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Former student about Agape boarding school — When far from home

In culture on February 6, 2019 at 05:27

A classic summary of a stay at a religious boarding school. Why are such schools not shut down? Who is covering for them?

The Agape boarding school markets itself as a Christian boarding school. It is located in Missouri because it can be run there without any state inspection because Missouri has no laws regulating faith based schools. There are often newspaper articles about teenagers who run away from the school. They use the ACE curriculum which means […]

via Former student about Agape boarding school — When far from home

Will the government be able to slaughter the boarding schools golden goose?

In culture on April 1, 2018 at 07:29

A lot of teenagers are using the 10th form at a boarding school. Boarding schools called “Efterskole” has been used as a kind of timeout by many teenagers who had not decided which path in life they want to take.

But the Danish Industry does not like it. It delays their path toward a productive adult life.

Now the Danish government wants to move the 10th form to schools where the teenager can learn craftmanship. Too many attend the high schools targeted towards universities and university colleges when it is known that a lot of them would not be attend to finish them because universities have been shown to function only for children of families who have academic degrees in the previous generations.

Children from working class families function better working with craftmanship all research shows. The social heritage does matter. People will always be affected by it and it does not work trying to alter this. People are not born equal in Denmark and while you can set up a system with student grants, student grants are not all. 40 years of work in the field trying to make the social heritage matter less, has not worked.

Immigrants and children from working class families needs to learn to settle with things in life they can achieve.

So the public schools housing the 10’th form will move to schools with craftmanship but what about the boarding schools? Should they be allowed to operate as counter productive against the goal of the Danish Industry?

Something needs to be done because otherwise people will say that you can buy a timeout for your child if you have the money and you have to take the path life have put in place for you if you do not have the money.

Sources (In Danish):

Massive exodus of somali refugees from Denmark planned

In culture, Uncategorized on January 7, 2018 at 11:41

Denmark has notified a large number of refugees that the entire area of eastern Africa including Somalia is now considered so safe that the people who sought refugee status in Denmark now need to go home again.

Recent analyses of people traveling from and to Denmark from the Somali area shows that parents who consider their old homeland so safe again that they send their children to boarding schools down there because they do not want their children to be acustomed to the Danish culture. They have decided that the future of their children lies in a culture which they do find more comforting towards their nature and customs.

In the mind of the Danish people, we think that they can contribute building the country up again using the skills they learned while they were in Denmark. We cannot sit safely in Denmark and allow a country like Somalia suffering from brain-drain. We need to give them the people back, they lost. People who have learned a lot while they were in Denmark. People who got new skills during their time in Denmark. It is a powerfull aid to Somalia allowing them to really built new industries and businesses.

We are thankful to each and every parent who sent their child to family or boarding school in Somalia. If they had not done that we would not have discovered how far they have come after decades of civil war.

We are aware that some service men inside the United Nations disagree with the Danish view on the situation in the eastern part of Africa but we need to look at the behavior of refugees and immigrants. If they feel that their old nation is so safe that they can send their children back to Somalia, then Somalia is safe.

Not that extra ordinary

In culture on December 8, 2013 at 19:16

I saw a blog about a now-closed boarding school for at-risk teenagers. They called it a Christian boarding school where the girls was raised in the name of God.

I don’t know what kind of God they were talking about. Violence and to some extend rape is not something I think can be mentioned in relationship with a proper job rasing teenagers.

How parents were able to fall for such a scam is not to be believe.

What worse is that such stories are not that extra ordinary.

Questions abound as more horror stories emerge from New Bethany Home for Girls and Boys in Arcadia and Longstreet (Louisiana Voice)

Some parents have not the best interest of their children in mind

In culture on August 28, 2013 at 20:39

In Sweden they have boarding schools like in most countries. Some of the boarding schools are for the elite and to some extend financed by the taxpayers. Of course it happens that children from homes with lower status end up at the school and then the children from the upper class feel that they have to “parent” them.

And parenting they were. The older students branded the new students with hot irons. They raped the new students with broomsticks and they spanked the new students with leather straps. It has been widely known by a lot of people for decades but in a time with internet the dirty secret couldn’t be confined among the finer people. The media caught the information and the department of education in Sweden was forced to start an investigation into the boarding schools and found points of interest in all 3 boarding schools.

Lundsberg was however the worst and when students were branded with hot irons once again to a degree where one had to be taken to the hospital the department of education had enough. Lundsberg was closed. The students were sent home so they could attend public day schools. However a number of parents still want their children to be harassed into order so they have phoned the two other schools who had similar cases of abuse in the past.

I ask: What kind of parents are they. Is their career so important that they cannot move home and let their children attend a normal day school? I understand they cannot use a school abroad. Living in a country as Denmark with a superior education system, no school abroad could give an education which is useful for anything. I have children and it have brought me to a decision that I – despite several offers of jobs abroad – will remain in Denmark until my children are finished with the education system.

Having children is a gift. I want to spend as much time that I can with them before they leave for their adult life. Then job and career must be second priority. I am speechless thinking about these Swedish parents.

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