I am so tired of Karen Thisted

In culture on December 11, 2016 at 07:43

The so-called journalist Karen Thisted does not settle with reporting from what area she might have covered. She is publicly judgmental against living and deceased people.

This time is Ann-Patricia Christiansen aka Mopper. An elderly woman who lived the normal life as a pensioner when she was not guest on the reality show “Familien på Bryggen”. A women whos daily life outside the takings for the show consisted of a daily walk with her little dog and a visit to Haraldsborg which is a pub where she enjoyed a beer before she walked home again.

What did this poor woman do in order to deserve an article from the judgmental Karen Thisted?

She lived a life as a normal Dane!

Denmark is as many countries in the western Europe a divided country.

The ruling class who have rich parents who can finance their education so they can finish it and become leaders in the business area or the industry alternatively drop out and become politicians. If you look at both the past government and the present government it consisted largely of university drop-outs.

Then there is the rest of the Danes. Danes where they now experience how the ruling class cut down on student grant and introduce stop test so 1 out of 5 Danes stops after only 9 years of schooling. What kind of job does 9 years of schooling qualify you for? Almost none! They become the members of youth gangs, the Danes we see every day while they try to sell the magazine produced to give them some kind of income, the unpaid help in our supermarkets where social workers during secret meetings with shop owners decide where to send people so they can be “job-tested”.

Ann-Patricia Christiansen was an ordinary Dane and that is big to say on a person who was born in the United Kingdom. Normally it takes 2 or 3 generations before immigrants can consider themselves viewed as Danes. But she embraced our daily life. She made it as far to the top in our society as any immigrant can expect.

But life has not been good always. Her daughter lived at foster parents when she struggled to adapt. Her daughter went to prison several times as she is not a person who is quiet but a person who loudly pronounce what she wants and goes after it. Being from the class of ordinary Danes we are expected to remain quiet and pay our taxes. More than 50 percent of the income and 1/5 of the price you pay for goods in our shops goes to taxes. So when you protest the system you go to prison!

But when her daughter went to prison, she took in her grand-child. The grand-child is now a shop-owner together with her husband and have a baby on her own. Additional, she had a son who became world-champion in Boxing.

So what did Ann-Patricia Christiansen do wrong in order to deserve a judgmental article from Karen Thisted? The answer is easy. She showed the rest of the world who ordinary pensioners live when they are so lucky that they kept their health so they didn’t have to live in Danish retirement homes where the conditions today are so horrible due to cuts by the ruling class so the poor people only get one bath per week and often have to go for hours with wet diapers before relatives visit and complain so the diaper is changed or they simply change the diaper on their mother or father themselves.

The ruling class in Denmark does not like the idea that ordinary Danes can be happy living a life like Ann-Patricia Christiansen. They do not like to watch in on Television knowing that people abroad might risk seeing it confirming that even ordinary Danes are happy when they achieve success not measured as the ruling class wants it.

Ann-Patricia Christiansen is not the first victim of Karen Thisted. Readers of this blog can find an earlier article where she attacked a poor Danish woman who was extradited to the United States where she sat a full year in prison before her name was totally cleared of drug related charges.

That is why we are so tired of Karen Thisted. She is an example of the ruling class in Denmark who believe that their values and way of life is the only way of life in Denmark. She is entitled to her opinion but she should remain quiet about it and let us Danes live our ordinary life without having people judge us when they really know nothing about how our living conditions are.


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