What happened in Sweden yesterday?

In politics on February 20, 2017 at 08:29

When I visited Copenhagen the last time for at meeting within the firma I work for, I seriously considered taking a day of and visiting Malmoe just over in Sweden. A train ride taking only 30 minutes could take me to another country.

But my co-worker warned me of going there. What I didn’t know was that Malmoe is the murder capital of the Nordic countries. Over 50 murders took place in Malmoe in just one year. In Denmark about 50-80 people are murdered countrywide. So how can just one city in Sweden become so dangerous?

Because it is lying just next to the border to Denmark!

Before Sweden introduced such a strict border control that you think back at crossing into East Berlin back in the days of the cold war, Sweden was open for immigration. A lot of people skipped Denmark trying to leave Africa for a better life because in Denmark the police are ready to pull your gold tooth out if orders were given by the government.

Then of course. For many years the authorities have bought up houses in the deserted parts of Denmark called “The Rotten Banana” only to tear them down. So when the immigration crisis happened there were no houses left in Denmark and immigrants had to be housed in tents.

Immigrants are not stupid. They left Africa looking for new housing, social benefits and of course jobs if their only basic education would allow them to land a job as dishwasher. So a tent would be a bad start, compared to Sweden’s promise of house due to the vast areas where people deserted Sweden and left for the United States 100 years ago. States like Wisconsin and Minnesota for a large part consist of people with origins from Sweden.

However, Sweden is a large and cold country so many became stuck in Malmoe and here they found old enemies from back home. They started to fight as they did home. People began to die and poorly google translated as people in the White House do, people began to believe that it must have been terrorism because Sweden is known to be a peaceful country.

So President Trump was right when he said that something happened in Sweden just yesterday. A Swedish policeman has made statistic public that crimes in Sweden just like crimes in Denmark for a large part is committed by people with foreign origins. It might be 1 generation back; it might be 10 generations back but the trend is clear. Crime is on the rise so Sweden is no longer a peaceful country and a textbook example of what will happen if you don’t have a border control.

Sweden has learned its lesson. Prepare yourself for the sound of latex gloves if you choose to go there.

I don’t.

Update 05-03-2017
Today the fifth person in 2017 were killed: Man shot dead in car in Malmö (The Local)

Malmö (Sweden) (Top Ten Most Dangerous Cities in Europe)

  1. First of all, this was incredibly hard to read and follow due to typos and long, run-on sentences. Secondly, if you look at Sweden’s crime rates vs. America’s, you’ll see that America is ranked much, MUCH higher. So, are you afraid to visit America, too?

  2. The short answer to this is that I am a Dane. As a Dane I pay 50 percent of my income in taxes. In addition to that every item (food or other stuff) I choose to buy include 20 percent tax. Public transport in Denmark is among the most pricy in the world. There is a 150 percent tax on purchase of a car. Due to immigration crisis Denmark is in the process of converting student grants to student loans, so now I have start a college fund for my grandchildren, otherwise they would not get an education.

    So as an ordinary Dane I will never be able to afford traveling to the United States. If I did, I would care about personal safety in the United States but I really don’t because I never will be able to go there.

  3. So true. We also will not visit Sweden anymore.

  4. I attend soccer games. I remember the soccer games against FCK where the Danish police decided to beat the Swedish soccer fans up even before they made trouble. And it was with good reason I have to add.

    In the old days we didn’t do that and the result is that a large part of Denmark was transferred to Sweden. So be careful when you go to Sweden and once again I have to state that I am thankful that our police attacked first and unprovoked. If they just did that every time a tourist bus from the eastern part of Europe came to Denmark, Denmark would be a more peaceful place.

  5. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I prefer that the police only react when crime HAS happened. My cousin works in a bank in Copenhagen. Yesterday their windows were smashed. A peaceful gathering with some former youth activists (they must be old now) became violent when the police pushed them unprovoked. As it happens every time the local mobs start smashing windows while the police are focusing on the former youth activists as they are custom to do at Noerrebro.

  6. […] I wrote about Sweden the last time it was more about ordinary daily life in Sweden. The killings in Malmoe continued. It is a […]

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