Making America great again – volume 1

In politics on November 17, 2016 at 10:11

OK. Trump wants to make America great again.

How can he achieve that?

  1. Jobs. The ordinary people need jobs (and some entertainment, so they are quiet)
  2. Stop importing stuff. The debt is increasing.

How can you stop importing stuff?

  1. You recycle all what you can: All over the United States there are abandoned buildings and abandoned cars. If you look at country like Denmark, we tear down unused houses. If we don’t they soon will house criminals from the Eastern Europe or being used for prostitution where poor women from Africa are smuggled to Denmark in a human traficking scheme. We are however not the best in the world to reuse cement. In the Netherlands they are able to reuse a greater percentage for roads and new buildings. Look at a city like Detroit. Tear down all the unused buildings. Look at the man-power needed for that. At the same time cobber from wires, steel etc. can be recycled instead of importing the matrials reducing the import
  2. Urban gardening: Why use tons of energy and money to buy and bring food into the cities? Ask the church communities to use any empty building property for urban gardening and pass legislation so any empty/deserted property can be turned into small fields used for urban gardening without risking the user being charges with trespassing. The church communities can then distribute the product for the poor and needed
    For new buildings make legislation where it is ensured that anybuilding below 4 levels are make with roof where people can plant and harvest the outcome
  3. Use cheap unlimited energy resources: It is not matter whether you believe in global warming or not. It is a question about saving money. Solar energy is huge in Denmark. In the United States there are large areas where none are living which can be turned into the world biggest free energy source. At Oksbøl in Denmark 1,296 solar panels produce 300,000 kWh per year. Places in Death Valley there room for 100 times the number of panels making such an enterprise a profitable business. It is just cheaper than mining or drilling.
    Denmark is also a frontrunner in making wind mills. They test 600 feet high wind mills. If United States wants to building wind mills made of recycled materials, they can come to Denmark. They can ask to produce on their own on license using American workers. In Denmark there are many unemployed workers from this industry and they can be hired as instructors for almost no money because Danes don’t like to be unemployed. It is a real opportunity for the United States. Once they rely solely on their own energy sources the countries in the middle east really dont count anymore. OPEC would be a thing of the past. No American soldiers need to die over there. America would be great again.

Dear Trump

Denmark has some of the answers. The Netherlands have others. Send someone if you dont have time. Why miss a business oppertunity and the chance to make America great again?



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