As a citizen in a democracy you really only have one job to do

In politics on November 13, 2016 at 08:48

It is a simple task.

It requires less than an hour of your life. Often years pass between this task.

You have to vote !!!

In many countries people risk their lives doing that. If they vote for the wrong person, they are taken quietly out back and shot in the head.

But in many other countries people can vote without risking other than being stuck in traffic.

They remain home anyway!


There are no good excuse. Even when you dislike everyone you can choose between, then it is better to meet up and vote blank so you can tell everyone that the politicians they put on the list sucks in the eye of the people!

That is also an important message.

By staying home the message is: “I dont care about the world, my fellow citizens, my children, my job, in general anything”.

Maybe we should make a new T-shirt.

Non voters T-shirt

I read all kind of odd stuff from the United States. Protesters, parents putting children on the streets, assaults in high schools on people who supported the candidate who won. But none seems to be angry at the people who didn’t care about who won at all.

That is the people who is to blame. Those who didn’t do the single most important task a citizen in a democracy is supposed to do.


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