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The murderers who are never prosecuted but earn a lot of money

In justice on April 22, 2018 at 06:31

Clay Brewer killed a man. There is no doubt about that. After having been forced into a stress position for hours at Turn-about ranch where new arrivals to the program are forced inside a stone circle to sit until they have confessed to so-called sins like being picky about food, drinking, partying etc. he snapped and killed an employee.

Bhad Bhabie who made a career out of her placement at Turn-about Ranch spoke about the murder in an interview and stated that the killed employee was one of the foot people in the program who actually cared about the teenagers who was forced into this private detention camp.

How were some of the other kids in there?

Anyone from prostitutes to — I was one of the worst kids there. There was some kids who didn’t deserve to be there, but they were. It was so sad. If I made enough money to buy that place, I would buy it twice. Just to save some of the kids in there. There was some crazy ass shit in there.

Some kid killed someone in there. That’s how bad it is. Kid killed one of the night staff. And they don’t tell you nothing! There are two places there: where you start off and where you end. The kids who were starting off, they sent them upstairs and told us, “Oh they just have to stay here.” We were like, “What the fuck?” A day later we find out this guy dies. And he was actually one of the staff that gave a fuck.

(Bhad Bhabie to Billboard)

At some point the courts in Utah will hand down a sentence to Clay Brewer, but there are people responsible out there who made a load of money sending him to Turn-about Ranch.

Turn-about Ranch are not equipped to deal with hard-born criminals even when they treat the teenagers at the ranch like such. If you look at their website and read between the lines, they are looking for parents who are easy to fool into believing that their teenagers need treatment where they actually are just normal teenagers who are caught doing what most teenagers do and get away with or neglected teenagers who are unlucky enough in life to have parents who are more busy dealing with their own problems in life like divorce or various dependencies of alcohol or prescription medication so they have no time for their children.

My claim is that professionals met with Clay Brewer before he came to Turn-about Ranch. Professionals who should have picked up the signals which would have told them that this boy had something inside him which could make him dangerous if he was put into a stressful situation.

Most likely his parents consulted a local therapist who had some interviews. The problem with some local therapists are they really do not want to deal with their patients but rather focus on the referral fee they get from places like Turn-about Ranch if they are sent a patient.

Did the police or prosecutor request the therapist to come in for an interview? Did they ask how the parents found Turn-about Ranch? It is real important to prevent future murders. For a long time focus has been to prevent children from dying inside residential programs. We are talking about more than 150 deaths in wilderness programs or residential treatment centers. There are testimonial blogs out there showing that. But what about the half naive people who are hired in by the non-caring program owners. Do they deserve to be killed or beaten just because they cannot see the big picture? At a wilderness program like Redcliff Ascent a group of teenagers beat up the counselors and ran off some years ago.

It is really important that teenagers who can become violent are screened before they enter the program and are sent to other places or simply left on their own until the police who are equipped to deal with violence take care of them.

I have no doubt about that the parents of Clay Brewer think that they got a poor advice about having their son sent to Turn-about Ranch. It was not what they had in mind. Something need to change because it is not the first time children or employees are hurt and it certainly will not be the last time, relatives of employees will lose a father, mother, brother or child.

Beside the therapist or educational consultant back home who now sits and sip to a glass of wine laughing and counting the money earned for referring Clay Brewer to Turn-about Ranch what about the transporters?

If you read the article by Nadya Labi called Want your kid to disappear? you will learn there is an entire industry out there who are tasked by the parents to remove the child from the home and drive them to places like Turn-about Ranch. We are talking of an industry where background checks are not a requirement but still they get the order to remove a teenager in the middle of the night and be around them alone on the roads for many hours. How many things of inappropriate nature can happen during such a ride?

Were they interviewed by the police or the prosecutor? What did happen? Not long ago the police found out that a now-closed so-called therapeutic boarding school called CEDU allowed a serial killer to have free access to their campus and as result several teenagers are missing to this day. Of course back then there were no background checks of employees. At Silverado Academy in Utah – also closed today, the police found employees with false papers.

So the employees are checked today but because the youth transport firms operated across state lines, they place their headquarter in a state where legislation is not in place.

A deal is being made in the murder case as far as the newspapers write, but there are empty seats beside Clay Brewer which should have been occupied with the people who are also partly responsible for Clay Brewers presence at Turn-about Ranch.

James Woolsey should not have met such a dangerous teenager like Clay Brewer.

So whatever the reason is for the murder:

  • The stress position and structure of the program
  • The local therapist who were more interested in the referral fee
  • the youth transporters who might have been inappropriate
  • or maybe even the intake administration at Turn-about Ranch who accepted him without looking at the papers.

One thing is clear. He did not come home to his family.

Does his death not mandate a full investigation?


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