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Swan killed by Danish students in Italy

In culture on October 20, 2017 at 19:55

3 boys from a boarding school in Denmark called “Ladegaard Efterskole” allegely killed a swan in Italy because it became aggressive and attacked them. They stoned it to death. I have to say that it horrible.

But it is also an example of culture clash. In Denmark crime against aminals is not taken seriously. Sadly. In fact rescue organizations can no longer rescue cats from Vollmose in Odense because they cannot get police protection. For reasons unknown to me the youth in that area seems to have something against kittens and they are very cruel against them. Numerous kittens have lost their lives and now the animal welfare organizations cannot rescue them because the police has lost control as they have with a number of areas in the larger cities due to the widespread gang wars in Denmark.

In Italy the laws are more serious and the boys risked a real punishment but the school managed to get them out of Italy in a hurry and then the school expelled them in order to distance themselves from the students. Not far ago the organization of boarding school told our politicians that they were ready to take greater social responsability by granting students from areas with social disturbances access to the schools. Once the students are in, they take these hill-billy like students with poor knowledge about how to act socially and morally abroad allowing this tragedy to happen only to distance themselves from the student as soon as they act as they do at home.

The schools have no morale. I will that hotels and hostels aboard should realize that and deny doing business with Danish schools.

Young “Danes” (They have Danish passports at least) act in such a way. In Prague they riots and looted the city some years back before other Danes started the “Remain home” campaign aimed against the hotels and nightclubs in the Prague who made adverticed at Danish school promising sex, parties and alcohol unlimited. Heavy fines were handed out against the agencies the criminal masterminds down in Prague had hired to put the trips together.

As a hotelowner abroad you are allowed to say “NO” when Danish schools call. Please do.

This time a swan died. Could it be one of your citizens the next time?



Brexit has to show Europe that there is a future for all countries

In politics on October 20, 2017 at 16:35

Brexit is the path all countries in the European Union will have to at some point. Recent findings done by a committee in the European Parliament shows that member states actively work against each other when it comes to hiding income and fortunes from each other. People who wants to hide their income from the Danish tax-department got help from other countries allowing them to hide money in Panama for a little percentage of the money they wanted to hide.

Tax-payers cheated by public servicemen under order from foreign parliaments inside the European Union. That is what the European Union is all about. There is no question about that Denmark needs to leave the European Union just like United Kingdom is about to do.

Denmark is in no position asking other countries to prosecute officials for their criminal activities against Denmark. If they feel pressure they will properly just eliminate the officials so they can cover the tracks of political responsability just as Serbia did when they killed the people who started the World War One in the Salonika trial.

Beside aiding firms and people from paying their taxes to Denmark there is also the matter of a lot of students from various countries in the European Union who owe the Danish state 123 million kroner in unpaid student loan. Money Denmark never can get back due to odd laws inside the European Union.

Overall Denmark is cheated on daily basis by their membership of the European Union. The question is how to exit the European Union in a peaceful matter. This is where the United Kingdom steps in and shows us the path towards real independence.

As ordinary tax-paying citizens we cross our fingers and hope for the best


In the shadow of Francisco Franco

In politics on October 18, 2017 at 20:02

There is question about that the people of Catalonia deserves independence. The question is whether they can get it without violence because the central government in Madrid seems to have taken the path the former head of state Francisco Franco took when he ousted the government who had run the country into the ground and some criminal foreigners who came to fight in Spain just like we the see youth joining ISIS in our lifetime.

We all want to see a peaceful solution. But it is not up to us to decide. We can only pray and hope.

Will a new country be republic or a kingdom?

The region appreciated during the First Carlist Wars from 1833 to 1840 where they had their own candidate to the throne. The region needs stability when they get their well-earned independence at some point. I hope that they can track a candidate for the throne everybody can accept.

As a Dane I support every region who wants independence. In Denmark we changed our structure merging administrative units less than 10 years ago. As result we see schools closing, local communities closing down and areas within Denmark becoming deserted.

The Rotten Banana (Pinterest)

In our cities local vigilantes organize themselves in gangs taking over from the state police. It has resulted in block war to such an extent that foreign embassies now warn tourists so they do not become victims to the violence.

Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Gang Activity in Copenhagen (U.S. Embassy in Denmark)

Those who are in charge now sit too far away from us citizens. In Denmark there are elections next month but all the huge mansions they have constructed calling them City Halls for administrative units none knew the name of 15 years ago house politicians with no interest in normal life among normal tax-paying citizens.

