition in the Schengen Agreement. For now Sweden has introduced border control between Denmark and Sweden. They have forced Denmark to do the same at the German border. It provides a little safety for the summer but how will the world look like when Sweden stops their control?

We need to make the border control a permanent one.

We also need to separate foreign and domestic transport systems. Right now it is rather difficult to reach our main airport in Copenhagen by train. Why? Due to the Swedish border control. It has reduced the number of train which can reach the airport because all the trains continue on to Sweden.

What we need to do and it can be done for fewer money than people think is to construct 2 ekstra train platforms. There are two tracks which today only are used by freight trains. Here they can park the Swedish trains so the two transport systems become separated. Then there would be 2 platforms for Danish trains and 2 platforms for Swedish trains. They can double the capacity.

But first and foremost we need to address the fact that we are not European. We are Danish, Swedish, British, Dutch, French and many more. We all have our proud history. We can make deals together but I don’t want to live like a French dude and he would never like to live like me with a lunch break of only 30 minutes and a retirement age of about 68.

That is why Britain most leave the European Union and let us Danes do the same. I hope that they set the pace. I want to sleep safely.

First day with border control – no problems

In politics on January 5, 2016 at 20:08

Of course some people had to use 3 hours extra going from-and-to work but we are living in a time with extraordinary challenges. We all have to pay a price for the migration crisis. My children will find difficulties establishing their own home when all the flats are given to refugees and migrants. They just have to remain living at my place until they are 30 something.

So I don’t find the complaints from the workers who cross the border between Denmark and Sweden seriously. They also have to provide with something when we and not least the next generation will face a difficult times.

We are all looking at England. Will they leave the European Union or will they step up and open their borders to migrants and refugees from the entire world? If they leave, the European Union will be a thing of the past.

Back to the Danish – Swedish relationship and all the daily commuters. If they find it too difficult to cross the borders the solution is simple: Find a new job which doesn’t include crossing the border! It is that simple. Start searching now!

There are plenty of Danes who is ready to take the vacant positions.

For the next 6 months people will learn to adjust to a hopefully permanent situation. We just have to wait and see if the wars in the Middle East will end before that.

Historical day in Denmark today

In politics on January 4, 2016 at 05:00

Today crossing the border between Denmark and Sweden requires ID-check. The reason is that Sweden no longer will take their part of the responsaiblity of the international refugee crisis.

Refugees and migrants now can choose between a tent in Denmark or a tent in a refugee camp near their homeland. Of course our tents have been tested in Greenland and even when it is colder in Denmark the heat inside the tents are hotter. Also our tents is located far away form the conflict zones. Finally there are 5 millions Danes in Denmark but we have 20 millions domestic pigs providing us with our primary food chain.

They just have to decide if they want to sleep in a tent in Denmark or a tent near their old home country for the next decade if the war is not over sooner. We still have rooms in our tents.

I just saw in the television that the computers they use to scan ID’s is ordinary cell phones and it is not easy to do correct. It would properly take 30 minutes to pass the border. If you cross the border every day you have to live a new kind of life or change jobs so you don’t do this anymore.

Also it is a new chance for poor fishermen. During the second world war they transported jews to Sweden. Now people will pay them in cash to get this kind of transport again. I have to say that it is illegal and I hope that they don’t get tempted.

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