What is the real motive for this school shooting

In justice on February 23, 2018 at 08:49

There is no excuse for shootings. No excuse at all.

That does not mean that we need to investigate what took place. Investigation takes time. Look at the murder of Swedish prime minister Palme back in 1986. New details appear. The police seemed to have bribed a vitness. Also in the school shooting we need to investigate the role of police and local security. Why did they not rush in and face the shooter? They were trained better than the shooter and might have given him a limp so he was not so mobile which would have reduced the number of victims.

This does also mean that we need to keep the criminal alive. No death penalty but life with possible parole. They need to investigate his illness, the drugs he was perscribed. Maybe all people taking these drugs need to be ordered to hand their guns in to the police until treatment is over.

Due to him having a mental illness, they also need to investigate how he was treated. Many teenagers who have been in residential treatment suffer from PTSD.

Whatever the cause he should remain locked up, alive for many many years until he dies in prison. Studying him in prison is the only way he can pay a little back to the society. It will never be enough compared with the suffering the relatives goes through but with all these guns in circulation more control is needed and he is the perfect case to study.

Søren Hansens blog

My town Aarhus was the center of the only school shooting in Denmark. A disgrunted eternaty student faced pressure as Denmark was putting pace on the progress of students so they either graduated or dropped out.

Today young people are put under pressure as never before by the state forcing them to finish their studies faster then ever in the entire history of Denmark. The result has been a boom in the number of young Danes suffering from depression and other mental issues. Also the drug use is on the raise after the Universities and other schools tried to lower the consumption of alcohol among the students.

In my mind it is sadly only a question of time before we see the next school shooting in Denmark.

As for the United States, it is a different matter. I am so happy that I way back turned my fathers offer down…

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