That is why countries needs to be split up and regions should be allowed independence. I will just say once more that I hope that Spain will allow them this in a peaceful manner.

Denmark – a country failing the next generation

In culture on October 17, 2017 at 19:40

For some time the Danish government has asked the education sector to increase efficiency cutting 2 percent of their costs every year.

As result fewer Danes can afford education because lowering the number of students because all schools and universities has to make cuts means that the grades go up and more young Danes do not make the cut.

Then they have to aim to become social and health care assistant (SOSO assistant or SOSU hjælper) which in Denmark are considered the trashcan education you can get if you have failed other aspects in life. In the old days people doing this line of job could work in from the streets and do it without education but then they introduced the education so they could lower cost because part of the education is done as trainees to a lower pay saving the public sector a lot of money.

For reasons unknown is a requirement to allow foreign students from other countries inside Europe access to cheap student loans but it is illegal to force them to pay the loan back very unlike young Danish students who no longer loan money because the repayment period has been shortened so much so they are unable to pay it back in time putting them into risk of piling up huge lawyers bills and court attendances.

More than 16,500,000 Euros cannot be reclaimed from foreign students forcing the government to make general cuts in the entire student grant/loan education.

The second problem is housing. Denmark has taken in huge amounts of immigrants. Now students have to be housed in remote deserted retirement homes where they have little chance of using public transport to school.

In one example we got recently, the authorities in Egedal near Copenhagen has demanded that a straight-A student who even are especially selected to participate in the nationwide Academy for Talented youth (only 5 students per school are granted that) should move from a location near the town of Holbaek to a former retirement home called Porsebakken. It requires the use of 2 buses and 1 train trip or more than 2 hours of transport each way go to school not to mention that student job and the academy will be impossible.

One talent wasted I am sure but this case is far from alone. All over the country students experience this. Especially if they have been ward of the state if illness or death has hit their parents. Mostly you see them as homeless people within 5 years of reaching adulthood alternatively they end up in prison.

Denmark is losing the next generation. They will be less educated compared to their parents. Will Denmark be able to attrach investors when this happen? It is an area of great concern.


Will Denmark be able to target the tourist industry in Romania?

In politics on October 15, 2017 at 19:39

Denmark has a huge problem with Romania. A huge group of citizen from Romania has travelled to Denmark where they beg and commit crimes (assault, threats and theft). When the police arrest them and the court as a part of their sentence try to expell them, they cannot be sent to Romania because the prisons in Romania is not of the standard as prisons in Denmark.

Their cells are too small and various human rights conventions forbids Denmark to expell people to countries there they basically torture people and still use show trials.

Denmark knows how the conditions are in Romania because the Danish businessman Kent Kristensen was convicted in a show trial being unaware about the entire process in Denmark. When he was lured to Spain he was transferred to Romania and served 4 years before it became apparent that the is was a case of misjustice. Now he who used to pay thousands of tax dollars when he ran his business is living on welfare because his health was destroyed in their prisons.

Danish tax-payers can understand that the conditions have not improved since the days of Nicolae Ceaușescu. He was executed – also after a show trial by people who wanted to be viewed as democratic but in reality it was people from inside the system who used riots in the streets to establish a new regimn. Officially it is a democracy but the royal family has not been called back to rule and the European Union has chosen to close their eyes because the country brings cheap labor into the system so the governments in other countries can use the low salaries in Romania as pressure against the trade unions in their own countries.

Latest France seems to have called for reforms so the workers in France can move toward lower salaries as they have them in Romania.

So Denmark are stuck with housing criminals. While other countries suffer from camps created by immigrants, Denmark see that public parks suddenly are transformed into tent cities and without proper access to toilets, playing grounds are often used as toilets forcing families in residential areas from allowing their children to play in their neighborhood.

Denmark needs to do something. I have learned that people are trying to identify the firms who outsource part of their work to Romania. But we also need to stop people from taking their holiday abroad in Romania.

Romania is trying to copy Sunny Beach which has proven to be a kind of defacto standard for all other countries in the eastern part of Europe showing how to sucessfully establish how tourist industry can be built from scratch. They hit the right target group by chance and everybody want to grap their part of the cake bringing good money to their countries.

Perhaps this is how Denmark can put pressure on Romania, so their police will start harassing the people who target Denmark preventing them from going to Denmark from the very start.

4 procent of the entire prison population in Denmark is from Romania, so something has to be done soon.


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